1. S

    Rebuild and recover from backups failed

    My proxmox install used two drives in a zfs pool as the storage system, but one drive was starting to fail. I bought a new, larger drive, backed up the VMs and copied /etc/pve. I swapped out the dying drive for the new one, and reinstalled proxmox. Then things went south. I added the second...
  2. T

    Changed Network Interfaces and Broke Host?

    I'm really hoping I haven't destroyed my data with this screwup...Specs for the system are: Ryzen 7 3700x Asrock b550m-c 32gb ddr4-3200 LSI 9211-8i with IT firmware Intel X540-T2 -> This is the NIC i was trying to add before all of this went downhill Proxmox installed on 2 raidz1 1TB ssds...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Import disks from old Proxmox VE installation

    Hi, recently, one of my hosts died since the drive went corrupt. I installed Proxmox to a new Drive and was able to restore the VM configurations and else use a backup I had luckily done a month before the drive went corrupt. All of my VMs are now back up and running, but I had to manually...
  4. D

    PVE kernel panic - how to recover?

    Hi, I am freaking out a bit, because this happened when I need it the least ... A few month ago, I turned off my last raspberry pi and migrated everything to PVE. For that purpose built a server using the following (brand new) components: - Intel NUC 12 Pro Kit NUC12WSHI70Z(Intel Core i7 ...
  5. W

    Container storage sub volume disappeared

    On Sunday I manually shut down my proxmox ve server for a planned power outage. During this process I did the following: 1: shut down my samba file server container (#107) 2: deleted an old test VM (VM105) -there was an option to included purging unreferenced disks, I wanted to recover the...
  6. A

    Recovery of VM fails due to exceeding size of thin pool pve/data

    Hello I cannot recover some VMs from PBS to Proxmox PE VM has couple of GBs, for example 64GB, my pve/data has 1,6TB free space. But recovery job is stopped for example after 24% and it ends with following error. It looks like PE think the VM is 7,5TB big and then of course. It can not fit to...
  7. M

    Create Test Scenario for PVE boot failure

    I am working on setting up a homeserver, which is going to mainly serve as a fileserver plus run some virtual machines and containers for home automation, routing, media, etc.. For the files, I have planned and ready a raidz2 with four HDDs and I played around with restoring files and...
  8. powersupport

    is the Proxmox snapshot and PBS backup same?

    Hi, May I check if the Proxmox snapshot and PBS backup are the same? which one is better. Recently, one of our VM got crashed and recovered from r1soft backup, the whole process took around 6 hours complete. Does anyone have any recommendations for fast recovery Thank you
  9. H

    Procedure for PBS system disk recovery? (intact datastores)

    Busy to get some documentation/preparations in place, and the question popped up: What is needed to recover a PBS server with intact datastores, but the rpool/root disk(s) failed got corrupted? (case in point a server with a single NVMe or two similar SSDs that fails together or other operator...
  10. C

    Install Proxmox VE via recovery on So you Start (OVH) Server

    I'm trying to install Proxmox VE 7 on ZFS via the recovery console. What I have done so far: Boot recovery Note the MAC address of the active ethernet interface: ip a Download Proxmox: wget Start VM and attach the hard drives...
  11. E

    Problem trying to recover VM

    Hi guyus! After a dist-upgrade the GUI won't work anymore. The synthoms are very weird cause if you try to check the VM's and the CT's there are no existing anymore, if you try to install proxmox-ve you receive the message: The following packages have unmet dependencies: librados2-perl ...
  12. N

    Proxmox PVE-ZSYNC

    Hi to ALL, i recently implement pve-zsync in my environment, but i'm questioning about recovery. Because now, on target host i've But, in case i need to startup the VM, that in this time has this config how i merge the last replica with the disk?.. The last replica is incremental only...
  13. M

    Proxmox Stuck on Boot after passthrough

    Hi everyone, I have my PROXMOX server installed on a intel nuc10i5 8gb ram and two ssds On one Home assistant VM, pihole in a CT and in the second ssd a Ubuntu VM with zoenminder. I tried to passthrough the GPU but when i restarted proxmox, now it's stuck whitout GUI and terminal. Here two...
  14. Z

    Recovering VM in another node of cluster

    Hi there, I'm trying to recovery my vm from node failure. I'm not using HA but do replication of disks in my cluster. After recent failure of one of the nodes I'm trying to recovery my VM to another node. pr1 is failure node pr2 is working node where I'm connected ssh. when I trying: mv...
  15. R

    Power outage caused proxmox not to boot - best way to repair or recover data from virtual disk image?

    As the title says, my bios no longer recognises my proxmox installation as bootable. drive has not failed as I can view partitions with data recovery software. I need a quick fix to either recover data from one of my ubuntu server vm's or to repair the installation. Sorry if this thread is in...
  16. Y

    I have a issue with the virtualization of airControl on Proxmox.

    In my work we have a Proxmox VM where we have airControl installed but, the guy who did this VM doesnt work here anymore and he does't said anyone the access paswords to the program. The thing with that was we doesn't have only airControl in that VM, we have others monitorization software...
  17. H

    [SOLVED] Host Unknown Filesystem, rescue mode on boot

    So I believe I'm in the same boat as this thread: However I am stuck at mounting the logical volume in order to recover the lvm meta data. Cause of problem; Yesterday we had several successive power cuts and at some point my APC...
  18. C

    Recovering fdisk Formatted Drive and Running LXC

    Hello everyone, I was attempting to format a couple of unused ZFS drives by using fdisk (g then w), and just like it warns you not to, I wrote a blank GPT partition to the drive that stores my LXC images. This drive was originally partitioned with LVM, and all that seems to be intact. I only...
  19. J

    [SOLVED] sometimes it is just maddening

    because i fail to understand i share my clumsly learnings with proxmox For some reason or other i wanted to explore how to configure two bridges using a single NIC. Eventually this resulted in the faint hearted decisions to set the gateway of vmbr0 to, because who knows, it might just...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] Recover vm template from ceph block storage

    I lost a node that contained all of my vm templates. Unfortunately, vm templates are tied to a node, so though the underlying images still exist in my ceph pool, I can no longer use them from the proxmox ui (they can be seen with rbd ls -p <pool>. What is the recommended approach to resolving...


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