1. B

    [SOLVED] Docker container would not start after upgrading Proxmox VE 8.1 to 8.2 with "OCI runtime create failed"

    Hi everyone ! After upgrading Proxmox VE 8.1 to 8.2, some of my docker containers running on LXC failed to start. Here is the message I had when trying to `docker start` a container : docker start portainer_agent Error response from daemon: failed to create task for container: failed to...
  2. M

    docker und LXC/VM - Problem mit invalid CapDrop

    Hallo zusammen, ich versuche Docker auf Proxmox zum laufen zu bekommen, sowohl auf LXC las auch VM. Testweise habe ich mit portainer zugegriffen. Das funktioniert bei meinem laptop ohne Probleme. Bei proxmox erhalte ich sowohl bei LXC als auch VM derzeit immer die Meldung: Failure invalid...
  3. A

    Docker Container kein Internet

    Hi zusammen, ich bin gerade dabei mich in Proxmox einzuarbeiten und habe Privat bereits den Umstieg von vmware vSphere vollzogen. Das meiste war selbsterklärend bzw. durch die gute Dokumentation recht schnell zu verstehen. Jedoch habe ich ein Problem mit Docker, gemäß der Dokumentation habe...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] VMs inside an internal network (bridge) lose Internet connection

    Hi, I've searched a lot of issues on many layers, there and there, and I think it may come from Proxmox. I'm using Alpine VMs to host some docker services, and for some for them, they may lose connection to the Internet, and coming back after a while, for no apparent reasons. The concrete...
  5. T

    Pterodactyle Config problem

    Hallo, ich war gerade dabei Wings einzurichten, hab dann aber gesehen dass das Herz von der Node nicht grün wird( also er sich nicht verbindet. Habe dann die Config nochmal gelöscht und von vorne begonnen, doch jetzt startet wings garnicht mehr. Hier die Fehlermeldung: INFO: [Apr 1...
  6. F

    [SOLVED] Understanding the logic with IP of LXC containers coming from Debian

    Hi, Very sorry if my questions are stupid, I'm just trying to figure it out. I had a one node server running on Debian with Docker on it. Very simple, I had all my different services running on one machine (plex, nextcloud, etc.). I had a Pi-hole service for my DNS, this way, *
  7. S

    Feedback for PVE setup for large Nextcloud installation (with other services)

    Hi there, Current Situation: We have a Nextcloud install with about 1000 users (but many are inactive). Everything is currently running on a Debian bare metal server, with caddy as a reverse proxy and Nextcloud (and other services) in Docker behind. Our current server (4 cores, 32 GB RAM, no...
  8. T

    Cannot start "cgroups" service in Alpine LXC

    I'm currently running an empty Alpine LXC and attempting to start cgroups so that something like Docker can be run, but I keep running into the same issue. This is on Promox's Alpine 3.19 template, which uses a new version of OpenRC that defaults to cgroupv2. ~: service cgroups start mount...
  9. D

    Docker to PVE-LXC conversion steps/tool?

    Wondering if anyone has a script/directions/etc to convert docker images into Proxmox Compatible LXC containers? Several projects I use are only available as docker containers, and I'd rather run it in an LXC than run docker JUST for them. I've found a few resources online that deal with...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Docker Containers Not Accessible After IP Address Change

    Dear community, In a Proxmox environment, I have a Ubuntu Server VM running various Docker containers, some of which should be accessible over the internet. Everything was running smoothly until recently. Due to a network change, I've updated the IP addresses of both my Proxmox environment and...
  11. B

    How to run a QDevice in Docker

    I'm looking into running a QDevice for my proxmox cluster within docker on my Synology nas. I've never used docker before so this is still new to me. I've downloaded a few "images' from the registry but while I can get at least one of them to build and run I can't seem to connect to it. I'm...
  12. J

    NAS Share with pre-existing data for docker containers

    Hey all, So I've set up my proxmox to have a ubuntu server vm that is running docker and portainer. I currently have a unraid NAS that houses my media content. I am trying to give my new containers access to this media content. My question is how do I connect my NAS shares to proxmox to allow...
  13. T

    Proxmox and Ceph with NFS share for Docker swarm

    Hello All, I need to create platform with some dockers with critical data and service , The platform i have is 3 servers with 6 x 2tb ssd and have 4x10Gbit connection each server My thought was creating hyper converged Proxmox with Ceph and create small size vm and mound the docker data on...
  14. H

    Persistent storage for docker VM/LXC?

    Hey everyone! I'm still a bit new to this, and therefore sometimes a bit overwhelmed when it comes to one or the other topic, as a small disclaimer. Since it has been pointed out that VMs rather than LXCs should be used for docker containers, I would like to run a CouchDB as a docker container...
  15. H

    Persistent Storage für Docker VM mounten?

    Hey allerseits! Ich bin noch etwas neu bei der Sache, und dementsprechend manchmal etwas überfordert wenn es um das ein oder andere Thema geht, als kleiner disclaimer. Nachdem darauf verwiesen wird, dass man eher VMs anstatt LXCs für docker container benutzen soll, würde ich gerne eine CouchDB...
  16. P

    Proxmox 8.1 / ZFS 2.2: Docker in Privileged Container

    I'm excited about the 8.1 release because it ships ZFS 2.2. This should enable running Docker inside privileged LXCs. [1] (Unprivileged LXC is a different beast, let's keep this thread focussed on the privileged LXC use case) And indeed, it's super simple: Create privileged LXC on a ZFS...
  17. F

    webgui and ssh unavaliable due to issue with LXC container *how to fix???*

    very new to the forums. im pulling my hair out over this issue. lenovo thinkcentre m92 i7 4th gen 16gb ram 256gb ssd boot drive (proxmox 4) 500gb hdd x2 (zfs pool equivalent of raid1) lxc container running debian 11 i was tryna get nextcloud working inside of a debian 11 lxc container last...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] No space left on /var

    I'm doing a test run using docker in an unpriviledged lxc (I know, and it will eventually be moved to my production VM). All is working fine and I have a few images (portainer, traefik), but when I try to deploy something larger (e.g. paperless) I'm finding an error that there is no space left...
  19. F

    LXC 1 docker to LXC 2docker networking

    Hi there, I'm trying to grasph the workings of networking in Proxmox. I was following this guide but it seems the command lxc profile show defaultdoesn't work. I would like to connect two docker apps that are on different lxc togheter. Where...
  20. C

    Docker Issue WSL2, W11

    Cheers Sirs, I'm trying to open Docker Desktop in a W11 virtual machine, but I'm getting this alert: This is the WSL --Version WSL --status When I'm trying to install Ubuntu this error Display: About Windows Features: Aboute PVE Its Enabled Nested Virt on PVE: I have already...


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