io delay

  1. T

    [SOLVED] IO delay - how to find out reason for?

    Hello, I am running into issues with corrupted data in VM. I am quite new to Proxmox and do not know how to search to find the reason for as I did a couple of changes in my system. In my home system, I migrated my VMs from Hyper-V to Proxmox on the same hardware some weeks ago. All was running...
  2. H

    IO-Verzögerungen bei Proxmox

    Moin, ich habe mal ein Frage, seit einigen Tagen habe ich bei meinem Proxmox, was unter eine Minisforum HM80 läuft IO-Verzögerungen. Aktuell etwa 1-2%. Wenn ich jetzt aber auf dem System irgendwas installiere, geht es auch schon mal auf 10% hoch. Da wollte ich mal Fragen, ob ihr Erfahrung...
  3. Z

    [SOLVED] High IO Delay increasing over time (MySQL)

    This is no longer a question, since I figured it out on my own, but I'd like to share that information. Spoiler alert, this is not directly related to proxmox, but more to MySQL maintenance, which might be obvious to experienced admins, but it wasn't to me. I'm running Proxmox Virtual...
  4. S

    Elaborate on IO delay in server summary

    I'm curious about the actual meaning of the IO delay in the Server's Summary. For example, when I clone a VM from a template, I expect high IO. All my clone templates are on it's own dedicated drive. When I clone a VM from one of these templates, the IO delay for the node hops up as high as...
  5. R

    IO delay

    Guten Abend, ich habe Probleme mit dem IO delay. Ich habe eine 3TB und 2 6TB Platten mit BTRFS formatiert und nutze um einen Mountpoint zu haben MergerFS. Wenn ich auf der Kommandozeile etwas kopiere von Platte zu Platte, dann habe ich 95-115MB/sek. Wenn ich einen Container starte und nutze...
  6. M

    Slow VM

    good morning guys, i'm new to the forum and i use proxmox for about 3 years, i'm having a problem after changing my server disks, i only have 3 VMs on it, and after the exchange i noticed that one of them is slow in some tasks , the slowness does not always occur, they are small "chokes" that it...
  7. M

    Very Slow Proxmox 5.3 Host with High IO Delay and only one VM

    Hello. I have 3 Proxmox hosts, one with version 4.4, another one with version 5.2 and the latest with Proxmox 5.3. From these 3 hosts, I would expect the 5.3 host to be the most performing taking into account the better hardware. All of the hosts have hardware RAID 10, with the latest (5.3...
  8. F

    Increased IO Delay radically, how to reduce?

    Good day. 3 month ago average IO Delay increased dramatically, about 10 or 15 times. Nothing radically changed in VMs. Hypervisor hardware also the same. I have 17 VM running: (10 with Windows 7,10, Server 2012) and (7 with Linux Ubuntu 18.04). There are 3 disks also: all VMs on nvme0n1 (m.2...
  9. A

    kworker 99% IO

    When I migrate/restore VM I see that kworker use 99% IO (by iotop). And other VMs on destination node sometimes stuck. All running VMs on destination node show this exception: I use HW RAID1. Lvm-thin pools. Hardware: R540 - Silver 4114 Raid: Perc H730 pveversion -v # pveversion -v...
  10. M

    Proxmox 5.3.8 - IO delay issues explained ?

    Hello, I am trying to understand what is going on, but unfortunately I cannot find the cause. To keep this issue description short, I made a new installation of Proxmox 5.3.8 using the following hardware: Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650v3 - 6c/12t - 3.5GHz RAM: 128GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz Disks...
  11. P

    Replace the drives in zfsraid1

    Hi guys I have a weird situtation tought you could help me I have a cluster of three nodes running proxmox + ceph. Ive installed the os (+ceph) on 2 x usb drive as zfs raid1, now I have high I/O wait on the CPU because the usbs are slow. I added 2 x SAS 15K and I’m thinking if its possible to...
  12. R

    Slow FSYNCS on brand new instal

    I just bought a new server and install proxmox 5.2-10 but I have a lot of IO delay and don't know how to improve FSYNCS! Could you help please? Here are some informations, tell me if you need something else : Server info : Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 4c/8t - 3,8GHz /4,2GHz 64Go DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz...
  13. D

    IO delay randomly appearing, proxmox 5.1-36

    Hi everyone, I have been checking having a reccuring problem lately on my proxmox. Since one week, my proxmox sever start to have some/lot of IO delay like tonight : the same graphic but in days : When checking /var/log/syslog the only alert I have that could be cause or a consequence of...
  14. M

    qmrestore hasn´t bwlimit option anymore in 5.1-46

    I don´t see the bwlimit option anymore: :~# man qmrestore QMRESTORE(1) Proxmox VE Documentation QMRESTORE(1) NAME qmrestore - Restore QemuServer `vzdump` Backups SYNOPSIS qmrestore help qmrestore <archive> <vmid> [OPTIONS] Restore...
  15. B

    Hohe IO Delay Werte

    Hallo, sobald mehr als 3 virtuelle Systeme laufen, heben die IO Delay Werte spürbar ab. Folglich reagieren die Systeme immer langsamer. Solange es sich bei den virtuellen Systemen nur um Linux handelt geht es noch. Schlimm wird es meistens, wenn zusätzlich ein virtuelles Windows-System läuft...
  16. P

    Pve kernel 4.15.17 comes with high and unstable disk latency.

    Hi, Today, I realized that since the night between May the 27th and May the 28th, when we rebooted one of our nodes, its disk latency just went nuts. Alas, it's not just its disks, it's also the disks of any VM started on this node. By investigating, I was able to correlate the beginning of...
  17. A

    Huge IO delay when recovering VM

    Hello, Today I try to recover VM from achive and get a huge IO delay on PVE node. Before that, everything was fine. I noticed the following: when "space reduction due to 4K zero blocks" at end of the recovery report is great enough, I get huge IO delay. For example, when I recover this arhive...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Estremely poor performance I/O performance after upgrade

    Hi guys, I am struggling since 4.4-12 to 5.1-36 upgrade (to be fair it's a new deploy) due to terrible I/O performances via iSCSI (but after some testing also NFS seems affected). The problem doesn't always show up, but I have been able to reproduce it in this manner: VM just booted up with...
  19. C

    Fresh install of PVE 5.1, IO delay of death

    I completely wiped out my system and started from nothing after I assumed I made a mistake. I thought because I mixed SSD and SAS drives in LVM it caused my IO issues. This time I completely left the SSD drives untouched and installed proxmox on the large SAS raid 5 array on the hw controller...
  20. John C. Reid

    Very high IO Delay on any load

    I am getting very high IO Delay on any kind of a load. It basically stalls all VMs. We are a web host and we have five CloudLinux/cPanel VMs (all with about 100 sites each), A Windows 2016/Plesk VM, and a CentOS7/Sentora VM running. When this happpens all sites stop responding, I get kernel:NMI...


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