1. N

    [SOLVED] Where is ACME in Proxmox VE 7.2?

    I am currently unable to find ACME under the datacenter dashbaord of Proxmox 7.2.
  2. E

    Strong Datacenter using Proxmox

    Iam looking to build a "good" Datacenter using Proxmox. Hardware I have: 2x HPE DL360gen9 | 64GB RAM | 4 x 4 TB HDD | Intel 12 core total 1x HPE DL360gen8 | 32GB RAM | 2 x 2 TB HDD | Intel 20 cores total With it, Can build an Cluster with “high availability” and backup server? My 1st idea...
  3. F

    Firewall Input Policy DROP do not work

    Hello, When the Firewall is set on default Input Policy DROP on Datacenter level, and the Firewall is enable, it does not work at all. The server is not filtered and is fully open, just like by ACCEPT. I can easily access it from different PC, without said PC being in rules or Security Group...
  4. I

    Can i used part sizefrom hard disk for cache or must use full size?

    Hi all, I have proxmox VE server and i want to add cache and i want to use 100Gb from 1000Gb ssd hard disk on ZFS, can i make it ??
  5. M

    Influxdb Tag Values

    I'm currently running a PVE Cluster (4 nodes, 6.3-3) and have the external metrics server configured (influxdb), and measurements are being sent to it successfully. However, a lot of the grafana dashboards created by the community make use of Tags (host=<<hostname>>) yet when I explore the...
  6. P

    2 datacenters, one PBS backup : VM names conflict ?

    Hello I have 2 separate datacenters, one is hosting a PBS server As the name of the backups displayed are based on the VM Id, I was wondering if I can do backup for a second datacenter (same VM Id are used startin from 100) without issue ? Is there a "unique id" somewhere which contains the...
  7. taich

    new proxmox server in datacenter

    I would like to know how to add a second proxmox server to my datacenter. I dont want to built a ha-cluster, just 2 independent servers in one datacenter. Is this possible?
  8. E

    Direct to virtual machine

    I started hosting a server in a data center. They give me an IP addresses Currently, virtual machines running on the Proxmox base cannot access the internet. Before the data center, I wrote the DMZ setting from the modem, the IP of HAproxy and it was okay, but I have no chance to use DMZ in the...
  9. S


    Dear community, i do not seem to find any answer. Fencing is crucial for the cluster config and operation, but also very little documented. I did configure IPMI-Fencing, it is working (2-3 minutes until VM would come up on the healthy node after node failure). But there are options in ui and...
  10. C

    Advice on proxmox install and config

    Hello! I have to replace an old server. The new server will have proxmox and a vm running a licensed cpanel/whm. In order to replace the server, I have to go to the datacenter and make the switch. I was hoping I can install the server off-location and just drop it in place. I see that proxmox...
  11. K

    [SOLVED] Questions about the PVE firewall

    Hi I am configuring the PVE firewall this afternoon, but I don't get some things. There are firewall rules in Datacenter, in Nodes (the cluster nodes) and in VMs. Is there a cascade working? Eg, are the rules in Datacenter also applicable on the Nodes? When I eg. set a Disable SSH rule in...
  12. P

    email_from format in Datacenter.cfg

    Hello, i can't modify /etc/pve/datacenter.cfg to set my SMTP domain ($hostname@domain.i2) LOG error: parse error in '/etc/pve/datacenter.cfg' - 'email_from': invalid format - value does not look like a valid email address But only this domain can send mail ! How can i do ??
  13. T

    Multi datacenter view.

    hi there. it's been a while since I tested again proxmox, really like this new version 5.3 just a question : I want to have 2 physical separate CPD with 3 hosts and a SAN each. could be possible to have in the same GUI interface both datacenters ? another one, which is the easiest way to...
  14. A

    datacenter.cfg bwlimit clone migration move restore

    Hello everyone, I had been reading the documentation ( to set a bandwidth limit for the next tasks: clone, migration, move, restore. PVE Version: pve-manager/5.2-8/fdf39912 If more details are necessary please let me know. Inside of my...
  15. C

    datacenter.cfg for bwlimit

    Hi! sorry my bad english. I am tryng to config a bwlimit for move, clone o restore a disk. i have read this options: bwlimit: [clone=<LIMIT>] [,default=<LIMIT>] [,migration=<LIMIT>] [,move=<LIMIT>] [,restore=<LIMIT>] at and i am tryng...
  16. J

    Noob Problem: Standard Datacenter view in GUI

    Dear Proxmox Community. I freshly installed Proxmox VE 5.1-35 as future virtualisation environment and used the search button for fast navigation. Now I cannot see the dropdown menu for choosing the view anymore. Pls. see attached Screenshot. I googled the topic, but couldn't find a way to...
  17. grin

    datacenter level command line tools (like list all CTs)

    Is there a way to do datacenter (multinode) level tasks, apart from HA tools, from the command line? Like: list all the containers on all nodes migrate one vm from a node to another ..etc?
  18. M

    Installation on Datacenter

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum, i work with proxmox on my servers from version 2.x and I think this software is very powerful. Actually I’ve 3 cluster with drbd (6 servers) and some stand alone installation for a total of 22 proxmox installed. I'm planning to install a Proxmox cluster...


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