1. J

    Compile linux kernel?

    I'm using 2 years proxmox as mainsystem and my Windows as Main VM for work or Gaming. I'm new to this Forum. Question 1: I have been trying to compile a Linux kernel for a long time now, but unfortunately, I am unable to do so. One of the problems is that when I try to make submodules, it asks...
  2. L

    Optimize computer for gaming and developpment

    Hallo, I were introduced to proxmox by a friend and I like it alot but I am kinda of noob. I am a software developper that likes AI and games and to create things and I also like gaming so my goals come from that. I like that I can make my computer into several VMs and CT so I can develop...
  3. E

    Lab - Hardware Requirements

    I figured its always best to start with what are my current goals or ideas that should lead the discussion for specific items. I think my use case is pretty basic (hoping) and look forward to any feedback. It's pretty easy to overshoot the types of equipment or tech needed, and while I don't...
  4. H

    Help With Stuttery Games in VM

    On my proxmox server (R7 5700X, 48GB RAM, Proxmox 7.4, Kernel: 6.2.11-2-pve) I have a vm running Arch Linux for gaming with a RX 6700 XT passed through to it. In most games I see performance within margin of error of running bare metal, but some games, most notably Sea of Thieves and Forza...
  5. K

    [TUTORIAL] Hey Proxmox & Community - Let's talk about resources isolation

    This post is going to be pretty long too long to fit in a single post, but it represents a summary and lessons learned over ~3 weeks of experiments. This post is a half-tutorial and half-RFC so maybe PVE can be improved, as well as a half-tutorial how to actually achieve good results. This...
  6. P

    7950X3D + Proxmox CPU Core Pinning = ???

    Hello! I have been anticipating the Ryzen 7000 series 3D V-Cache chips for some time now and am planning to build a new system with one soon. If the situation I detail below performs as I hope, I would like to use it in a Proxmox system with a Windows gaming VM. Now that the 7950X3D & 7900X3D...
  7. A

    CPU Temperatur durchreichen

    Hallo, ich möchte für mich und meine Freundin einen Gaming PC machen. Dabei habe ich auch schon das meiste Erfolgreich gemeistert. Nun habe ich zwei Probleme. Und zwar habe ich für den PC zwei Wasserkühlungskreisläufe mit Pumpen von Corsair, einen für den Prozessor und einen für die...
  8. A

    Proxmox for VR development

    I currently need two different workstations for VR development with different software versions that cannot coexist without creating issues ( thanks Microsoft ). Unfortunately, I just have one workstation and I thought of using proxmox and 2 VM to solve my issues. The 2 VM will never be used at...
  9. S

    Running Ark Server in VM - Networking Help

    I have a Ark server setup and running in a Windows server VM on my Proxmox machine. I can connect to my server in Ark when I am home and on my local network, but as soon as I try to connect when I'm off my home network I cant join. I've setup the firewall in windows to allow the ports, and...
  10. K

    Does adding a GPU to windows 10 VM decrease VNC / RDP frames-per-second lag?

    Since windows 10 home disabled RDP :'( i was wondering how else to get smooth gaming performance inside the windows VM. By adding a GPU to the VM, would that increase the FPS connection for smoother gaming? What other remote desktop protocols is best for gaming from a linux host to the windows...
  11. D

    New to VE

    Hi all, One of my team mates have suggested that I check out VE as I'm always Distro Hopping. However I do have a few questions before trying it out to make sure I set my expectations correctly. First though, currently purchasing a second GPU is not an option, please answer the questions...
  12. G

    AMD passthrough to (Linux) VM fails with maxed out memory and no video output

    Hello world! I am trying my hand at a slightly unusual set-up of Proxmox. For my home desktop (Intel X99 plattform) I want to run Proxmox headless and instead give the main graphics card (AMD R9 380x Nitro in Slot 1) to a Linux VM and the second graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti) to a...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Some games are not working inside a VM with Nvidia GPU

    Long story short: I set up a VM and passed trough a 1080Ti. (It's connected to a monitor) Installed 8 random Steam games. Only 2 worked. Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition - I click on the play button (in launcher), nothing happens, possible crash on startup, no Event Viewer entry...
  14. I

    [SOLVED] Poor Performance in Games With Multiple VMs

    Hi, I've been trying for a few months to make this work properly and I'm so close but now I have the biggest problem of all Poor performance! So, what I'm trying to do is one Windows VM for games And one more VM for everyday use that MacOS is on and I connect via Parsec to the Windows VM...
  15. F

    Proxmox und Gaming

    Hallo :) ich würde gerne auf meinem PC Proxmox installieren. Allerdings stellen sich mir ein paar Fragen. 1. Kann man eine Art Gaming VM auf Proxmox installieren? 2. WIe verbinde ich mich damit? 3. Ist es möglich den Monitor/Tastatur/Maus der am Proxmox System angeschlossen ist für den...


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