qemu guest agent

  1. K

    Proxmox VE API 596 Broken pipe

    Hey guys, I've had this problem back in 2022 but the fix that someone gave me doesn't work anymore. Also reastarting the Server doesn't change anything. Getting the 596 broken Pipe error always happens when using a API call involving the guest agent. For Example...
  2. R

    Problem with Proxmox 8.0 API qemu exec

    Hi, I have install new Node with Proxmox 8.0.3. Before this node I used API for config IP, DNS, firewall, etc.. But this Node cannot use API I setting same as other node if it work It will return pid. I'm try with shell command: qm guest exec 101 kvm fwoff It actually work Turn off...
  3. A

    QEMU Guest Agent Does not Restart After Apt Update

    Hello! We have a couple Proxmox VM servers that we are managing at our organization. Everything has been working fine except that in the last couple of months we've had an issue with the QEMU Guest Agent service shutting down after receiving upgrades via apt. Rebooting the VMs restarts the...
  4. rian81

    [SOLVED] VM Firewall didn't working after install qemu-guest-agent on vm

    Hi, I have a strange case. I had set firewall on VM level, and the rule on firewall running well as I want. But after install qemu-agent-guest and enable qemu-agent. The firewall rule didn't running well like before install qemu-agent-guest. I work with pve 7.4-13 Thanks
  5. L

    Proxmox wrong metric of VM Memory Usage

    Hi, we are seeing a really strange behavior on one of our VM. Proxmox () is showing a lot of less RAM ussage for that VM. VM RAM Config (we are not using Ballooning): VM Info: And if we go to the console and show the `free -h`: The VM has installed qemu-guest-agent. The VM OS is: The...
  6. B

    centos 7 guest with QEMU agent freezing

    I enabled the guest agent recently on a centos guest and now it's freezing everyday - seems to freeze during the backup PBS. We have to reset the server everyday. We summitted a ticket to cPanel and a tech there alerted us to this: https://gitlab.com/qemu-project/qemu/-/issues/520 I guess for...
  7. G

    Disable fs-freeze on snapshot backups

    Is it possible to somehow disable the call to guest-agent fsfreeze when performing a snapshot backup? Despite the update to latest Proxmox VE 7.3-4 and opt-in 5.19.17-2-pve kernel, I'm still having the issue where the fsfreeze command blocks the guest filesystem and there's no solution except...
  8. F

    hidden=1 for vGPU windows 11 VM

    Hi, I have a windows VM running with Nvidia vgpu profile. if I do hidden=1, the VM loads but Qemu guest agent doesn't work I think because I can't see it getting an IP address. And because of this problem, I can't use parsec/moonlight to login to the machine. Any ideas how to hide the fact...
  9. E

    Is qm agent proxmox is different than virsh qemu-agent-command ??

    Howdy, Hope you all are doing good! So recently i heard from my friend about qemu guest agent and wondered if proxmox had it too. Upon reading your documentation I did find a fair bit of information, however proxmox dosent have virsh and uses qm agent to manage calls. I learnt a fair bit...
  10. L

    MS Exchange 2013 VSS writer error while backup. No log files were truncated

    Hi I'm trying to migrate from Windows Backup Server to PBS as an alternative on the Windows Server client, but facing with error from MS Exchange. Guest os: Windows Server 2012R2 App: MS Exchange 2013 CU23 standalone Backup service: on PVE to PBS with installed and launched qemu-ga on client...
  11. C

    Error: error from PVE: "500 QEMU guest agent is not running"

    Hi everyone, I've several days trying to deploy a virtual machine and I'm stuck with this: 1. First I make a template by executing the following commands: qm create 9002 --memory 3072 --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr1 qm importdisk 9002 debian-11-generic-amd64-20210814-734.qcow2 R51_3-17 qm...
  12. P

    Run command into the VM

    Hello, How can I deploy and run a bash script into the VM? On VMware products, I'm using VMware tools that provided me a tunnel into the VM to control the machine, but I couldn't find any solution on qemu guest agent tools.
  13. V

    Hohe CPU-Last der VMs durch qemu-guest-agent nach Backups mittels PBS

    Hallo zusammen, ich stehe aktuell vor folgender Herausforderung bzw. folgendem Problem: Ich habe in meiner Umgebung zwei Proxmox (VE)-Nodes (1x Deskmini X300 und 1x Deskmini A300). Zusätzlich habe ich noch einen Intel NUC auf dem ein Proxmox Backup Server läuft, mit dem ich die VMs der beiden...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Backup with Snapshot & Qemu Guest running but VM never starts after finish ?

    Hello, I was hoping to find some clarity. I am new to Proxmox and setup a backup of 1 VM to test, I setup the backup using Snapshot mode and every 2 hours, But as soon as I started the backup, the VM shut down and so were all my websites and when the backup was finished the Websites were still...
  15. K

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 7.1 / Windows Server 2022 / Guest Agent läuft nicht?

    Moin, ich habe unter Proxmox 7.1 eine Windows Server 2022 VM vom englischen Installationsmedium aufgesetzt und die Virtio-treiber von der ISO 1.208 installiert. Obwohl bei Optionen der Quemu Guest Agent aktiviert ist und der Dienst auch läuft, zeigt die Proxmox Oberfläche mir an, der Guest...
  16. M

    Server 2012 R2 Guest Agent

    Hallo liebe Community, ich habe mir erst einen Proxmox Server installiert. Nun habe ich eine VM mit Windows Server 2012 R2 aufgesetzt (hatte die Lizenz noch rumliegen). Jetzt läuft er soweit, funktioniert auch gut. Jetzt wollte ich 2 Dinge fragen: 1. Ich habe den Guest Agent installiert über...
  17. F

    [SOLVED] Run guest agent commands on linux VM

    Hi. I'm having trouble running commands using guest agent on a centos 7 VM. I have installed qemu-guest-agent on VM and it's running. (tested via qm agent $VMID ping) Problem is I can't execute arbitrary commands from host. I've tried it in different forms but all failed: qm guest exec 384194...
  18. F

    Install QEMU Guest Agent on TrueNAS

    Hi all, Is anyone else virtualizing TrueNAS? I have it up and running and I would like to install the QEMU guest agent. Has anyone successfully done this? Thanks, FS
  19. C

    Dependency failed for QEMU Guest Agent

    I'm trying to use the QEMU guest agent in a headless Debain 10 server. I am getting this error: Dependency failed for QEMU Guest Agent Can anyone help please?
  20. C

    Guest Agent not running

    I see in a 2008 thread that you must use this link: https://fedorapeople.org/groups/virt/virtio-win/direct-downloads/archive-qemu-ga/qemu-ga-win-7.5.0-2.el7ev/ Those are very old drivers, do the newer versions work or must you use the old drivers? I tried the latest but it's not working and...


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