1. V

    Increase local disk and reduce local-lvm

    I'm with no space remaining on local disk, but with free space on local-lvm disk. I need to reduce the local-lvm to give space to local. How can I do that?
  2. N

    LXC not resizing (Increase)

    Hello all I've attempted to increase the size of a linux container running Alpine linux, a process which has succeeded before now, but even though the resizing (which I'm doing through the GUI) works, when I start the container, the bootdisk doesn't show the expanded size. Pictures of what I...
  3. F

    Shrinking filesystem causes corruption

    Hello, I have a VM with too much space allocated and am trying to shrink it's disk from 200G to 100G. Filesystem of VM is BTRFS and of Proxmox ZFS. Steps I've done: 1) Boot into gparted and resize the btrfs partition from almost 200G to 95G (used partition space does not exceed 100G) 2)...
  4. J

    Resized disk, now get "mdadm: No arrays found in config file"

    I reszied a guest LVM Thin Pool using these steps: lvresize lvestend qm resize gparted Now I get this error message on Linux guest boot: mdadm: No arrays found in config file or automatically Is there a fix for this? Did I corrupt my Linux guest partition? I'm now wondering if I can't use...
  5. S

    Extending existing container root disk

    This is probably an FAQ, but I can't seem to find a straight forward approach for this: There's a container with a relatively small root disk on a relatively small LVM (on an internal disk) I successfully added a 2nd lvm for an external SSD following this approach Now how di I "give" the...
  6. E

    Newbie help needed (resize VM disk)

    I use Nextcloud (NextcloudPi) natively running in a old i7 gen3 laptop but now I am moving everything to a PVE i7 gen10 machine. I started a test VM with Debian 10 with just a few GB thinking to expand later but now I need to increase the size of the partition and I can't find the solution to...
  7. A

    Expanding ZFS mirrors

    So I'm migrating my cluster to something a little smaller, and moving from Ceph cluster down to single node with ZFS. One major feature I like from Ceph is that when I add a new drive or twelve, I get data automatically rebalanced across the cluster. Part of my goal is to spend minimal money...
  8. Z

    How to shrink a drive

    I accidentally resized a drive to big on a vm because i meant to make the vm size 575gbs but accidentally added 575 instead so how would I go about shrinking that because my LVM doesnt have that much storage
  9. R

    Filesystem Root low on disk space

    I am receiving errors that one of my vm's root fs is running out of room. df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on dev 3.9G 0 3.9G 0% /dev run 3.9G 924K 3.9G 1% /run /dev/mapper/volgroup0-lv_root...
  10. P

    Ceph pool resize

    Hi. I can't find any info about resizing ceph pool. I added few osd's, it's working but how to add this osd's to my pool to resize it? thanks Lukasz. Proxmox 6.3-6, ceph 14.2.18
  11. G

    Understand LXC container's storage size

    Hi, I have an LXC container that has a big storage defined in the web UI ("900G") but the filesystem seems not to have taken the last resizes commands into account. Here is the current state of the storage: On the container: #df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted...
  12. G

    Resizing HD space (root)

    We got some issues with the root partition being too small. When we first installed Proxmox on our dedicated server we did not pay attention to this aspect and now we are struggling to empty a ever filling 20 GB root partition. We cannot reinstall Proxmox as we have valuable customer data on...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] SWAP Speicher vergrößern mit vorhanden VMs

    Guten Tag, ich habe einen laufenden Proxmox (Version 5.4) auf dem auch um die 10-15 VMs laufen. Gesamtfestplattenspeicher des Proxmox bewegt sich um die 1.2TB. Davon /data mit 1TB / ca. 100GB ROOT bzw. LOCAL / 8GB SWAP. Nun würde ich den SWAP Speicher gerne noch vergrößern, auf wenigstens...
  14. B

    Remove unallocated space

    There is a proxmox node that has storage /media/storage2 which used by two virtual machines. Images VM101 and VM103. Too much space was accidentally expanded on vm 101. How now to delete this unallocated space on the virtual machine with the OS Windows and free up space in the storage of nodes...
  15. C

    Shrink HDD of cloudinit template

    Hello, I'm trying out cloudinit to deploy our VMs and so far everything is working fine. I've followed the tutorial in the doc to create the template which worked fine. The template had a 3GB HDD (scsi0). I wanted to extend the disk of another VM and by accident I extended the disk of the...
  16. J

    Extend LVM and LVM-Thin

    Hi folks, how do I resize my LVM and LVM-Thin? I changed my main drive from a 60GB ssd to a 500GB ssd (cloned the drive with clonezilla). Then, I resized the root partition with gparted, and it seems all good so far. However, I do not see the extra space in LVM and LVM-Thin. While the new ssd...
  17. L

    Problem with resized Disk, revert Changes

    Hi, today i wanted to give 50GB more Space over Proxmox GUI to a Qcow2 VM. I had 250 and entered 300Gb by mistake. (German translation in my opinion of that Input Field Label was not so good) Now my Proxmox VM shows me 550GB ... The Node has only 450GB NVMe SSD. i didn't changed anything yet...
  18. A

    Problems resizing rbd

    Just noticed this on one of my clusters; disk resize is failing with the following error message: Resizing image: 100% complete...done. mount.nfs: Failed to resolve server rbd: Name or service not known Failed to update the container's filesystem: command 'unshare -m -- sh -c 'mount...
  19. T

    resize zfs disk

    I tried to resize a VMs disk, using the following command, but it fails: # qm resize 3210 scsi0:pve-data:vm-3210-disk-0 +10G 400 Parameter verification failed. disk: value 'scsi0:pve-data:vm-3210-disk-0' does not have a value in the enumeration 'ide0, ide1, ide2, ide3, scsi0, scsi1, scsi2...
  20. K

    LXC disk larger than LV and run out of space

    I've done something really stupid. I've allocated 300GB of space to a LXC container but my Logical Volume only has 233GB. This was ok, until the LXC started to use more and now will not boot. The Volume group and Physical volume also have no space left. Is there anything I can do to...


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