proxmox 6

  1. O

    Pass AES to the cpu - cpu: invalid format - format error cpu.flags

    Hi. I need to pass the AES capabilities to a virtual machine but when I enable it with kvm64 virtualization the error is: Parameter verification failed. (400) cpu: invalid format - format error cpu.flags: value does not match the regex pattern the host CPu is: model name : Intel(R)...
  2. J

    PROXMOX VE6 -> Windows Server 2019 -> Cryptocard USB [OMNIKEY 6121]

    At the beginning I wanted to clarify that the problem only appears after updating the Windows Server problem appears. via RDP sent from a connected USB server is visible on another computer. but from the hook directly to the proxmox server, the virtual machine cannot see. conf is just the way he...
  3. P

    ProxMox 6 Ceph Nautilus Pool Setup

    There is a person on you tube that has made a few nice tutorials about ProxMox Ceph setup. The latest video for ProxMox 6 and Ceph Nautilus is: The ProxMox 5.1 Ceph Luminous tutorial recommended separate pools for VMs and CTs, the current tutorial for...
  4. L

    [TUTORIAL] Dell Openmanage on Proxmox 6.x

    I've finally succeed in installing OMSA on proxmox 6.x and in return for all the information i've found thanks to the community, i wanted to share my findings. Here we go. Be sure to be logged as root at all time : sudo su First, be sure to remove omsa from Proxmox 5.4 before upgrading. apt...
  5. be_tnt

    [SOLVED] Proxmox v6 default ssh key in authorized_keys file

    Hello! I just installed a proxmox v6. When I wanted to add my ssh key in authorized_keys file, I see that there is already one ssh key in it. Does the installation create one by default? If yes, what is the usage of it? Thx!
  6. A

    Issues when cloning VMs

    Hello, I've just installed Proxmox-6 over an old installation of Proxmox-5 The installation was successful without any problems whatsoever, but now when I try to clone an already created VM template I get the following errors WARNING: Device /dev/dm-28 not initialized in udev database even...
  7. P

    PVE 6 is there a way to push a file to multiple container ?

    Hello everyone, everything is in the title :) So you'll understand I'm looking for a way (simple if possible of course) to copy or edit the same file on multiple containers (lxc). I set up several containers that do the same thing and for which I would like to edit at the same time. If...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 6 ZFS Over ISCSI

    Hello, we are using proxmox 6. We using ZFS Over ISCSI with istgt provider and really hard to find the manual configuration. We set up a Linux Debian host with istgt installed. Here's the config for istgt: [Global] Comment "Global section" NodeBase "iqn.2019-08.bpm.lanit" PidFile...
  9. G

    Proxmox 5.4 -> 6 Cluster completely down after upgrade

    Hello all, first I wasn't able to perform the pve5to6 command which the Proxmox guide stated, So i wasn't able to confirm stability of the environment, however it's a pretty low configuration setup.. 2 Nodes were in a functional ProxMox VE 5.4 environment, several VMs and containers were...
  10. TwiX

    Ceph nautilus - Raid 0

    Hi, First thing first, I know it is not recommended to use raid 0 disks beyond ceph, however that's what I did on 4 Dell R430 servers with Perc 730 (with 6 15k SAS drives). I have pretty descent performance with it and absolutely no issues for the last 2 years. With full SSD nodes I don't use...
  11. C

    Mount no longer works in Proxmox 6 - NFS - Synology

    Ey, First time posting, as I have always been able to find solutions on the forums (great job on that). The setup: I have a 3 node Proxmox cluster, and today upgraded them to Proxmox VE 6. On VE 5.4 all nodes had a nfs mount and everything worked. Two of the nodes have a two network interfaces...
  12. U

    NIC passthrough stopped working in Proxmox 6

    I've made a fresh install of the Proxmox 6 (previously this worked fine in v.5), configured IOMMU as per instruction. Restored my VM and it seems that NIC pasthrought has stopped working. I've tried all VMs (pfSense, Ubuntu and Windows) and none of them see that network interface. Though GPU...
  13. C

    CEPH inaccurate OSD count displayed

    I have had this issue for a while now, and after upgrading to Proxmox 6 and the new Ceph it is still there. The problem is that the Ceph Display page shows that I have 17 OSD's when I only have 16. It shows the extra one as being down and out. (Side note, I do in fact have one OSD that is down...
  14. Z

    Proxmox 6.0 CEPH OSD's don't show down

    Hi Everyone, We have been running proxmox 5.4 with CEPH for awhile now without any issues. We recently built a brand new 5 node cluster using Proxmox 6.0. We had no issues getting our OSD's up and running, However whenever we physically pull a drive the associated OSD does not show down...
  15. C

    Proxmox in Strech update Proxmox6

    Mich würde interessieren, wie das Update funktioniert, wenn Proxmox in Debian "Stretch" installiert ist. Kann man trotzdem nach der offiziellen Anleitung updaten oder ist da etwas zu beachten? Gruss
  16. T

    Has cloud-init been changed between 5.3 and 6.0?

    Hello, I maintain a project that bootstraps a Kubernetes cluster on Proxmox using Ansible. My code has always worked reliably when tested on 5.3, however I recently upgraded my server to 6.0-4 and now cloud-init is behaving strangely. It successfully sets the IP Address, Subnet, and Gateway to...
  17. T

    (Bug?) Proxmox VE 6.0-4 - Backup Storage on ZFS

    Hello, I recently upgraded Proxmox from 5.3 to 6.0 and the process went very smoothly. So first of all I wanted to thank the team for making the upgrade so easy. However I may have discovered a bug tonight when rebooting my server to replace a failed disk in my ZFS pool. Upon coming back up...
  18. P

    pve5to6 fail on "Resolved node IP"

    People hi! I 'm facing a new problem. I would like to update my version of proxmox (currently 5.4) on a server where I have only one node currently. By following the documentation I could see that a very useful command allows to see the compatibility "pve5to6". After execution of this...
  19. B

    3 Node cluster "permission denied - invalid PVE ticket (401)"

    Tried to create a 3 node cluster with a fresh proxmox ve 6.0-4 install. Cluster creation works and adding a second node works aswell, but after i added the 3rd node i get "permission denied - invalid PVE ticket (401)" (only for the third the other 2 are still working). In the webinterface i...


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