gpu passthough

  1. S

    proxmox 6.1 gpu passthrough not working.

    I succeeded to passthrough my gpu with the following settings in proxmox 6.0 but I can't get it work on proxmox 6.1. my pc parts are as follows ====================================================================================== motherboard: x570 aorus elite gpu slot 1: rtx 2070 super gpu...
  2. S

    windows install stuck in collecting information. nvidia gpu passthrough

    Hi, I'm new to Proxmox and also not good at english but I'll do my best. I've recently build my desktop pc. My pc parts are like below. cpu: ryzen 3700x gpu(host): radeon rx580 gpu(guest): 2070 super mother board: x570 aorus elite and memory and so on. I'd like to passthrough my 2070 super to my...
  3. F

    PROXMOX VM PCIE Quantity

    Hello everyone: I have a question that you need to answer, proxmox 5.4 My virtual machine can only configure these 4 pcie gpu devices, I want to ask if there is a problem.
  4. GarrettB

    [SOLVED] No boot when using GPU passthrough settings PVE6

    Regarding problems with GPU passthrough, would the setting of pc-q35-3.1 on a VM affect the booting of the host, when the VM is not set to boot? I could not get the host system to boot, and ended up commenting out all of the "modules" files entry, the modprobe.d conf files regarding video...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] GPU Passthought KO with kernel 5.0 (PVE 6.0)

    Hello Following the upgrade 5.4 =>6.0 , I have a rather strange problem that I didn't have before the upgrade. I feel like it's random. In short, it's not a panic kernel, but at the configuration interface level, it puts ? at the lxc/vm level. above the captures using dmesg. [...
  6. J

    Vm's won't start most of the time

    I am starting with a new proxmox installation with the following configuration: Threadripper 1950X Gigabyte X399 Auros Extreme Geforce Gtx 750 Geforce Gtx 9800 Gtx+ 2 X 500 Gb Adata SX8200 Pro 3 X 1Tb HDD for daily backup I have created two VM's each having one of the cards passed through...
  7. C

    GPU Passthrough

    Hey everyone, this is my first go at setting up Proxmox. I have an Ubuntu 18.04 VM running on an older HP Z400 with an upgraded AMD FirePro v4800 GPU. I setup the GPU passthrough as described by the docs and lots of googling. I was able to get Ubuntu to see the GPU but performance is awful, it...
  8. D

    Memory Address Limit for proxmox

    Hi Everyone, Is there any information about Memory Address Limit for proxmox? VMware has it described below. :// I am having issue trying to pass through 8x Tesla GPUs to a VM on ovmf bios and suspecting could be related to settings in BIOS. All 8 GPUs can be...
  9. P

    Hey,I want help for GPU passthrough

    I built a server with free hardware. This is a match: CPU: i5 3570 Motherboard: B75m-d3v Graphics card: GTX650TI Proxmox version: 5.3.5 There is a VT-d button on the motherboard, and I turn on the internal display. After the setup is complete, when I start the windows10 virtui machine, the...
  10. J

    Create a ProxMox VM as an everyday personal computer?

    New to this forum and to ProxMox VE and starting to like it must better that ESXi. So is there a way to use one of the VM's as your everyday personal computer? I have 2 Dell Poweredge R710's, 1 Dell 690 and 1 Dell 670 and would like to utilize them all as Proxmox servers and not a desktop. I...
  11. OSF

    GPU durchreichen ab 128GB Ram Troubles

    Hallo Miteinander, habe erfolgreich meine Nvidia P4000 Karte durchgereicht. Alles funktioniert perfekt, leider startet die VM nicht mehr sobald ich mehr als 128GB Ram zuweise. Hat jemand eine Idee? mfg OSF
  12. M

    GPU PASSTHROUGH GTX560TI error 43 problem

    Hello everyone! I try to PASSTHROUGH my nvidia GTX560TI in proxmox. I done this steps: Change grub parameters to this GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet amd_iommu=on" add to /etc/modules this lines: vfio vfio_iommu_type1 vfio_pci vfio_virqfd execute this command, because Interrupt remapping...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Proxmox does not recognize my second GPU

    I am trying to passthrough a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 to a Windows VM. But when I run "lspci -v" only my primary GPU shows up. Specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700X MOBO: MSI X370 Gaming pro carbon GPU 1: Nvidia Geforce GT 710 GPU 2: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 (This is the GPU I am trying to passthrough)
  14. V

    VM with GPU passthrough reboots host on shutdown

    I installed a nvidia 1050 TI and passed it through to a windows guest, and that works great for gaming/streaming with a few cpu cores and some ram. But unfortunately it seems to reboot my physical server every time I shutdown or reboot the guest VM (since upgrading physical gpu) I'm not seeing...
  15. A

    Code 12 GPU Passthrough

    Config file for the VM on ProxMox is the following: args: -cpu host,kvm=off machine: q35 bootdisk: ide0 cores: 1 cpu: host ide0: local-lvm:vm-100-disk-1,size=25G ide2: local:iso/win7x64.iso,media=cdrom memory: 2048 name: win7 net0: e1000=C6:42:2D:23:A4:AF,bridge=vmbr0 numa: 0 ostype: win7...
  16. M

    Weird color distortions on GPU PCIe Passthrough

    Hi! I hope someone else already encountered that problem, as I have no clue hat to do about it. I usually work with Linux (Debian 9 with Cinnamon Desktop) in a dual screen setup, but in occasionally I want to be able to do some heavy 3D stuff. In order to use the power of my Radeon 580 in an...
  17. S

    GPU Passthrough of CPU integrated graphics

    Hello everyone, I know that there are a lot of threads covering this topic but I could not find any that solve my issues. I would like to run Proxmox headless and passthrough the iGPU (and the capability of displaying the output on a monitor) to one VM. I also tried to use Intel igvt-g but...
  18. V

    Linux VM gpu passthrough UEFI shell stuck (SOLVED)

    EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN SOLVED Hello! I have GPUs working for windows, but when I try to do same for linux, I get UEFI shell at boot and I'm unable to continue from there. If I go to FS0: -> cd EFI -> cd ubuntu -> grubx64.EFI Then I can get machine to boot, but restarting will cause same UEFI...
  19. E

    [SOLVED] GPU Passthrough Causing System Crash (PVE 5.0)

    Hello I have been trying to get GPU passthrough working on my GTX 760, and I'm having issues with PVE system crashes. I have followed the steps outlined in the ProxMox Wiki, and sshaikh's Tutorial thread. Everything seems to be performing as expected, but as soon as the VM loads in a GPU driver...
  20. B

    Pcie passthrough SATA controller and boot to disk

    Hi, I managed to make the GPU passthrough in a Windows 10 virtual machine. For SATA passthrough and more precisely the SATA controller, I block. Of course, the controller is connected in one of the slots of the motherboard in pcie x1. Indeed, I want my virtual machine to see the drives as they...


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