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    OVH Kimsufi - Proxmox - Opnsense networking with a single interface attached to server

    Hello everyone! I'm not proficient in networking, and after two days of testing, I decided to ask here if what I'm doing is correct or not. Let's start from the beginning: I just bought a Kimsufi server from OVH. A very good deal. Like every Kimsufi server, you cannot have more than one public...
  2. X

    Proxmox 8 crashes when copying data inside windows VM

    Hi, I have a group of Precision 3680 machines with Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-14900K processors. I am creating only one Windows 10 VM on each Proxmox machine, and I am using pass-through for the disk. However, after copying a large amount of data (In the VM) to the disk, Proxmox completely freezes...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to Login to Proxmox - Authentication Fails

    Hello, I am unable to log in to my Proxmox VE 8.x server. Until yesterday, I could access it via the Web UI without any issues. However, today, authentication fails both via Web UI and directly through the server shell. I checked the following log files using a live USB drive: -...
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    NVIDIA vGPU + Grid on Proxmox 8

    Hi all! I've begun the unimaginably painful journey of attempting to implement NVIDIA grid on my Proxmox 8 homelab, so I can split my Tesla P40's 24GB of Memory among 3 of my Virtual Machines (8GB per VM). However, after following the guidance of CraftComputing and the official Proxmox vGPU...
  5. S

    Journal Recovery - Failure to boot

    Hi All, I am very new to Proxmox, having installed on a new mini PC about 2 months ago. Everything has been going along swimmingly until the last few days when, upon rebooting the physical machine, a message was thrown that the Journal was recovering. I left this overnight and when I returned...
  6. A

    Proxmox in grub mode after restart

    hi, I need some help, after a power failure, Proxmox 8 doesn't start and the grub screen appears. what can I do to solve it? I could easily reinstall everything, but I prefer to learn how to solve the problems if it happens again. Thanks for your suggestions
  7. J

    Best way to use Cephfs in a VM

    I'm sure this has been covered before, but i wasn't able to find quite what i was looking for in other posts. i have created my proxmox 8 cluster and i have created a cephfs. cephfs needs to go to the VM's hosted within proxmox and im trying to avoid having internet traffic go outside the host...
  8. C

    [NEED HELP] Windows 10 VM internal error

    I created a new windows 10 VM for the game with a 2060 SUPER in EGPU (Connect in thunderbolt 3) in passthrough, I can update the card drivers, I was able to play minecraft for 20 min but now I have the vm that goes into "Internal error" on proxmox IOMMU groups : in an IOMMU group I have both...
  9. D

    Proxmox cluster node communication issues

    I have just set up a three node cluster, extending my single host setup. pve1 = 172.x.x.10 pve2 = 172.x.x.20 pve3 = 172.x.x.30 Each node can ping the others fine. From pve2 and pve3 I can ssh to pve2 pve3 and pve1 fine. Nmap also shows all ports open. All nodes use a vlan ID of 5. My issue...
  10. A

    Updated from proxmox 7 to 8 PCI errors ensue

    went from kernel 5.15 to 6.2 and now when ever my truenas vm tryed to load the nvme drive 0000:03:00.0 i now get vfio-pci and pcieport errors. the drive is on a pci bifurcation card. any help would be appreciated specs i5-11400 in a z490i aorus ultra 64gb ram the drive in question is an Intel...
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    Windows VMs Constantly Crashing With VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR - Nvidia GPU Passthrough

    Hello all, My Hardware: Motherboard - Asrock Rack Rome8d-2t CPU - Epyc 7F72 RAM - 128GB 3200MHZ ECC GPU - RTX-2080 Super - passed through to Windows OS Drive - Samsung 980 Pro 500GB VM OS Drives - ZFS Mirror 2x960GB Samsung P9A3 Windows VM Game Storage - ZFS Mirror 2x1TB WD SN850 HBA Card -...
  12. J

    LSI MegaRAID 9341-4i controller supported in Proxmox VE 8 ?

    Hi I'm currently researching in updating from PVE 7.4-17 to 8. I currently have the LSI MegaRAID 9341-4i Raid card installed and is detected and working in proxmox 7 as you can see from the pictures below : When I upgrade to Proxmox 8 should I be worried that my card will not be detected...
  13. V

    Trouble adding desktop environment in Proxmox 8

    Hi, I could use some guidance. I am setting up a workstation with proxmox 8 and kde plasma (replacing Windows 10 + VMware). This system has a single Nvidia 3060 ti. After installing proxmox, I set up kde plasma and ram into an issue where the desktop environment was a black screen with my...
  14. E

    MacOS Ventura on Proxmox 8 but fails GPU passthrough ( display goes off after apple logo )

    Hello everyone, I managed to install macOS Ventura on my fresh Proxmox 8 installation. Everything went fine, installing macOS through the noVNC console and setting up everything. Now its the last part to my success that does not work: the GPU passthrough. After the initial Proxmox booting...
  15. K

    LXC load averages are wrong in Zabbix on PVE 8.x in LXC containers

    After upgrading to PVE 8 and several CTs to Debian 12, I experience a loadavg discrepancy. The load averages shown in the CTs are that of the host, divided by the number of CPU cores of the LXC container (per-core loadavg in Zabbix), instead of the load of the LXC guest itself. The commands...
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    Problems with Proxmox VE 8.1-1

    I'm not really looking for support here because I have everything working now with 8.0 and that's enough. I'm more writing as a 'bug report' of sorts. I have purchased a new box intended for use as a router/firewall/etc with Proxmox VE at the top level. i7-1265u, 64Gb DDR4-3200 RAM, 1Tb main...
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    Proxmox 8 - Luks Encryption question

    Hello everyone, I have been thinking about fully encrypting my Proxmox 8 server which is located in an external data center. I would like to use Luks so that the encryption password is requested when booting which I can then enter via SSH. Now I have found the following instructions and have...
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    Volume group pve not found after impulsive update to proxmox 8

    Hello In the middle of the night I had an impulsive thought to update my proxmox 7.2 to proxmox 8. First I updated tot 7.4 then I changed the repo file and I tried to apt dist-upgrade. It gave some error codes so I tried to reboot. After the reboot the system constantly gave a error with...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox - TrueNAS Scale.

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to install TrueNAS Scale VM on Proxmox 8.0 and in the process, I'm trying to pass-through 6 disk to the VM. I want to specify that my boot drive that proxmox is installed on are actually two mirrored NVMEs and it appears as ZFS in the system. 4 of the 6 disks are on a SATA...
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    Proxmox 8 startet nicht mehr (Nach Upgrade 7 -> 8)

    Hallo Forum, ich wende mich nun mal an euch, da in einem von vier Fällen das Upgrade leider nicht geklappt hat. Ich habe ein einfaches NAS gebaut, welches Proxmox als Hauptsystem hat. Kurz zu den Specs, falls es wichtig wäre: - Intel i5 10500T - 40GB RAM - 128GB NVME SSD für das System - 3x...


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