1. H

    corosync constant retransmit

    hello, i have up to 16 nodes in a proxmox cluster and corosync is constantly showing retransmit in logs: Jan 05 13:38:15 node2 corosync[18227]: [TOTEM ] Retransmit List: 66a9 Jan 05 13:38:23 node2 corosync[18227]: [TOTEM ] Retransmit List: 6708 Jan 05 13:38:30 node2 corosync[18227]...
  2. Y

    [SOLVED] corosync crash when adding a 15th node

    Before I had a cluster of 13 nodes. I added 3 other nodes and within 5 minutes I lost the whole cluster. After restarting corosync 1 by 1 but when I start a 15th node I have this message: corosync[29232]: [TOTEM ] Token has not been received in 380 ms then after a few minutes the cluster...
  3. A

    Corosync - Mysterious reboot after network flapping

    Hello, I have four servers in a cluster. The last night, we faced to a big network flapping on 'srva' (private network and public network) with an impact to the private network ''. The expected behavior was to get the three nodes (srvb, srvc, srvd) working together and the node...
  4. se4n_1

    [SOLVED] corosync-qdevice.service fails to start with 'received server error 18. Disconnecting from server'

    I have a problem getting a QDevice to work on proxmox 6.2-12 First I install the QDevice package on the 3rd witness (Raspberry Pi OS 20-08-2020) box: # apt install corosync-qnetd Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following NEW...
  5. C

    Made mistake in corosync.conf; now cannot edit

    I have (had) a 3 node Proxmox VE 6.2-11 and Ceph cluster. I'm modifying my config after install and some light use. Ceph is now on its own 10Gx2 LAN. I decided to dedicate a 1Gb interface and create a VLAN for corosync and attempted to modify corosync.conf before understanding exactly what...
  6. M

    HA Design

    I currently have a 4 node HCI cluster that's working quite well. It will be expanding to 8 nodes total and be used for critical services. All of the testing was satisfactory and management was duly impressed. I am reinstalling the cluster from scratch in order to ensure none of the testing bits...
  7. 1

    Corosync Cluster Engine is dead. Is this normal?

    Hello. I recently installed Proxmox in 1 one physical server (node). I was browsing around the node's settings when I noticed that under System, it is saying that the status of the Corosync Cluster Engine is dead. I did some Googling and learned that the Corosync Cluster Engine is how physical...
  8. I

    IP Range Correction

    Hey Guys, I'm sitting with an issue, we replaced some of our servers in our cluster... And somewhere we made a mistake..Can someone please help me. We would like the public IP range to be the 129.232.156.xx range, and the ceph data sync ip range 10.161.0.xx The reason obviously being that...
  9. S

    2 Node Cluster- Corosync Netzwerktrennung bedenken

    Ich möchte nun mein Corosync-Netzwerk auf eine andere Netzwerkschnittstelle legen mit folgendem Wikiartikel. Zurzeit befinden sich nur 2 Nodes im Cluster. Meine bedenken sind nun das wenn ich die Datei gemäß der Anleitung ändere zur neuen Netzwerkkarte, as ich dies nur auf dem einem Node über...
  10. D

    Cluster broken after nodes update/upgrade

    Hi to All, I'm writing here since i can't find enough information about the issue I'm facing. I have decided to test 4 nodes cluster with proxmox . Everything was running just fine for the last 4 weeks.Ceph running good.Vm's running well no issues. Yesterday I have decided to update /upgrade...
  11. N

    Corosync through vpn

    Hello everyone, I have two proxmox ve 6.2 servers, one in France and one in Germany. I have setup a layer 2 vpn between the two sites (germany site beeing the server by itself [dedicated server hosting solution]). The two servers can contact each other through the vpn lan on all ports. I...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] Prevent node fencing while updating corosync config

    Hi, I am about to manually change the corosync config on my PVE cluster to introduce a 2ng Ring-Interface. I have read up on how to do that and although I am pretty sure, I got the config right, I was wondering if I could somehow prevent my nodes to be fenced, should I have messed up the new...
  13. B

    Why did PVE reboot all nodes im my cluster, when only 2 needed to be fenced?

    A couple of daya ago, we experienced an issue with a switch, which carried the corosync traffic for two of the 6 PVE hosts in our cluster. I can understand that PVE fenced those two hosts, but why did the other 4 ones rebooted as well? How can I fin out, what caused all my nodes to reboot...
  14. P

    Faulty cluster, randomly reset all nodes, can't add a new node

    Last night we tried to add a new node to the cluster, it stuck on joining showing the below messages: can't create shared ssh key database '/etc/pve/priv/authorized_keys' (re)generate node files generate new node certificate unable to create directory '/etc/pve/priv' - Permission denied We...
  15. S

    Proxmox cluster new node error after restart

    Hi all ,joined a new node(4th) to my existing proxmox cluster(3- node cluster) and it joined after 15 min showing waiting for quorum, after that it joined but after restart it is not joining the cluster. after 30 in or so it is joining again . any suggestion on what is wrong or what the...
  16. H

    [SOLVED] qdevice corosync-qnetd-certutil: command not found

    Hallo, i am trying to setup a qdevice in my 2 Node Cluster. I am running a Debian10 VM on a different Server outside the cluster. When i am trying to connect the qdevice I get the following Error Message. :pvecm qdevice setup <ip qdevice > /bin/ssh-copy-id: INFO: Source of key(s) to be...
  17. D

    Trennung Netzwerkinterfaces Corosync/HA

    Guten Abend zusammen, wir setzen bei uns grade ein neues PVE-Cluster mit 3 Nodes auf (mit ZFS und Storage Replication). Netzwerkkonfigurationsmäßig würden wir gerne folgendes machen: 1G-Port: Corosync (10.0.11.x) (damit das sich nicht mit anderen Paketen in die Quere kommt) 10G-Port: Storage...
  18. P

    Upgrading PVE 5 to 6

    Hello folks, I keep putting off posting this but I'm looking for some advise on upgrading from PVE5.4-13 to PVE6.x I'm running a 3-5 node cluster where 3 nodes are all flash CEPH backed machines and another two machines are non-ceph game server hosting machines. The CEPH machines communicate...
  19. grin

    corosync 3.0.2-pve4 memory leak

    I have a (possibly unrelated) problem where one cluster member's TOTEM keep generateing retransmits from other nodes or local timeouts. When I checked nodeC kept joining and leaving the cluster, about 50 per seconds. Restarting corosync resulted the same. It turned out however that on other...
  20. J

    Moving cluster nodes to a different network - missing ':' after key 'interface' (500)

    So, I was following the directions to separate the cluster network, and things started to seem like they were going alright with the first node. However, when I rebooted the node, Datacenter view\Cluster says, missing ':' after key 'interface' (500). I then check the /etc/pve/corosync.conf file...


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