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  1. J

    Proxmox Backup Server full

    Hi, I've been recreating a bug in PBS. When it gets full, I need to manually delete chunks and erase datastore in order to free space, because when I delete some backups no space seems to be released. Garbage collection won't help either. I'm now testing with SDA and SDB instead of RAID 0, same...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] PBS Root Disk Full can't sync, backup or run garbage collection.

    A few days ago, my Proxmox Backup Server filled up in the root folder. I managed to delete some large log files then and get functional. Last night during a remote sync it filled up and my job failed. Could somebody please help me diagnose the issue? Thanks, This is out of a 100 GB drive. this...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Single VM volume filling 100% of ZFS pool

    Hello! I'm having this weird behavior with Proxmox installation with a ZFS pool (RAIDZ2, 12x10 TB) with a single VM with 72 Tb allocated. However, I have noticed that since September, the volume usage went from 76,89 TB to 88.55 TB, filling the pool to 100%. The GUI (as you can see in the...
  4. T

    rpool/ROOT/pve-1 full

    Hello, Please can somebody help me? - My problem is that i have one zfs pool where Proxmox 6.4 is installed and rpool/ROOT/pve-1 is consuming around 800GB of disk space, causing everything to slow down a lot since the pool is 98% full. This started probably because of a backup, i deleted...
  5. V

    [TUTORIAL] What to do when your store runs out of space

    I'm testing out PBS and I'm very impressed. I wanted to see what happens if the store runs out of space. I created a 2TB zpool [backup] for my backup store. In this zpool I also created a dataset [reservation] and set a space reservation on it: zfs set reservation=200G backup/reservation This...
  6. G

    Resizing HD space (root)

    We got some issues with the root partition being too small. When we first installed Proxmox on our dedicated server we did not pay attention to this aspect and now we are struggling to empty a ever filling 20 GB root partition. We cannot reinstall Proxmox as we have valuable customer data on...
  7. R

    Hypervisor storage (RAID-Z2) voll gelaufen - Löschen von VMs / Snapshots nicht mehr möglich

    Hallo, beim Sichern von Daten einer Seafile-VM ist mir wahrscheinlich durch das Anlegen von Temp-Files durch den Seafile-Kommandozeilen-Client auf dieser VM unbemerkt das RAID-Z2 des Hypervisors vollgelaufen: Load des Hypervisors schoss plötzlich auf 30er Werte und dann war keine VM mehr zu...
  8. E

    Moving Disk to local from local-lvm in proxmox

    Below are 2 DS in proxmox VE. All VM disks are in local-lvm which is 96% full. Is there any way to move disk from local-lvm to local?
  9. J

    Why is /dev full on my LXC container?

    New to containers, so maybe overlooking something - why is /dev at 100% on my container? After a reboot it was fine. 5 days uptime: $ df -mh Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/pve-vm--700--disk--1 50G 25G 22G 54% / none...
  10. tDAWGe

    Proxmox and Debian disagree on disk usage

    I'm new to proxmox and setting up our first server at work. My system is setup with 2 SSD OS drives with a hardware RAID 1, and two 2TB drives with a hardware RAID 1. The 2TB drive is mounted at /mnt/storage and it's where I've created my storage, isos, backups, etc, directories. Currently...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Proxmox disk is full, can boot and root, but no QM manager

    Long story short: ssd is full, can boot server w some errors on boot, can login root, but can not run any qm commands even qm list - i/o error what to do? If I add some drive does it help? How to add drive without web interface? May I just move VMs manually to new hdd, format and setup...


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