1. N

    FreeBSD 9 can't boot - stuck on kbd1 at kbdmux0

    Hello, I am trying to install FreeBSD 9.1 on PVE 7.4.16. I try with installation cd, restoring working 9.1 installation using Clonezilla (disk to disk) every time same error - stuck on kbd1 at kbdmux0. Default settings - CPU 2x2, numa enabled, BIOS Default SEABios, VirtIO SCSI single. Try to...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Strange issues with Proxmox and OPNsense on Hetzner root-server

    We have quite a few installation running OPNsense on Proxmox and they all run fine. Since a couple of months we also have one instance on a Hetzner root-server (EX101, Intel Core i9-13900) that causes me a lot of headaches and I still cannot figure out the cause for these issues: - getting the...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Freebsd only sees 1Gb of memory

    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to Proxmox and I'm experiencing a huge issue with Freebsd 13 guests: OS only sees 1Gb of RAM, regardless the allocated amount. I already tried without any success disabling memory ballooning. I'm currently running PVE 8.0.3. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  4. L

    What happens during VM migration?

    I have a FreeBSD 12.3 guest running a poller node and when it gets installed everything runs just fine. We can stop and start the guest too, no problem. The guest uses VirtIO SCSI and uses an ceph RBD image of 120GB. The FreeBSD qemu-guest-agent is installed. If for some reason the VM is...
  5. O

    proxmox ve 7.3 - freebsd 10.0

    For some reasons (legacy project that still needs to run "as is" for a few more months) I would need to get FreeBSD 10.0 running on a recent proxmox setup. I tried to tune the hardware (host, cpu, machine type, hotplug, aes, ballooning, etc.) in many ways according to actual and older forum...
  6. N

    OPNsense VM - BSD panic

    Hi New using Proxmox, I have been trying to run OPNsense in a VM, already tried both available bios and machine configuration but the BSD kernel always enters in panic mode. The closest I have gotten to finding the cause of the problem is this post in the lxc forum. But I have not been able to...
  7. S

    Wrong memory summary with FreeBSD 13.1

    I recently installed FreeBSD 13.1 with proxmox and it's showing memory incorrectly, it doesn't seem to be updating in realtime, it just increases but never decreases, could you help me? Many thanks.
  8. R

    Can't boot any FreeBSD 9.X distro on Proxmox 7.1

    While booting Live CD or OS from qcow2 image , We get a kernel panic error with the following error: Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode attached below screen capture of the console also a video capture: anyway to bypass the error? Thanks
  9. K

    proxmox internal error issue

    Hi, I am running a machine with freebsd operating system on proxmox. I am doing a virtualization again inside the FreeBSD operating system. I'm doing this with cbsd. When I create a virtual machine with cbsd and open it, the machine suddenly freezes. Then it gives an internal-error error. The...
  10. E

    Freebsd/OPNsense does not boot with cpu:host on kernel 5.11

    Due to fixing nested virtualization issues I switch to the 5.11 kernel line using apt-get install pve-kernel-5.11 after that my freebsd/opnsense (21.1.5-amd64) box (FreeBSD 12), which is using cpu:host will no longer boot due to a kernel panic. Are there any hints or known issues on how to fix...
  11. S

    FreeBSD guest is frequently unresponsive

    hey folks, On the heels of another thread about an LXC issue, I'm also trying to track down an issue with a FreeBSD guest on another host. I can't tell if the issue is with the guest configuration or the host itself and I'd love some help troubleshooting. The main issue is that the guest...
  12. K

    VM backup to CIFS share on TrueNAS VM fails at 100% completion

    Hi folks, I did set up a TrueNAS Core VM (version: TrueNAS-12.0-U2.1, FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p3) with 2TB SSD passthrough from the Proxmox host (version: 6.3-6). Inside this VM I created a CIFS share in order to back up other VMs to. To test its functions I mounted the share on Linux and could...
  13. O

    FreeBSD Guest - wrong ram usage

    Hello, Looks like PVE doesn't detect ram usage in FreeBSD properly, example - VM has 700 MB usage, PVE dashboard shows 1924. qemu-guest-agent is installed, however, looks like PVE doesn't use it to get the RAM usage: dommemstat is the command currently implemented in the qemu-guest-agent port...
  14. K

    VM-Backup zu CIFS-Share auf TrueNAS-VM bricht ab

    Hallo Allerseits, Ich habe eine TrueNAS-Core-VM (Version: TrueNAS-12.0-U2.1, FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p3) (mit durchgereichter 2TB-SSD) erstellt, um auf dieser via CIFS-Freigaben Dateien von anderen VMs (sowie Backups dieser VMs) zu speichern. Beim Einbinden eines CIFS-Shares im Proxmox-Datencenter...
  15. T

    FreeBSD + Virtio => Slow (5GBit/s)

    Hi, I know this has come up a bunch of times, but nothing metioned anywhere seems to work for me. I do have Hardware offload in freebsd disabled and I had it disabled on both bridge and nic of the host, but it did not change anything. No matter what I do I can't get more than about 4-5Gbit/s to...
  16. J

    FreeBSD guests are challenging

    After the prior post on FreeBSD (OPNSense and FreeNAS) failing to boot due to hotplug being enabled there remain issues. Both install just fine and boot just fine. It is only after a while they become unresponsive. I have yet to find an indication or metric to watch to understand what is going...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] FreeBSD guests boot fail

    initially my experience with Proxmox 6 was rather disturbing, eventually i resolved what caused these issues and proxmox works well for me now. Recently (yeah) though i took on myself to install FreeNAS and OPNSense which are FreeBSD based and both behave "weird". The vm config i use can be...
  18. A

    Windows and FreeBSD guests: qcow2 vs raw?

    Recently my colleagues asked me to set up several Windows Server (they need both 2008R2 and 2019) and FreeBSD (10 and 12.1) on our Proxmox hosts. The host server is brand new server free of anything so we go with 6.2 install, and it has h/w raid with LVM and ext4 on it (yes, old-schooler, I...
  19. M

    Migrate from FreeBSD: howto move geli-encrypted ZFS pool to proxmox

    Hello! I have a task to migrate from FreeBSD to Porxmox (and then to several guest OSes, not at this topic) Now I have 2 geli-encrypted WD Red HDD with zfs-mirror over this encrypted disks Is there any way to move this zfs mirror into Proxmox without data loss? ~# geli status Name Status...
  20. K

    [TUTORIAL] Citrix Netscaler Installation

    Da ich es nicht sofort geschafft habe, Netscaler unter Proxmox zum Laufen zu bekommen und auch hier nur alte Infos dazu zu finden waren, hier einmal meine Erkenntnisse für eine grundlegende Netscaler Installation. Installation...


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