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    Single node rebooting/sync issue causes entire Datacenter to malfunction

    I have been having a consistent and incredibly frustrating issue where a single node in my datacenter being rebooted causes the entire datacenter to fail and the web GUI to malfunction and become useless. I then need to log into the node(s) over SSH and either restart cluster related services...
  2. A

    Proxmox API performance issues

    Hi everyone, I'm having some performance issues with the Proxmox API on my cluster. As the number of users and virtual machines grows, the API becomes slower and slower to respond. I've already checked that the hardware is top-notch and the servers have enough resources, and I've also checked...
  3. G

    Network caused Quorum errors? - Free'ing ringbuffer - Corosync

    Hey yall, my 2 Node Cluster started to do weird things I cant explain - at least for now. All nodes run on the latest 7.3.4 release. Serv1 seems to be offline? It can be pinged, and I can open terminals (even from VMs), view stats etc. It is marked with a question mark from both...
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    [SOLVED] Node not in cluster after debian update

    Hello everyone, first time post, sorry if the formatting is wrong. So I started in a company and took over a proxmox cluster on Debian 11. After toying with proxmox for a few months, I decided to check the last thing on my predecessor's to-do list "keep the system up to date". Simple enough...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] Cluster with redundant Corosync networks reboots as soon as I join a new node

    Related to this other thread, tagging @fabian as requested. I currently have a cluster with 13 nodes running. Everything is updated to the latest versions (except for the kernel which is pinned to 5.13.19-6-pve on all nodes because of some issues with live-migration on different CPUs). All the...
  6. T

    Corosync stops working when any 3 nodes are up but works when only 2 are

    Hey there I'm experiencing a very weird issue with my Proxmox cluster (version 7.2-7). Everything is working just fine with 2 nodes, but when the third one is up then corosync stops working. This caused me a lot of troubles to have the third node join the cluster, until I restarted corosync on...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Enable second corosync ring

    Hi guys! I stucked and need help. I have cluster (8 nodes) and tried add vLAN for corosync. When I modified corosync.conf file on non-master node, new file not modified on another nodes, but when I modified corosync.conf on master node, and restarted corosync service system rewrite file (delete...
  8. S

    Remove corosync ring 0(link0) network without rebooting nodes

    Hi all, We have 12 node cluster with 6x ceph nodes and 6x compute nodes.(ceph nodes not running any vms). corosync connected via two links. one dedicated link and one shared (mgmt) link. Ceph configured with dedicated backend sync network as well We are changing some of the switch config and...
  9. N

    Replacing switch responsible for cluster

    We need to replace a 10Gbe switch that is responsible for Link 0 in our cluster. The switch is failing lately with several unscheduled reboots. Every time the switch rebooted, our whole cluster went down and the individual nodes rebooted even though we have another two rings in the cluster...
  10. J

    Re-IP Ceph cluster & Corosync

    Updated a Ceph cluster to PVE 7.2 without any issues. I've just noticed I'm using the wrong network/subnet for the Ceph public, private and Corosync networks. It seems my searching skills are failing me on how to re-IP Ceph & Corosync networks. Any URLs to research this issue? Thanks for...
  11. M

    Found a bug with using IPv6-based clustering; also a hostname error

    Hey all. There seems to be two bugs regarding clustering setup and IPv6 addresses... 1. If you decide to use custom fe80:: addresses on a vlan/other interface, it may default to the primary network interface regardless (i.e. vmbr0 vs vlan###). 2. If you use a routed address, and it has a :: in...
  12. E

    Corosync is not working and I can't log in to the web console.

    Please help. Cluster stopped working. After rebooting the server vm does not start. From the console, too, it is not possible to launch them. pvecm status Cluster information ------------------- Name: asodesk Config Version: 52 Transport: knet Secure auth: on Quorum...
  13. H

    Configuring Dual Corosync Networks

    Hello Everyone, Right now I am finally jumping into my Proxmox Ceph Cluster Project I have been waiting to work on for months now. So far, things have been going smoothly in terms of getting the Cluster created, however I am somewhat unsure as to whether I have a proper understanding of the...
  14. M

    node seems to be offline

    Hello guys I had a problem using proxmox in my Debian machine. my problem are in the web GUI when I want to create a VM it shows a warning that the node seems to be offline like this image. but if I navigate to the node information it says online and have uptime like this image. and this...
  15. G

    [SOLVED] corosync no active links

    Hi, our new cluster is being prepaired for use and while slowly starting to use the cluster i see some messages in syslog: Dec 25 06:27:52 prxa06 pmxcfs[4868]: [dcdb] notice: data verification successful Dec 25 06:34:26 prxa06 corosync[5041]: [TOTEM ] Retransmit List: b819f Dec 25 06:35:35...
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    reboot of all cluster nodes when corosync is restarted on specific member

    Hey all, I observed a strange reboot off all my cluster nodes as soon as on one specific host cororsync is restarted or this host rebooted. I have 7 hosts in one cluster Corosync has 2 links configured. ring0 is on a separate network on separate switch. ring1 is shared as VLAN over 10G fiber...
  17. S

    Upgrade Cluster Corosync - Ignore Script ?

    Currently running 4 node Promox cluster 5.4-15 with Ceph and trying to upgrade to Proxmox 6 and then hopefully Proxmox 7. I have followed all the instructions documented on your site including The...
  18. H

    [TUTORIAL] Adding a secondary corosync network for failover - setting the priority when adding a 2nd corosync network to upgrade to a redundant ring network.

    SCROLL TO THE END FOR AN EXAMPLE ADD knet_link_priority: <value> TO YOUR /etc/pve/corosync.conf FILE UNDER THE TOTEM DIRECTIVE AND EACH RESPECTIVE INTERFACE SUBDIRECTIVE Here is the guide on creating a separate cluster network: MY OBJECTIVE...
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    Expected behavior from watchdog-mux with a networking outage? (HA, Corosync, and Softdog fencing)

    What’s the expected behavior here? I have a 3-node cluster with dedicated physical corosync network, and a 2nd faster network for storage and networking. The corosync network is configured to failover to the fast network if interrupted. High availability is configured on guests with shared...
  20. D

    Corosync - nsscrypto: Incorrect packet size

    Hello, after upgrading from pve6 to pve7, the syslog of both servers is spammed with: corosync[8001]: [KNET ] nsscrypto: Incorrect packet size. After some googleing I haven't found a solution yet. Hopfefully someone can help. Edit (Solution): Related corosync github issue The reason was the...


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