1. C

    when we start copy or clone UI become unresponsive

    Hi we have installed Proxmox VE 4.4 , RAID 1 10TB, enabled Cache we need to move the VMs KVM based raw files from other server to Proxmox, so we have copied those VMs to External HDD and connected though USB3.0 and mounted to proxmox server. we create the VMs though GUI and i start replaceing...
  2. L

    latencytop won't start

    Hello, I would like to run latencytop but something is missing: I'm running proxmox 4.4 with latest updates applied:
  3. C

    Hardware/Concept for Ceph Cluster

    Hello, we are using Proxmox with local storage on a small 3 node cluster. Now we are planning to set up a 4 node cluster with network storage (Ceph), live migration, HA and snapshot functionality. We already have some hardware laying around from dev projects. Now I would like to get some ideas...
  4. F

    Is Ceph too slow and how to optimize it?

    The setup is 3 clustered Proxmox for computations, 3 clustered Ceph storage nodes, ceph01 8*150GB ssds (1 used for OS, 7 for storage) ceph02 8*150GB ssds (1 used for OS, 7 for storage) ceph03 8*250GB ssds (1 used for OS, 7 for storage) When I create a VM on proxmox node using ceph storage, I...
  5. C

    Add Hard Disk "Storage Selector" times out

    I am having difficulty when adding a new disk to a vm where the storage selector dropdown is timing out. I assume this is from I/O degradation so the dropdown can't get the list of available NFS or iSCI mounts. But I can't ascertain the cause. The NAS is connected via quad gigabit bond and the...
  6. mir

    pve 4.2 and iothread

    Hi all, I have done some IO tests on proxmox 4.2 with iothread. Results below: fio --description="Emulation of Intel IOmeter File Server Access Pattern" --name=iometer --bssplit=512/10:1k/5:2k/5:4k/60:8k/2:16k/4:32k/4:64k/10 --rw=randrw --rwmixread=80 --direct=1 --size=4g --ioengine=libaio...
  7. stefws

    4.2 perf is lower then 4.1

    Upgraded 4 of 7 nodes today only to discover than especially two VMs running (Palo Alto - VM200 FWs) use much more CPU than when on pve 4.1 :( Pic 1 here shows VM usage last 24 hour and the jump when migrated onto 4.2.22 around 17:00, the last high jump is me introducing more load on the FW...
  8. L

    Slower Snapshot-Mode Backups after moving from 3.0 to 4.1

    In Proxmox 3.0, my daily snapshot-mode-backup took 37 minutes to create a 78gig backup file. After installing Proxmox 4.1, this same virtual machine now takes an hour and 40 minutes (1:40:00) to create the same 78gig backup file. When I backup the same virtual machine using stop-mode backup, it...
  9. E

    CEPH read performance

    7 mechanical disks in each node using xfs 3 nodes so 21 OSDs total I've started moving journals to SSD which is only helping write performance. CEPH nodes still running Proxmox 3.x I have client nodes running 4.x and 3.x, both have the same issue. Using 10G IPoIB, separate public/private...
  10. S

    Poor performance on NFS storage

    I'm running 3 proxmox 3.4 nodes using NFS shared storage with a dedicated 1GB network switch. root@lnxvt10:~# pveversion pve-manager/3.4-11/6502936f (running kernel: 2.6.32-43-pve) root@lnxvt10:~# mount | grep on...


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