1. M

    Intel Nuc 10 GPU passthrough to LXC for Plex hardware transcoding

    Hi, I've configured the container as follows: arch: amd64 cores: 4 features: nesting=1 hostname: plex memory: 4096 net0: name=eth0,bridge=vmbr0,hwaddr=36:E6:21:5B:00:CE,ip=dhcp,type=veth onboot: 0 ostype: ubuntu rootfs: local-lvm:vm-103-disk-0,size=8G swap: 1024 lxc.cgroup2.devices.allow: c...
  2. H

    Is it better to have a NAS VM or a simple NFS server for my media share for Plex Server in a Proxmox node?

    I am trying to architecture a Plex Media Server inside a Proxmox node, in a very modest way. I know I can set up a NAS to server my files through the network or I could create a very simple NFS VM with NFS sharing capabilities and map the folder to be mounted on the Plex Media Server container...
  3. O

    Intel Rocket Lake (11th) Quicksync Passthrough

    Has anyone managed to configure passing through an Intel Rocket Lake (11th gen) IGPU so that Quicksync/Hardware Transcoding is available for Plex? I recently built a new home server and made the mode over to Proxmox and have been super impressed. However, after multiple attempts I still haven't...
  4. L

    Looking for advise: zfs should belong to Proxmox or Truenas?

    I have sufficient disks to create an HDD ZFS pool and a SSD ZFS pool, as well as a SSD/NVMe for boot drive. I'd like to install Proxmox as the hypervisor, and run some form of NAS software (TRueNAS or something) and Plex. Looking for advise on how that should be setup, from a storage...
  5. K

    Plex inside VM causes Proxmox host to freeze

    Hello, I'm encountering this weird problem where my entire Proxmox host freezes shortly after I start the plexmediaserver Service inside a VM. (It's reproducible) Sometimes the host freezes after a few minutes, sometimes seconds thereafter. Without the plex service running, everything runs...
  6. P

    Downgrading Proxmox OS installation 7.0-8 to 6.X

    Hello, Apologies if this topic was covered elsewhere, I just could not seem to find the topic in the search. About a month ago I installed not upgraded, installed fresh Proxmox 7.0 and all was fine until I decided to virtualize a plex server using Ubuntu server 20.04 with my Nvidia 1660 for...
  7. H

    USB Passthrough to LXC Plex

    So I started recently with VE 7.0, created LXC and installed ubuntu + Plex. Idea is to use a USB drive connected to the machine to read media files through to Plex For USB passthrough I followed this guide here Then followed this guide to change cgroup What I cannot figure out, is when I go...
  8. W

    Need help for lxc intel gpu

    Hi, I use intel i5 10500 to host Proxmox VE 7.0-11. Run vm for openwrt, home-assistant and xpenology, and I want add lxc for Plex and Jellyfin. but I cant let lxc use my UHD Graphics 630 for Plex HWtranscode. on host: root@pve:~# ls -l /dev/dri total 0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 80 Aug 20...
  9. E

    Plex not working - Currently unavailable

    Hello, I am trying to setup Plex on a CentOS 8 VM in Proxmox. If I SSH into the server and go onto localhost I can view that the server is up and have already had files play perfectly. The problem occurs when I am using the native app. I was asking for this on the Plex forum, but they say that...
  10. P

    nvidia container runtime in LXC container?

    I'd like to enable hardware-accelerated video transcoding via an Nvidia GPU card for an instance of Plex Media Server running inside PVE's flavor of LXC container. Has anyone been successful in enabling Nvidia GPU pass-through on Proxmox using nvidia-container-runtime? (LXC or KVM, doesn't...
  11. M

    Adding Raid 5 Discs

    Im hoping you may be to guide or advise me with the following problem I have. I did have an Open Media Vault (OMV) install with the latest version using initially for Plex for my media and was hoping also to use for VR as well. That didn't work as i hoped for so now have installed Proxmox with...
  12. R

    Poor zfs read(suspected) performance, dlna streaming unusable

    Dear all, Sorry for an ambiguous title and thread as i have just put up an itx machine to try on the proxmox platform, was aniticipating a great upgrade from my old HP microserver Gen7 (ESXi) to the proxmox LXC container world. but resulting in a confused and disappointing week due to my lack...
  13. E

    BUG: Unable to handle kernel paging request

    Hi, I've started using Proxmox about 6 months ago and have been loving it. Last night, I found that my Plex container was not responding. All other VMs and containers were fine (only 2 others on the machine). I was able to login via SSH and found the following in the journal: Jan 13 01:24:13...
  14. M

    Problems with Plex on Ubuntu LXC and special characters in file names

    I posted this before in the plex forum, but I was told I should ask you guys: It’s basically a duplicate of this one Bug: Using international characters in file names break extra support I just didn’t want to bring up an old post. So I’m running server version on Ubuntu 18.4.1 as...
  15. Z

    Bind mount, samba and containers: any risks involved?

    Hi! TL;DR; Are there any risks involved in using bind mounted folders in containers and sharing these same folders through samba? Long Version: After using a bare metal Ubuntu for more than 6 years, I decided to use Proxmox and containers and I'm loving it. But, I realized recently that Plex...
  16. A

    Looking for a little guidance w/ trunkey fileserver and plex, and trunkey and win 10 sharing

    Hello! My setup is Proxmox 5.2-1 with 2 CT’s, an Ubuntu CT to run plex and a CT running Turnkey fileserver. I am also looking for some assistance setting connecting the shares in the fileserver to a VM running windows 10. I’m new the Proxmox so any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  17. floh

    Bestehende Festplatten verwenden?

    Hallo liebe Proxmox-Community! Ich bin zwar noch nicht so lange dabei, mich mit Proxmox zu beschäftigen, jedoch verwenden wir es auch in der Arbeit. Ich zuhause habe bis jetzt einen Windows2016 Server stehen, darauf läuft primär Plex und einige andere Dienste. Jetzt ist es soweit, dass ich...
  18. P

    problem partionning and zfs/nfs etc

    First, sorry for my english..(I m french) I have a 2x2 TB server on So You Start. I want use all my space, so no raid. (Or raid software to see only one disk, even I know i ts not offical) To do that : - one lxc for plex 50gb - one lxc for torrent 100gb - one lxc for a webserver 100gb - one lxc...
  19. P

    Storage design/plan thoughts?

    Ok, I'm a newbie to Proxmox only just discovering it. I've decided to virtualize my home environment and am a bit confused on how to approach my storage plan; Hardware: Dell r710 with internal SSD (250gb) and SATA raid5 array on Perc H700 (8TB). So far I've installed Proxmox on the internal...
  20. S

    DNS Lookup Delays and (Possibly) Related Issues

    I've recently switched to Proxmox from Xenserver and while I'm loving the feature set and flexibility I believe I'm having some DNS issues with my installs. I'm very much a home user so if there is anything I can provide to assist with the troubleshooting please let me know. I believe I am...


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