1. S

    Setup with 2 nic's - 1 for management and 3 vms, and 1 separate nic ot get external ip to vm and have separate gw

    Hello and sorry if this was already sked, I didnt find my case, just something like it. The purpose of separate VM is to be voip server + stun/turn ( does not work behind NAT with port forwarding ) and with separate channel. Im trying to make linux bridge to nic2, not setting any ip or gw on...
  2. V

    LACP For LXC Containers

    Hi All, I recently configured LACP for my proxmox instance with 4 Port NIC using Linux Bond with LACP (802.3ad) Mode & layer2 as hash policy also configured my unifi switch to work in LACP Mode But the issue now i am facing is that my container is not working with full use of LACP i tested it...
  3. Z

    Proxmox Private Vlan Feature

    I'm migrating from VMWare-ESX to Proxmox. Previously I managed to used Private vlan on vmware and enhanced security for my customers and also used /32 IP address per customer. now I am not able to find a solution for this case in Proxmox. cloud anyone guide, what they have done to increase L2...
  4. J

    proxmox 8006 port is closed cant access web ui

    I made some changes in network interface , after that cant access proxmox via web ui and ssh ( changes i made - i removed enp2s0 from vmbr0 and added vmbr1 and attached enp2s0 and put static ip),after that i edited the etc/network/interfaces file using ubuntu live cd . Now i can access...
  5. T

    VLANs broke in PVE-7.2-5?

    I have a VLAN (VLAN2) that I recently setup to separate all my hosts that are accessible from outside my network from the internal hosts. Everything was working fine until I made two changes (not sure which one broke the VLAN). The first change was upgrading my PVE-7.0-2 (or something close to...
  6. J

    IPv6 - First-time configuration

    Hello! I am trying to troubleshoot an issue. The setup: One host, two guests. The host has a bridge configured with ::1 in a local /48. I am assigning each guest a /56 from this network. See the screenshots- Host: Guest: The problem: The guests have no real network access over this...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] node disconnect from cluster when in vlan

    Hi, When I put the ip of the node directly in the physical interface or in the vmbrX everything works fine, but when I pass this ip to vmbr.100 (see below) I lose the connection with the other nodes in the cluster and when I restart the node (despite the web interface loading ) I can't log into...
  8. R

    structuring network - proxmox and pfsense

    Hi, i am restructuring our proxmox cluster network and i have some doubts and requests for suggestions that i expose below My scenario is as follows (1) two public IP ports (untagged vlan) on different servers (2) seven ports (tagged vlan) (3) I don't have direct access to the switch of (1)...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] My VM´s cant reach the internet / cant be pinged since i changed the /etc/network/interface file

    auto ens7f1 iface ens7f1 inet static address gateway bridge_ports enp9s0f0 bridge_stp off ethernet-wol g iface enp9s0f1 inet manual iface ens7f0 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet manual bridge-ports none...
  10. Q

    [SOLVED] .

  11. S

    adding new iface to centos 7 (guest) in proxmox

    i have guest vm OS centos 7 i want to add more network interface (virtio) i created file ifcfg-eth1 with config same like ifcfg-eth0 with different config inside like Mac, UUID, device name an ip its self, and then restart the service and the vm, buat i can't ping to gateway or to another vm...
  12. P

    Network gateway

    Hello guys. I'm a rookie in Proxmox and I need some help with decision of network. I have 3 physical servers and I'm planning create cluster on them. Each physical server has public IP. And I want that all my virtual machines work in private network Also I have a lot of web...
  13. M

    Set up three Ubuntu servers all get the same IP

    So earlier today I span up a Ubuntu server, did all I had to do with it, duplicated it twice, since I needed three worker nodes. Strange thing is though is that all three get the same IP even with DHCP active. How do I managed this?
  14. M

    [SOLVED] where can i found the new name of my network cards ?

    I have changed something in my proxmox setup So my network card's name (enp1s0) change, where can i found the new name ??
  15. S

    Is cross node virtual networking possible?

    Hi, We are endeavoring to create a lab environment with three separate networks in order to simulate a security operations center. The idea is to have one network be for cyber attackers, one network be for a simulated company, and one network to be a security service provider for that company...
  16. I

    ethtool reports speed and duplex unknown

    Dear ProxMox support / members, I was sycing a large file like around 500G using ssh from an Ubuntu VM to another physical host in the network. I noticed the speed was 10MB/s and it should be at least 90MB/s since we have 1Gb/s network cisco switches and 1Gb/s NICs on the PVE hosts. So, I set...
  17. P

    [SOLVED] Passing NIC to VM kills networking and usb input (PCI passthrough)

    I am trying to set up pfSense in a VM based on Techno Tim's tutorial video (except for UEFI). I also recently acquired a Dell 5719 quad port PCI-e which I want to use for both WAN and LAN connectivity. However, when attempting to start the VM, my network connection dies and I am unable to use...
  18. F

    [SOLVED] Guest cant ping GW or WAN after interface change

    Hello, I decided to upgrade myself from 1gbps interface to 2.5gbps by getting Alfa AUE2500C Ethernet Adapter. Network config: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno1 inet manual iface enx00c0caa917b5 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address
  19. S

    No routing from pfSence to proxmox.

    Hi Experts, My current lab setup as follows: Home router with internet access. A laptop with Ethernet and Wireless Card. Proxmox as hypervisor pfSence for firewall and VLANs. My 5G router don't have any ethernet port. So i enabled wireless lan interface in proxmox. My configuration as below...
  20. T

    LACP Issue on Dell Server with Intel(R) Ethernet 10G 4P X710/I350 rNDC

    After upgrading to version 19.5.12 of the NIC firmware from version 19.0.12 no LACP bond interface will come active. This is just a reference for those that face similar issue. I rollback to the previous version on the Dell Servers and everything came back to normal. Proxmox Software...


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