resize disk

  1. Z

    [SOLVED] Need help to increase local(pve)

    Hello, I need help to increase the local(pve) storage. It has only 100GB and I would like to increase in 250GB. The nvme should have enough space, but I don't know how to do it. I attach lsblk output: nvme0n1 259:0 0 931.5G 0 disk ├─nvme0n1p1...
  2. T

    Extend ZFS pool on Proxmox Backup Server

    Hello everyone, So I have had my Proxmox Backup Server installed and running for about 6 months now, with a RAID1 ZFS pool of 2 HDDs of 1TB each, running like a charm. I am slowly but steadily running out of space (I have prune and GC configured), so I bought 2 2TB NAS HDDs. I already swapped...
  3. L

    File system resizing not supported: fs utilities do not support renamed devices

    Running on Proxmox 7.4-16 The VM's on Rocky Linux 9.2 So far I could resize a VM's disk like described in: so basically: # Enlarge the partition parted /dev/sda print resizepart 2...
  4. K

    [Bug] A bug about the API to resize disk in version 7.3-3

    Version: According to the reply from @fabian, I added a step 2 to poll the task status of the clone, but after tests, the problem is the same as before. My operations that trigger the bug: 1. I use this API to create a VM "POST /api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/clone". 2. I poll the API...
  5. F

    Need to resize a partition where VM's are stored

    Hi, I have a 1TB drive with a lot of unused space. I tried using the lvextend command but it's saying there isn't enough free space. As you can see from the screenshot, the disk is 921.2G in size and the data partition is only 54.6 GB. How can I extend this?
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Resize Ubuntu VM disk

    Hi Guys, I would like to increase the size of my VM 20go more to achieve the total of 52go ,how can i deal with it ? , there's my configs screens : Thank you in advance .
  7. V

    [SOLVED] Online vm disk resizing not possible

    Hi all, I came across the situation that VM disk resizing on the fly on Proxmox is not working. # pveversion pve-manager/7.2-11/b76d3178 (running kernel: 5.15.53-1-pve) 1.) Proxmox is running on ZFS. 2.) VM disks are created as zfs volume. As soon i increase either via GUI or via qm...
  8. N

    Adding Hard Disk in PVE

    I have PVE 6.4.8 and tried via GUI to normal "add" a hard disk to a machine It is not shown with the command: df -h but with this command I can see some disk in sdb in this case: lsblk Do I need to format/resize something or mount anything in that VM Is my root "/" partition wrong...
  9. M

    Resizing of VM Disk does not work

    Hi, I figured a strange bahaviour. Today I wanted to enlarge the disk of a ubuntu VM. I started with adding space via Proxmox GUI. Then I connected to the VM via putty and made the changes with parted. This worked: root@srv-rpx:~# fdisk -l /dev/sda | grep ^/dev...
  10. J

    Shrink VM disk

    I need to shrink a VM disk from 70GB to 55GB, the disk is a .raw The VM is a windows 11 and its storage is already 53GB
  11. P

    Ubuntu Container disk resized now wont start.

    I have a Ubuntu container, I needed more space and went to resources and selected root disk then resize and entered more GBs and clicked resize disk. Ever since that point it wont start. I get this in the task log on Start command: run_buffer: 321 Script exited with status 255 lxc_init: 846...
  12. C

    Delete unmounted disk

    Hi guys, I am new here and need your help. I created a VM and wanted to shrink the disc afterwards. Unfortunately I only made it bigger via GUI. So I wanted to unmount it to delete it which now turns out to be a mistake. Now I can't find the folder and the whole subdirectory. I already tried...
  13. C

    Disk nach unmount löschen

    Hi Leute, bin neu hier und brauche eure Hilfe. Ich habe eine VM erstellt und wollte danach die Disk verkleinern. Leider habe ich sie über GUI nur größer gemacht. Deshalb wollte ich sie unmounten um sie so zu löschen was sich jetzt als Fehler rausstellt. Jetzt finde ich den Ordner und das...
  14. O

    Proxmox migration to another disk with clonezilla

    Hi there. I am fairly new to proxmox and had a little problem the other day. The other day I decided to change the main disk where Proxmox is installed. The fact is that I wanted to change it because that disk that was being used needed it for another project. So I was looking for information on...
  15. gareththered

    [SOLVED] Resize Disk with Ansible

    I'm not sure if this is an Ansible, or a Proxmox question, but I've got to start somewhere... I can create and/or clone a QEMU VM in Proxmox using Ansible's community.general.proxmox_kvm module. However, that module's documentation specifically states that it cannot resize a disk. I therefore...
  16. D

    increase disk spave local lvm

    Hi. One of my VM's (OPNsense) is desperate for more diskspace. Could you please guide me through the process? root@proxmox03:~# lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT rbd0 252:0 0 8G 0 disk nvme0n1 259:0 0...
  17. E

    How to increase local disk value?

    Hello everyone, first I apologize for my English and also if I'm posting on the wrong tread, but I need help to solve a problem. I have an active PROXMOX for 1 year now, but now I need to increase its local disk so I can add more isos, I searched the forum and the internet but I couldn't find...
  18. Z

    How to shrink a drive

    I accidentally resized a drive to big on a vm because i meant to make the vm size 575gbs but accidentally added 575 instead so how would I go about shrinking that because my LVM doesnt have that much storage
  19. B

    Remove unallocated space

    There is a proxmox node that has storage /media/storage2 which used by two virtual machines. Images VM101 and VM103. Too much space was accidentally expanded on vm 101. How now to delete this unallocated space on the virtual machine with the OS Windows and free up space in the storage of nodes...
  20. A

    LXC dosent recognize OS distribiution

    I resize my LXC container (CentOS 8) and restart it but he don't wanna start now. I try run it: root@proxmox:~# lxc-start -n 105 -F --logfile=lxc.log --logpriority=DEBUG lxc-start: 105: conf.c: run_buffer: 352 Script exited with status 2 lxc-start: 105: start.c: lxc_init: 897 Failed to run...


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