1. J

    Are remnants of old LXC in /var/lib/lxc safe to delete?

    Hey everyone! I had a problem with one of my nodes (proxmox3) on my LXC-only, 5-node, v7.4 cluster which lead to data corruption (filesystem) inside the LXC. I am still trying to figure out exactly what happened, but rebooting the machine triggered fsck on the main disks and the node was...
  2. E

    help with first setup of new hdds

    Hi guys. I'm building my first server and I started just trying some VMs, learning Docker, learning how to passthrough iGPU and so. main specs: i5 10400 (6/12) 16gb ddr4 ram (I plan to put 16gb more) Now I bought 2 4TB NAS disks and I want to start pouring data there. I will tell you my plan...
  3. C

    Ceph: Control which server has which data

    Hello All, Is there a possibility to control where Ceph puts data from specific VMs on? I mean, when I have a 6 six cluster with a replica setting of 3:2. Is it then possible to decide which of the 6 nodes might be used. For example: Nodes: A B C D E F I want to have Ceph makes use of...
  4. Y

    Re install OS to recover VM without losing Data

    Hi There. as shown in the attached, The OS wouldn't boot ( ubuntu ) and the only way is to re install the OS, But unfortunately my back wasn't up to date. IF I go to the actual VM, and attache ISO file in order to re install the OS, would that mess up my data ( Hard drive - zfs-local ) ...
  5. S

    Unable to Edit fstab: [ Error reading lock file /etc/.fstab.swp: Not enough data read ]

    Any attempt to edit the /etc/fstab file in Proxmox VE 6.4-13 with nano results in [ Error reading lock file /etc/.fstab.swp: Not enough data read ]. The file is empty and will not save any changes. Please see following file status information: cat etc/fstab # <file system> <mount point>...
  6. B

    Setup data directory in a single HD/SSD environment

    Hi, I am currently switching to a new personal home server, using Proxmox VE, v7, with several VMs/CTs in the future. Hardware: Barebone, 16GB RAM, and one 2TB SSD (and no other drives). This is how the disk looks like: root@pve:~# lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Synced datastores between servers discrepancy

    Hello, I have 2 PBS server with 2 datastores each. Every datastore is synced to the other server like so From my understanding, both servers should have the same used space since they both hold the same data ? Right now Server 1 is holding twice the amount of data than Server 2 Server 1...
  8. F

    Advise for raid ZFS data

    Hello, I would like some advice for my data raid. I have a Proxmox with 4 SSD 2TB for data. (64Go ram, Intel Xeon 3.7GHz 8 core) On this data raid I would like to put several Windows and Linux VMs. The but is : fast raid and the security of being able to lose 1 disc I started by doing a...
  9. F

    Shared data disk for several VMs

    Hello, I did a ZFS raid to use as data disk for all of my VMs. I would also like to make a data disk that would also be used (shared) on several VMs (with the possibility of also accessing this disk remotely in SMB) Do I have to assign this disk to a VM that would act as a server for the...
  10. I

    Shrink root partition

    Hi guys! I tried assigning more storage to the root partition by following this Google Docs. Well, after accidentally assigning all the storage after executing lvremove /dev/pve/data -y I am now stuck with pve-data not existing and pve-root having 103.3GB (I have a 120GB SSD). After trying to...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] SWAP Speicher vergrößern mit vorhanden VMs

    Guten Tag, ich habe einen laufenden Proxmox (Version 5.4) auf dem auch um die 10-15 VMs laufen. Gesamtfestplattenspeicher des Proxmox bewegt sich um die 1.2TB. Davon /data mit 1TB / ca. 100GB ROOT bzw. LOCAL / 8GB SWAP. Nun würde ich den SWAP Speicher gerne noch vergrößern, auf wenigstens...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Data isn't shown on node ui

    Data isn't shown on node sunfish ui. Data is a SSD and it's size should be around 350GB root@sunfish:~# root@sunfish:~# pvs PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree /dev/nvme0n1 lvmthin lvm2 a-- <953.87g 124.00m /dev/sda3 pve lvm2 a-- <476.44g <16.00g root@sunfish:~# vgs VG...
  13. J

    Data Science VM Setup

    Anyone setup a data science environment on proxmox? Something akin to the data science machine you can roll on azure ( azure data science vm ) Is there an image for something like this or something close to this? use a vm or container? my VMs are on a single ssd drive. I am planning to...
  14. R

    Missing files / data

    Hi. Something strange happened after upgrade kernel and boot. Before that everything worked out now all files are missing but zfs still says that space is still used. Also storage disk ids are odd. When looking directories of /data there is empy.
  15. Z

    Migrating ZFS data storage from one host to another

    Hi! Currently I have my Proxmox installed in a (let's call it) host_A, and I need to migrate the whole installation (VMs, CTs and ZFS data storage) to another host (let's call it) host_B. Host_B is another computer, with his own motherboard, CPU, memory and disks. After this migration, host_A...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Recover data Debian Machine not booting

    Hi, today i was working on a VM based on debian and i installed systemd as a sostitute of sysvinit. Rebooting the machine result in the VM not booting with error "TASK ERROR: command 'systemctl start pve-container@1113' failed: exit code 1". Unfortunately the machine (for a strange reason) had...
  17. P

    The MSBL , Spamhaus

    Hello, We currently running Linux based mailserver without fancy GUI now. Our current system allows us to use The MSBL service. We have considered using Proxmox mailgateway in the future... Question is there compatibility for MSBL dot org Also we are running local copy eg. Spamhaus data...
  18. F

    change directory size

    I installed Promxmox 5.1-38 version. I have 2T hard drive. After installation it has 90G local (PATH /var/lib/vz ) and the rest of hard is local-lvm (LVM-thin). Now I want to increase local up to 300G and leave the rest for local-lvm. I do the following steps : #lvremove pve/data #lvresize -l...


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