nested virtualization

  1. N

    How Do I Set Up a static IP address Using Proxmox, Windows Server, and Ubuntu for Bitwarden Hosting?

    I'm currently configuring a nested virtualization server, using Proxmox as my main hypervisor and Windows Server as my nested server. On this nested Windows Server, I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 Server, which I will use to host Bitwarden. During the Ubuntu server installation, I was unable to connect...
  2. S

    PVE 8 breaks nested Virtualization?

    Hello, I reed the forum in this post "Proxmox 8 Breaks Nested Virtualization", but didn`t see any conclusion/solution so far. Is there a fix yet? I upgraded a few days ago to PVE8.2.2 with the last recent kernel "6.8.4-2-pve" but still no luck. I wanted to allow a user to use docker but docker...
  3. A

    Docker Container kein Internet

    Hi zusammen, ich bin gerade dabei mich in Proxmox einzuarbeiten und habe Privat bereits den Umstieg von vmware vSphere vollzogen. Das meiste war selbsterklärend bzw. durch die gute Dokumentation recht schnell zu verstehen. Jedoch habe ich ein Problem mit Docker, gemäß der Dokumentation habe...
  4. J

    Proxmox VE nested virtualisation not working after update

    Hi All. I have recently updated to the latest version of Proxmox, after which it appears that nested virtualisation no longer works. I noticed this because after the update reboot, docker, which is hosted in a privileged CT, can no longer run any containers. What ive tried so far: Ive tried...
  5. H

    Nested VM und GPU Passthrough in Docker Container

    Hallo zusammen Das Forum läuft noch.... ich denke die Anzahl der Mitglieder wird in der nächsten Zeit deutlich zunehmen. So steht bei mir auch ein Wechsel an den Sesselfurzenden Verwaltungsräte von Broadcom sei dank. Ich werde wohl bald meine Zeit solchen Entscheidungsträger weiterverrechnen...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] Interior Networking: Guests Communicating with Other Guests...

    I've created a VMware ESXi guest in PVE and cloned it twice to create a 3-node ESXi cluster on a single PVE host system. (Intel Core i7-7700K [4 cores @ 4.20GHz] with 64 GB of RAM) I've added an Ubuntu "helper" VM to test network connectivity inside of PVE... The ESXi Host Client interface of...
  7. E

    [SOLVED] Nested Virtualization: Guest Agent for VMware ESXi?

    I've created an ESXi 8 guest inside of PVE 8. And I have two questions: Is there a guest agent that's capable of running on the ESXi guest? Should the "QEMU Guest Agent" option be enabled in the VM's system tab? TIA, Eric Pretorious Reno, Nevada
  8. E

    Yet Another Nested Virtualization Question

    I have been trying to get a nested VM working for a few days with little success. Host is Proxmox 8 Steps I've taken: Confirmed the following: # dmesg | grep -E "DMAR|IOMMU" [ 0.000000] ACPI: DMAR 0x0000000078EB1D98 000168 (v01 SUPERM SMCI--MB 00000001 INTL 20091013) [ 0.000000] ACPI...
  9. C

    Nest proxmox inside proxmox

    I realize that this is niche, but here I am.] I want to teach some people how to use proxmox and for that a brand new proxmox instance would be ideal. It turns out that the easiest way to do that for me would be to run proxmox inside a VM inside my usual proxmox instance. However, proxmox...
  10. C

    Docker Issue WSL2, W11

    Cheers Sirs, I'm trying to open Docker Desktop in a W11 virtual machine, but I'm getting this alert: This is the WSL --Version WSL --status When I'm trying to install Ubuntu this error Display: About Windows Features: Aboute PVE Its Enabled Nested Virt on PVE: I have already...
  11. J

    Cannot get nested virtualization to work in Windows 11, running inside of proxmox 8. Intel 13th gen CPU, NVIDIA GPU

    When I enable wsl2 through windows platform, win11 vm immediately starts to boot into advanced recovery console. Any advice? I run Windows 11 as vm inside of proxmox 8. I successfully set gpu passthrough, and I am able to run Nvidia GPU inside of Win11. I can run games, furmark etc. But when I...
  12. enoch85

    Nested Hyper-V (Windows 10) with KVM?

    Hi, Been debugging why my Windows 10 machine (VM) is so darn slow. Found this, and it solved the issue. So far so good - until I tried to run a VM in Hyper-V on that same Windows 10 guest. Turns out you need to use host and not any of the other CPU types. It was absolutely flying on...
  13. F

    Using proxmox for local development

    We're currently deploying our testenvironements with terraform into our proxmox cluster. Until now we had a separate vagrant configuration to spin up vms on our laptops for local development. We are thinking now about ways to simplify our setup. One way would be to use terraform to deploy the...
  14. S

    Proxmox guest VMs under nested virtualization do not apply DHCPOFFER replies

    I've read through dozens of similar posts, but none seem to relate to this specific issue, and it's a weird one. If I install Proxox 7.4VE as a guest VM under an existing VMware environment (on metal), the networking/DHCP/everything in VE works as expected. If I then install an Ubuntu guest VM...
  15. D

    issues with nested proxmox in proxmox

    I am trying to configure nested virtualisation but am getting errors. when I start a nested VM created by proxmox. this is the configuration of the PVE system root@wlsc-pxmh01:/etc/pve/qemu-server# cat 10037.conf agent: 1,fstrim_cloned_disks=1 args: -object...
  16. D

    How to disable (Hyper-V) Hypervisor Present in Nested W10 / W2019?

    Hi all I need to install VMWare Workstation 12 Pro on an instance of a Windows 10 or a Windows Server 2019 which are installed on a ProxMox instance. For the virtual version of Windows installation I have allowed the host type for the CPU, which will allow for the Host's CPU's Virtualization...
  17. G

    Alder Lake i5 12400, Windows 11 guest with WSL Nested Virtualization not working

    Hi guys, I'm trying to run Windows 11 Guest with WSL2. My config is the following: i5 12400 Proxmox 7.4-3 Kernel 5.15.104-1 Windows 11 Guest - CPU type is Host Nested Virtualization is enabled (Checked with cat /sys/module/kvm_intel/parameters/nested) When booting into Windows 11, Task manager...
  18. T

    Nested - VMWare Workstation inside Windows 10 Proxmox Guest - can’t start VMWare guests

    Physical Hardware: - Mini-PC from MSECORE with - Core i9-9880H / 32GB RAM - 1TB NVME SSD, 4TB NVME SSD - VTX enabled in BIOS Proxmox v7.3 installed on 1TB NVME SSD, Storage Pool on 4TB NVME SSD Proxmox Guest: - Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 (fresh install) - (Have also tried with 22H2) - 4 Cores...
  19. E

    PVE nested in HyperV, PVE gets network access but PVE vm's do not (destination host unreachable). Looking for guidance to set promiscuous mode in HV.

    It looks like the topic of port monitoring is a bit above my current level of understanding and I haven't been able to find a concrete guide to help set this up. I have Hyper-V enabled on my Windows host and Proxmox is installed as a VM in Hyper-V. Proxmox was able to get a DHCP assigned IP...
  20. L

    Windows 11 wsl2 does not work

    Hello, I have been having issues with windows 11 wsl2 working under proxmox. I am fairly new so i am just going to go based off on the threads that i saw of the information that i might be asked for. This is the configuration from my vm. I added the args based on another thread that i saw that...


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