1. R

    Installation failed

    Installing on a HP Pavilion g7 with an Intel CPU. While installing Proxmox VE 6.0-1 from the ISO download I get the screen that says: Installation Failed The Proxmox VE could not be installed Installation of package corosync_3.0.2-pre_amd64.deb failed The progress bar on the bottom is at 100%...
  2. A

    PVE6.0-5: Corosync3 segvaults randomly on nodes

    Hey guys, we updated from PVE5 to PVE6 recently and noticed that nodes on our 4-node cluster leave randomly. Checking pvecm status states that CMAP cannot be initialized, so I had a look at corosync on the failed node only to learn that it obviously segfaulted. This happened on 3 of 4 cluster...
  3. TwiX

    Corosync 3

    Hi, Corosync 3 doesn't use multicast anymore. It uses unicast. Ok, so I guess the cluster traffic should grow a lot for clusters involving more than 3 nodes ? Thanks in advanced, Antoine
  4. H

    [SOLVED] Qemu/disk migration network. Is it "Corosync/cluster" network, or native bridge?

    Greetings Proxmoxians! I've got a Proxmox network question that I hope someone can answer as I can't seem to find a clue myself. I've read through forums, best practices and the Admin Guide. There are 4 servers in a cluster. However, Ceph is not going to be used in this deployment, because...
  5. D

    Cluster Join failed This host already contains virtual guests

    Hello all, I will keep this brief and to the point. I have moved my cluster to a permanent home on a new network and am recreating my cluster. In order to do so I followed the process of removing corosync.conf and deleting all the config files. I also removed all ceph config and all vm's are...
  6. L

    /etc/pve/nodes accidentally deleted

    Hi, The title says it all, I've mistakenly rm -R /etc/pve/nodes on a quorated PVE 5.4 2-node cluster. The cluster still runs happily, and pvecm status looks fine and all. But corosync did its job thoroughly removing this directory from the two nodes. I guess the configuration is still in RAM...
  7. U

    max cluster nodes with pve6?

    Hi, with pve 6 the new corosync version is used. Are there any changes for the amount of cluster nodes in one cluster? If I remember right, for now is the limit 32 nodes, but less are recommendet (amount?). Udo
  8. R

    Cluster Communication

    Hello All, Sorry I know this has been asked before on multiple threads, but I have a slightly different setup then normal and was wondering where to start looking. I have only two nodes currently. Third one is in the works. But for now I have two nodes. PVE01 and PVE02. I had to switch out the...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Versehentlich Cluster hinzugefügt - nichts geht mehr (Cannot initialize CMAP service)

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin recht neu was Proxmox angeht und habe auf meinem Server gestern aus Neugier ein Cluster hinzugefügt. Nur.. scheint es mir einiges kaputt gemacht zu haben. Nichtmal vorhandene VM's kann ich noch starten. Im Internet habe ich bereits recherchiert, aber keine Lösung...
  10. H

    Corosync 3.x: Multicast (for now) obsolete, use of Unicast (or knet) is reccomended

    I've been discussing this with corosync developers and they've told me this: TLDR: Multicast was only reccomended for corosync 1.x, because unicast was not tested yet For corosync 2.x, they reccomend to use unicast (Proxmox currently uses...
  11. T

    Revert cluster to single instance systems

    Having a 2 node cluster like # pvecm status Quorum information ------------------ Date: Wed May 1 13:33:16 2019 Quorum provider: corosync_votequorum Nodes: 2 Node ID: 0x00000001 Ring ID: 1/8 Quorate: Yes Votequorum information...
  12. S

    [TUTORIAL] Cluster made of permanent + adhoc nodes

    Hi, I wanted to share my bits with you concerning my home lab cluster made of: - Permanent on-state machines - Ad-hoc machines (in order to reduce power consumption) Of course, besides the "usual" problems of voting (solved by assigning a much higher number of votes to the permanently-on...
  13. M

    Replacing PVE node in cluster, new node loses quorum

    Hi, We're having some problems replacing a PVE node in a cluster. These are the steps we've taken so far: Turn off pve03 (out of 3). From pve01, remove pve03 from the cluster with: pvecm delnode pve03 Unrack the hardware. Mount a new server to become the new pve03. Perform clean install of...
  14. Q

    pve-cluster (5.0-34) New Features

    I noticed that there's a new feature under the pvecm command to add a qdevice. I have been using Proxmox at home and for clients in a single node local storage configuration for almost a year now, and have been dying to mess with a proper shared storage/two node HA setup. My dream setup would be...
  15. 7

    Seperate corosync network: nodelist or quorum.expected_votes must be configured

    I'm trying to seperate the corosync network in our 3 node cluster (Proxmox 5.3-11) as described in After copying the new corosync.conf to /etc/corosync/corosync.conf I'm getting the following error: Mar 19 10:22:57 proxmox-c1-n3...
  16. R

    Adding a server to cluster causes cluster to crash

    Hi, I have been adding a new server to my Proxmox cluster successfully and after a few mins suddenly all machines were rebooting each other one after another... The cluster is now made out of four servers - they also were all showing for like 2-5 mins that everything is OK and that the corosync...
  17. T

    segfault on all cluster nodes

    Hi forum, we run a six node pve/ceph cluster with two corosync rings. Yesterday we have a segfault on all nodes a the same time. Every node make a reboot. Feb 25 13:16:01 node1 systemd[1]: Started Proxmox VE replication runner. Feb 25 13:16:01 node1 pve-ha-crm[4427]: service 'vm:3064' without...
  18. Y

    Cluster without quorum, Nodes doas't join the cluster

    Hello, i hav 3 nodes cluster, this morning VPS are UP but the cluster status was down, no quorum. i have rebooted 2 of 3 nodes ( the nodes without vps ) but not solved.. LAN is ok and hostname /etc/host is ok. I hav also tried to reboot services on all 3 nodes: systemctl restart pve-cluster...
  19. E

    Problems with migration of VM using rrp_mode

    Hi, I use corosync rrp_mode in my cluster, 6 nodes in total. RRP_mode is passive (used this manual while setting it up). When the ring0 interface is disabled on any cluster node it becomes impossible to migrate the VM using ring1 to another...
  20. ssaman

    can't start cman

    Today we noticed that one of our nodes stopped cman from nothing. it fails to start again: # /etc/init.d/cman start Starting cluster: Checking if cluster has been disabled at boot... [ OK ] Checking Network Manager... [ OK ] Global setup... [ OK ] Loading kernel modules... [...


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