1. Proxmox PVE Server (Host) shutting down while backup of VM

    Hi, A couple of weeks ago my server running just a Windows Server 2016 VM keeps shutting down while running a backup. Ive tried running a backup while machine is stopped but makes no difference. I dont observe any error or messages in /var/log/syslog file as it happens suddenly. Had a UPS but...
  2. Wert für max. VM-Anzahl auf einem Host

    Kann ich irgendwie in Proxmox festlegen das auf einem Host nur maximal bspw. 30 VMs/LXCs laufen dürfen? Muss nämlich bei einem Cluster dafür sorgen das nicht zu viele VMs auf einem Host gestartet werden können.
  3. Desktop Performance mit CPU "Host"

    Hallo zusammen, hatte schonmal jemand das gleiche Problem einer schlechten Desktop performance in Windows, wenn man den CPU Type der VM auf "Host" setzt? Die CPU ist ein Intel Xeon W-2245. Wenn ich die CPU der VM auf KVM64 setze, ist die Performance normal.
  4. Proxmox VE Host Backup to PBS

    Hi, According to the Roadmap of the PBS we will see the option to Backup the PVE Host to PBS, when can we expect this feature to be enterprise ready?
  5. Moving VMs Between Different Hosts

    Hey all, I normally use the host CPU option when setting up VMs (for best performance). This has worked great for me so far. I have recently setup another host server and set them up in a cluster. The new host has different hardware to the previous servers, so now I have Intel and AMD...
  6. Trying to connect GPU to VM results in: "TASK ERROR: Cannot bind 0000:0a:00.0 to vfio"

    My goal is to connect my GPU (RX 580 4gb) to the VM so that I use the VM on host PC with it. I set display to none and in hardware connected PCI Device (GPU). But when I try to startup the VM, I get this response: Any idea how to fix this? In advance, thanks for your response.
  7. Running Virtual Machines' GUI's from Proxmox host itself

    Hello, everyone: I have recently discovered Proxmox, which I think is awesome. To be honest my main goal of installing it was being able to run my virtual machines from within Proxmox host machine, and not remotely. And that is, essentially, my question. Is it possible to do so? Is there...
  8. Backup Proxmox VE Host to Proxmox Backup Server?

    Hi all, I have set up Proxmox Backup Server and I am looking for how I can back up my Proxmox VE host installation. I can't seem to see how to do it. Is this something that must be done at the command line? I have everything set up. Created a datastore using a CIFS share and I have added the...
  9. HomeLab Suggestions!!

    Idea: I currently have two machines at home with config below: Machine 1: Case: Lenovo ThinkstationC30 CPU:2 x E5-2640V2 Motherboard: Lenovo Proprietary Memory: 64GB ECC Ram Storage: 120GB MSata Drive for Proxmox OS 1TB 7200rpm Sratch Drive 2x 3.5 Seagate NAS IronWolf 2 TB ( Slow VM...
  10. Would this easy (host) backup-restore method work?

    Hi I am on the lookout for an easy and not too space consuming way to backup of my Proxmox host. I have been looking at Clonezilla but this method isn't ideal for me as my Proxmox is installed on a mirrored zfs pool and thus Clonezilla only supports full-disk (200GB in my case) backups...
  11. Bester Hostingpartner für ProxMox ?

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Hostingpartner um dort ProxMox zu installieren und ein paar VM's zu verwalten. Wen würdet ihr da empfehlen? Ich bin aktuell bei Hetzner habe da aber Netzwerk Probleme und komme nicht weiter, deswegen der wechsel.
  12. [SOLVED] proxmox crashes after about ~18 hours

    Hi I have been struggling with this for weeks now, my Proxmox host crashes usually about 18 to 24 hours after a start, sometimes sooner. I am not finding anything specific in kern or messages logs, at least as far as I can tell by googling the errors. The most likely is a line that says this...
  13. MSWX VM refuses to boot or bootloops on cpu change

    There is one ms windows vm which behaves quite peculiar. Changing the CPU away from anything kvm64 (> host) results in an inability to boot. Even a reboot into safe mode use msconfig does not work as per usual. Despite having configured a windows10 .iso to boot from the 'press any key to boot...
  14. Proxmox keeps on restarting

    Greetings. My proxmox 6 host keeps on restarting sporadically. I tried to search the contents from the log file over the internet without any success. Could someone please help me find out the reason behind it? I have attached the log file and would appreciate any pointer on it. Sorry for...
  15. WebGUI mit der https://IP-Adresse:8006 nicht erreichbar!

    Hallo, seid einer Zeit ist mein Proxmoxserver nicht mehr über die IP-Adressen ereichbar. Meldung des Browser: Die Website ist nicht erreichbar hat die Verbindung unerwartet geschlossen. Über https: // Hostname: 8006 klappt es. Hier meine hosts und interfaces: /etc/hosts
  16. Unable to reach the web interface of Proxmox VE

    Hey guys, maybe you can help me. So, I run a Proxmox Server at home and for unexplainable reasons I can no longer reach the web interface. Only a white screen is displayed. I’ve already tried restarting “pveproxy” and “pvedaemon”. Even a restart of the complete server didn't help. Maybe you have...
  17. Containers shows hosts load a

    Hello! I found lxc containers shows load average of host. I look this and this have solved status. But I have another picture. I try on privileged containers and not, with nesting and not. Can it be fixed or something wrong ...
  18. NUMA and cores per sockets + memory size

    As far as I understand, when using multiprocessor boards based on Proxmox, you need to use NUMA in virtual machines. Are there any recommendations for enabling NUMA in virtual machines? Perhaps depending on a certain amount of RAM and the number of cores? In what types of machines is it better...
  19. The martians keep on comming

    Despite both the host and lxc having all sysctl keys for martians set to =0 the dmesg output for both host and lxc show repeat martian notifications followed by ll header ... I do not understand where these keep on comming from or how to investigate more in depth. Br, Joris
  20. [SOLVED] Suggestions regarding configurations terminology

    Hello! First of all, thanks for you amazing job on Proxmox Backup Server! I'm not sure if posting this here is fine but wanted to report something i'd like to see improved regarding PBS remote / sync configurations: Documentation makes it clear: " Sync jobs are configured to pull the contents...


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