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    Plex LXC GPU Passthrough

    I've just finished installing Proxmox on my server and I've set up an LXC to install Plex on it. Everything is configured, including the bind mount, and everything works correctly. The last thing to configure is the GPU Passthrough. However, I'm a bit lost with all the information available...
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    [TUTORIAL] Simple Working GPU Passthrough on UpToDate PVE and AMD Hardware

    Hello Guys, I wanted to share my steps to my perfectly working GPU Passthrough setup after a lot of debugging, testing and searching for the best, working method. Maybe it helps someone. First my system specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7800X3D (Should Probably Work with all Ryzen 7000 APUs) GPU: Sapphire...
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    Windows 11 GPU passthru works but using "VMware Compatible" mangles Console output and VM refuses to boot

    Heya, I'm having a bit of a weird issue. I've recently added a GPU to my test-server passed through to a Windows 11 machine, everything works just fine as long as I use the Display setting "Default" or "None". However once I set the Display to "VMware compatible" everything seems to break. The...
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    [SOLVED] Single GPU passthrough + NoVNC/Spice/SSH access?

    I have an AMD CPU with an nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 - as *only* GPU. The CPU doesn't have on-chip-graphics, so I have no onboard monitor output option. Is it still possible to passthrough my nvidia without breaking my setup? So that my bare-metal host becomes literally "headless" - and I access...
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    Win 10 VM with GPU passthrough very laggy desktop

    Hi, I have an old system running PVE for about 5 years now, with 5 containers and one Win10 VM. All have worked flawlessly. But recently I wanted to test GPU pass through and managed to get Windows to detect it as the primary graphics card. But its incredibly slow now EG click the start menu and...
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    Only one of two NVIDIA GPUs works in a single VM

    Hello, we have a server with two NVIDIA GPUs (A100, L40s). After creating a new Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine, adding both GPUs and installing the nvidia-drivers I realized, that only one shows up in nvidia-smi. In the following you can see the output of lspci | grep -i nvidia and sudo dmesg -T...
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    Seeking Help on GPU Selection and/or Configuration

    I'm building a hefty Proxmox Server to migrate my Plex library from Synology and also as a Windows VM, amongst other things. The base of the system is going to be a Tyan S8030 motherboard with an EPYC 7302P (16/32) CPU & 128gb DDR4 3200 RDIMMs, 10gbe Intel NIC, an LSi SAS9211-8i HBA (IT mode...
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    Confirming Passthrough Compatibility for a Custom Server Build with 6 Dedicated GPUs for 6 VMs

    Hello, and thank you for reading this. I've taken on a challenge to build a server using consumer-grade components to run 6 VMs, each with its own dedicated GPU. The number 6 is only because the motherboard has 7 PCIE slots which one will be used for a GPU dedicated to the host. However, my...
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    Has anyone succeeded passing through the onboard graphics card of a AMD Ryzen 5 5600U?

    Apparently this CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600U with Radeon Graphics has this onboard GPU (lspci output): 06:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cezanne [Radeon Vega Series / Radeon Vega Mobile Series] (rev c2) The reason I am asking is that I have read what felt...
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    2 nodes 1 GPU stupid??

    Hi, A possible stupid question but I would ask anyway... I have one proxmox node running Tesla P40 GPU. I recently bought a Tiny PC that I am planning to run Proxmox on and join as a cluster. Can I pass Node 1's GPU to any VM's that I build on Node 2 (Mini PC)? I do have Nvidia's Grid license...
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    GPU PCIe Passthrough : Lag spike with Kernel 6.2

    Hello, I've been looking into a problem for several days since I updated to Proxmox 8. On each machine, I have nvidia P2200 video cards that are used for video encoding in a Windows VM. I also use OBS to manage some live events. Since I've upgraded to Proxmox 8, I've had numerous image freezes...
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    iGPU passthrough problems

    Hi I want to run jellyfin with igpu passthrough, I did it using tteks automated scrint and compared the actual code and nearly all websites suggested this code. But after setting everything up jellyfin errors out in the GUI with a pretty general message: Jellyfin log probably says the most...
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    Dual 3080 GPUs work in a single VM, but not if I split them to have one each in two VMs.

    System Setup Proxmox 8.0.4 Supermicro H12SSL 1 Nvidia 4090 3 Nvidia 3080 Machine q35 virt101 - 3080 PCI Device 0000:02:00 virt103 - 4090 PCI Device 0000:01:00 I had virt 105 with two 3080s, PCI Device 0000:81:00 and 0000:82:00 Everything works great with this setup; I shut down 105, cloned...
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    Nvidia Tesla K80 not available after upgrade to 8.0.3

    Hi, I updated my proxmox cluster today, to version 8.0.3 the update went through smoothly without issues. But after rebooting on one of the servers, two of my virtual machines will not startup. seeing as they are missing the gpu that i had configured for passthrough earlier. So the setup was...
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    GPU Passtrought broken after reboot

    Dear all, I have quite some machines running with GPU passtrought but all of a sudden one system does not longer come up, and I don't get a clue what changed. This is my usually working grub entry for a system with two identical 1080Ti cards: #HPZ820 GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet...
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    Unable to Passthrough Nvidia T1000 to Linux VM

    Hello I've been stuck on this issue for what feels like weeks now with no success. I will try provide as much detail as possible but please if needed ask questions where necessary! The basis of the situation is I recently build a Proxmox server with a Ryzen 7 5700x and Nvidia T1000 8GB and am...
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    Hello, I'm new to PROXMOX, I installed and now I want to use MAC OS and Windows 11 with GPU Pass Through, I followed almost many tutorial, But I'm failed. When I try to check after following IOMMU enable guides it still shows like this : AMD-Vi: AMD IOMMUv2 functionality not available on this...
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    Best approach for running TrueNAS and VM with (i)GPU passthrough

    I'm not sure if I can solve my problem. So recently I bought the DeskMeet X300 case with Ryzen 7 4750G, 64GB RAM ECC and 2x12TB HDD drives. My goal was to virtualize TrueNAS with HDD passthrough and another VM with Batocera with iGPU passthrough for emulation. The probem is that when I run VM...
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    Record PCI device usage of VMs

    Hello Everyone; I am running a Proxmox 7.1-7 server which contains 4 nodes and total of 9 GPUs. I have virtualized GPUs with no problem and each of them running smoothly on assigned VMs. However since our GPU capacity is limited and there is more than 9 VMs on server. I have to track gpu usage...
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    MacOS VE - GPU passthrough block the host

    some help please I have a MacOS Monterey installed, it works fine, when I add the graphics card via pcie and start the virtual machine, the host crashes and I have to reboot... I have tried with a Windows 11 machine with the same result. ... I am new to virtualization but I have seen that it is...


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