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    Moving from ESXi

    Hi community, I am on the way to move my homelab from ESXi to Proxmox. I only have one server on which I have all my VMs. I plan to install Porxmox on this server (so I can not use the new built in converson tool taht connect to the ESXi) What are my option to migrate or export / convert my VMs...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Failed to show VNC Console

    I cant console to a VM from my host proxmox, My environment is following the setup of 4 Node Proxmox. 1. pve0 2. pve1 3. pve2 4. pve3 I cant use the VNC Console on the on pve0 to console to the VM in pve1. from other pve1-3, i can console the VM normally. it will return error: "Host key...
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    Is live migration possible between EPYC 7352 and 9XXX?

    We are planning to add a new hypervisor to our cluster. Three existing nodes have an AMD EPYC 7352 CPU and now we are unsure if we should go with the latest EPYC 9XXX processor or if we should stick with EPYC 7352 for the new server. I have already tested the migration from EPYC 7352 to Ryzen 9...
  4. K

    Windows Server VM booting problem

    Hi, I have a fresh install of proxmox ve in a host machine which I am using to test if I can migrate VMs from our VMWare community environment to PVE. I have migrated a 2012 server VM to pve using OVFTools (tutorial used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jCEe4sfe_g ). After restoring the VM in...
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    Migration failed - Error: migration aborted

    I can interact with my VM fine in console, but I cannot migrate it to another node in the cluster. Other VMs I do not have such problem. Task log shows task started by HA resource agent 2023-12-15 10:49:35 starting migration of VM 106 to node 'cobra-s-pm01' ( 2023-12-15 10:49:36...
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    No networking after moving VM within cluster.

    I have a cluster of 5 Kubernetes vm's and I am trying to move 2 of them to another proxmox server in my 3 node proxmox cluster. I removed the cloudinit drives, migrated the vm's and re-added a cloudinit drive, but the 2 VM's I moved don't have network access after the move to the new server. The...
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    How to migrate VMs from VMware Esxi to Proxmox?

    Hi, I need some help, I want to migrate many servers from VMware Esxi to Proxmox, but I have obstacles for the migration such as VMs on Esxi must be shut down first. Is there a way to migrate VMs from Esxi to Proxmox without having to shut down the original VM first, can it be said that it is...
  8. T

    VM falls back to node1

    Dear readers, I have a 3 node cluster on iSCSI storage - node1 - node2 - node3 My VM (ubuntu) was running on node1 and the network link failed so proxmox tried to migrate it to node2. node2 has to few cores so there failed the VM to start. Node1 is back online and I performed the ha-manager...
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    move vm to another host

    Hi, I try to move a vm from a proxmox host to another proxmox host. I tried the qm remote-migrate command, but without success: qm remote-migrate 104 101 'apitoken=PVEAPIToken=root@pam!migration=<api token>,host=target-host-name' --target-bridge vmbr0 --target-storage xyz-zfs 500 Can't connect...
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    VM Migration: Unable to set the IP of the target node.

    I've spent so many hours and pulled too many hairs for this already. TLDR: Migrating a VM fails because ssh of the target node listens on IPv6 only (as desired+configured), and migration is attempting connection to IPv4. All I want is the connection to go through IPv6, or the VPN IP. The...
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    PVE 7.4-16 NoVNC Cannot Connect unless pveproxy restarted

    Hi All, I recently upgraded a cluster of 5x PVE 7.3 nodes to 7.4-16 at the same time as performing hardware upgrades (complete server replacement). The approach used was migrate workloads off one node at a time, delnode and remove host folder in /etc/pve/nodes, then re-join cluster as new...
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    Migrate Windows vm from Vmware to Proxmox

    Hi, I tried to export a Windows 2019 server vm, but it breaks, don't finishes. I tried to migrate it with Rescuezilla, but when I started it on Proxmox, I got BSOD. I think the problem is that the disk controller is different. On the source hypervisor I use LSI Logic SAS controller. I tried...
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    Migration aborted: Problem found while scanning volumes - can't migrate VM - check log

    hello I'm trying to migrate a VM from galak server to kinder and I get the following error: 2023-05-20 15:13:44 starting migration of VM 101 to node 'kinder' ( Use of uninitialized value $owner in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/QemuMigrate.pm line 493...
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    VM Migration Between Nodes (LVM Thin + Linked Clones)

    I use proxmox in a homelab setting and have been running into storage issues on a few nodes with small SSDs. I wanted to upgrade the storage. My plan was to: 1. Migrate the VMs to other nodes. 2. Remove the node, whose storage I'm upgrading. 3. Upgrade the storage and re-install proxmox...
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    [SOLVED] Live migration aborted due to local-ssd storage

    Hi, I'm actually trying to live migrate one VM from host x to host y. The VM is located on shared glusterfs storage which is mounted on each of the hosts. Following the error while trying to migrate the VM: 2023-04-13 22:58:33 use dedicated network address for sending migration traffic...
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    How to move VMs from 1 installation to another?

    Hello guys, I have a test pve 7 system that's kinda borked. I have a cluster that's working, if I wanted to move the VMs over from the test system to the working cluster what do I need to clone over? Thanks.
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    [SOLVED] Live migration fails. Can't open tunnel

    I have one node in a cluster of five that I can't live migrate too or from. When the VM is off the migration works. They have shared storage connected over NFS. They all have the same version om services and the same settings. I get this output when running the migrate: 2022-12-13 10:01:39...
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    Storage location for VM Summary data

    I recently migrated the config file for a long-running VM in our environment to a new, unclustered node. The virtual disk is hosted on an NFS server, so the VM boots and is running just fine on the new node. However, the summary data for the VM has started again from scratch, as all of the...
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    PVE local storage getting full while downloading files

    Hello there, Currently, I'm doing a migration to VMs from Hyper-V Host to PVE Host(I need to convert the disk first), VMs Hard disks are more than 100GB, While "local" can only have 100GB. Is there any way to increase the space of the "local" storage, or even download the file with the qemu-img...
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    Fehlermeldung bei der Migration (SOLVED)

    Hallo Proxmox-Gemeinde, ich verteile die VMs gerade nach Inhalt und Funktion auf die Nodes. Gespeichert werden sie auf dem SAN, das heißt in unserem Fall ein Shared LVM angebunden über iSCSI. Bei der VM um die es geht ist die Festplatte bereits auf dem SAN. Wenn ich nun ein Migrate mache...


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