multiple ips

  1. M

    Adding multiple IP's

    HI all, Can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction to adding multiple Ip's into an VM - What I'm trying to do is setup a VM Plesk server using AlmaLinux for the os the server is from OVH with 5 extra IP's. To use the extra IP's in OVH you have to assign each one with a Virtual MAC...
  2. B

    pfsense with 4 public IPs - how to?

    Hi there, My ISP changed my router two days ago and gave me four public WAN IPs (x.x.169.149-x.x.169.152). So I want to run multiple proxmox hosts where the VMs use these 4 WAN IPs. I've installed pfsense on one proxmox host, which works on the main WAN IP (x.x.169.149). But I need to...
  3. L

    two public IPs for one server with one nic

    Hello guys, Couldn't delete this post, so I corrected it in place. got a "little" issue with 1:1 Nat on pfsense/opnsense, feels like one little piece on the proxmox side is missing. I hope someone can point me into the right direction. From hetzner, I ordered a second public IP address, which...
  4. X

    SingleIP Setup Working - adding SecondIP to Proxmox

    Hi, I'm currently running Proxmox with just one Public IP. eno1 -> vmbr1 -> PfSense WAN PfSense LAN -> vmbr2 (VM LAN) Everything working like a charm. Reverse Proxy with NGINX and everything is configured and working. We do have an issue that one of our servers (Mailstore) doesn't work with...
  5. J

    Bad network performance, how to configure thenetwork correct

    Hello my name is Jose, i am new using Proxmox. I have installed proxmox on a server and created 9 VM, however have problems running the network correctly, i have tried several settings that have found on Google but does not working correctly. The idea is to assign an public IP to each virtual...
  6. P

    Multiple Network Interfaces through One physical port

    Hello, I am extremely new to proxmox and I have been stuck on this issue for hours. Alot of new people seem to be having this problem, but their solutions tend to be different to what I want. I have also tried reading the networking documentation several times but it just makes my head hurt...
  7. be_tnt

    [SOLVED] Adding a second public IP on a VM

    Hello! On one of my VMs, I would like to configure multiple public IPs. I tried to add a second one but I can't ping it. What I have done so far on the VM (centOS 7), I have created ifcfg-eth0:0 under network-scripts: DEVICE="eth0:0" BOOTPROTO=static DEFROUTE=no ONBOOT=yes...
  8. A

    Subnet with NAT and one VM with second public IP

    I have server with proxmox and 2 public IPs. All VMs are behind NAT now and it works. But for new VM I need to assign public IP. I tried to create second bridge with second public IP and I have access to proxmox server via this IP. Then I tried to create VM and assign interface to new bridge...
  9. S

    Multiple IPs for bonds on same Interfaces

    Hi, I have Blades with 2x Eth devices, each one connected to switch module, I create bonds for that 2 eth for HA and this bond got the "Public / Internet" IP, now, I need to add additional Private IPs to same bond, now can I do that? how can I set additional IPs for same bond and same Bond...
  10. S

    How can I have a public and a private IP?

    Hello, I recently installed Proxmox on our server, now I am a little bit confused about the network configuration: The host machine has an IP like I have configured my vmbr0 interface the right way, all my KVM machines are reachable on a seperated IP adress...
  11. P

    Adding a second IP to a LXC Container

    Hello, I am new with Proxmox and wanted to add a second static IP address to my LXC Container. It is currently configured with the IP and works great (bridged mode). Now I was trying to add and entered instead of net0 net1 and instead of eth0 eth1. But it does not...
  12. V

    Confused about new network scheme

    Hi, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it but I'm not quite following the way that networking is done with LXC containers. It doesn't make sense to me that i should have to setup an ethernet network setting for each ip. why can't i define a range of ips that should be allocated to that container...


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