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    Workaround to Cluster not ready no quorum (500) permanently!

    I have two nodes connected on a cluster, one of them is my router too. I created clusters to be easily manage and transfer VMs and LXCs. I don't use things like HA or ZFS. The problem is if I restart the machine that is with my router, VMs and LXCs doesn't started because error "Cluster not...
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    [SOLVED] Error 500 cluster not ready. Please help

    Hello, I had a cluster, one of the servers disappeared. After that I cant run any of my vms. And inside of the cluster tab the cluster information is grayed out but it still shows that there are two nodes. When I look at the status of Corosync it says "Could not open /etc corosync/authkey: No...
  3. D

    Check of pool pve/data failed (status:1). Manual repair required!

    Good afternoon, I'm asking for help in recovering damaged metadata after a 220V drop on the server, when the power was restored and the server booted up, I got an error in the Proxmox panel Check of pool pve/data failed (status:1). Manual repair required! then booted from LiveCD debian mounted...
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    No route to host

    Good afternoon, I am having issues while trying to configure a cluster. I can access all machines with Proxmox installed, via browser, but the machines can´t communicate with each other. I can't even ping from one machine to another, but all configs are all right. When I try to join a cluster...
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    Removed USB disk used for backups, storage null error now

    Hi, I have a very small Proxmox node installed and I used to have a USB 3.0 hard disk as my simple backup for my VMs and CTs. This disk died, and I simply deattached it, however, now when I go to "Backup" section for each CT or VM that used that disk to automatically create backups, I get...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Error 500 since nginx installation

    Hello, i have a multihomed server and wanted to have a reverse proxy which can balance between all ip. Unfortunately, since i installed it, the gui isnt working properly. I cant open consoles and i have error 500: proxy not allowed everywhere cat /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/proxmox upstream...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Connection failed (Error 500: failed to get address info for: pve: Name or service not known) - Solved

    Good morning. I have a proxmox in version 7.0-11 that is presenting the error, just when I click on its shell, on any pve and on the server itself. Error failed (Error 500: failed to get address info for: pve: Name or service not known), has anyone ever experienced this error?
  8. S

    [SOLVED] PVE can not connect to PBS; Error 500 can not get datastores

    Hello everyone, for my problem, i found this "old" thread but unfortunately, the only solution proposed by this thread was different from the original poster and mine, so i'd like to give this topic a bump. I already had this problem in a different setup and was able to resolve it with a fresh...
  9. O

    SSL connect attempt failed, error 500 when trying to view changelog of updates and git clone a repository TLS error

    Hello everyone, 1- Everything works fine when I update the repository list and upgrade all packages, but when I try to view the changelog, 50% of the time for the debian packages and 100% of the time for Proxmox enterprises packages, I get the error you can see in both screenshot. Looking at the...
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    Proxmox-backup-client failed : Error: EACCES: Permission denied (500)

    Hello guys ! I rely on you because I have a problem ! I have 4 servers on which PBS is installed. On this 4 servers, two of them can no longer connect to PBS and their storages went to the status of "unknown" and when I go the "backup" tab, I read this error message ...
  11. R

    Error 500: can't activate storage 'Storage1' on node 'NodeB'

    Brand New installation - 2nd node - I have a disk for loading ISOs, cannot upload any iso, its starts uploading and gives me this error. This same storage can load container templates and use them. I am also able to use this disk for creating and running VMs and Containers, but cannot load ISOs...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] "local" storage: unable to display content

    Hello, Following the update of proxmox 5 to 6, the contents of the "local" storage (/var/lib/vz) of one of the servers of the cluster are no longer accessible from the web interface. No problem to display the assembly summary, However an error occurs when displaying the content (from any...
  13. K

    Eror noVNC, Error console, Error to Stop, Error to Reboot, Error to Remove

    Hi everyone, pls hlp how to solve all of thats problem, I create LXC but cannot open the console (Blank Console), I try to make a new one still the same, I try to make VM and try to open console just same failed to connect to server noVNC, I try to Stop or shutdown for remove but eror message...
  14. P

    Closing file '/var/log/pve/tasks/active.tmp.5718' failed - No space left on device (500)

    utSuddenly the root space is full and i'm not able to access or alter few my VMs.. shows error "closing file '/var/log/pve/tasks/active.tmp.5718' failed - No space left on device (500)" how can i fix it? i have deleted some uploades ISO files from systems but this doesn't work. do i have to...
  15. C

    Storage Error with migrating VM's (Offline and Online)

    Hi all, Im fairly new to Proxmox and am trying to get a small working cluster of 2 nodes. I set up network, storage, etc but can't seem to get the migration of VM's to work. Each time I get an error saying: storage 'local-vm' is not available on node 'vhost2' (500) My setup is as follows...
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    CIFS: storage is not online (500)

    Hi, I have a proxmox 5.2-3 recently installed and I want to add a new cifs storage but always get the same error: "create storage failed: error with cfs lock 'file-storage_cfg': storage 'SambaQuique' is not online" I had tried from Webgui, from cli and same error, but I can mount that share by...
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    [SOLVED] rbd error: rbd: couldn't connect to the cluster! (500)

    Hey, i found many threads with the same issue but all they have the same solution (missing keyring). I checked them but i din´t find my mistake maybe someone can give me a hint. storage.cfg: i´ve did: cp /etc/ceph/ceph.client.admin.keyring /etc/pve/priv/ceph/rbd.keyring file is now present...
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    NFS error 500

    Hi there. Running cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg Output: dir: local path /var/lib/vz content images,iso,vztmpl,backup,rootdir maxfiles 25 nfs: Backup path /mnt/pve/Backup server XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX export /home/node2 options vers=3,nolock...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox 4. "No quorum" error.

    Hi all! I have a few Proxmox servers in the cluster. Today, one server has dropped out of the cluster and returns an error "cluster not ready - no quorum". Tell me, please, where and what to see, what would solve the problem? root@R38P-01-VS3:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 4.2-64 (running kernel...


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