1. I

    What is the Proxmox MAC address block or range?

    Like the subject says really. For $reasons I need to create a new VM from the command line. For the network adapter I need to specify a MAC address. To this end, I'm wondering if Proxmox has registered a MAC(OUI) block or range or prefix which we could use to generate out MAC's from. I mean I...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] Unable to list VMs using API or CLI

    I have a VM in running state, but some how API or pvesh command does not shows it. Not sure, what am I missing here. root@proxmox:~# qm list | grep -i running 105 myrke2-node1 running 8096 20.00 12594 root@proxmox:~# root@proxmox:~# pvesh get /nodes...
  3. V

    What is the exact difference between pct and lxc-[...]?

    Hello, what is the exact difference between pct and lxc-[...]? I have the perception that many commands are the same or similar e.g. pct create and lxc-create. Unfortunately, I didn't really find anything about lxc-[...] in the Wiki. So are there concrete reasons why you should use one or the...
  4. W

    network config is it possible to use cli and gui ?

    in /etc/network/interfaces i can read is it possible to use cli ovs command and edit file interfaces what 'source' or 'source-directory' directives mean?
  5. N

    Add restored VM to Pool via CLI

    Hello! Please help me. How to add new restored VM from backup dump to exist pool via CLI ? I need it to make auto tasks in Bamboo. THX!
  6. S

    Need to export "inventory" information for web ordering

    I am the process of automating a website where someone can "purchase" a VM container and it's built automatically for them (via scripting) on the backed. To do this I need to make sure I don't over allocate my resources. I am new to the REST API so I apologize if this is an option already...
  7. J

    Drive not showing in GUI

    Hi, I am not new to computers but newer to PROXMOX and Linux. So could be mixing up device/drive/partition/fileformat. Playing around with a PCI Flash card aka FUsionIO drive. Think all looks good on that side root@pveD1541:~# fio-status Found 1 ioMemory device in this system Driver...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] Cluster node under ZFS in a strange state (containers greyed out)

    After some GUI or CLI operations on containers (move volume to another storage for example), it happens that the hole node goes "crazy". The GUI shows every container with a grey question mark on it and no name associated and every command on containers doesn't work at all until I reboot the...
  9. C

    NAT config

    For some reason the NAT config has been removed from the Web interface and is only available in CLI or the API ("This mode is only available via CLI or the API, but not via the WebUI."). In my opinion this is a very bad decision, because I (and I think allot of other people too) use this...
  10. P

    what happened to vztop and vzps commands in proxmox 4.x ?

    Hi dudes, We have updated our clusters to proxmox 4.4, anyone know what happened to vztop and vzps commands ? We could use them on proxmox 3.x. Already checked in Proxmox Changelog/Roadmap but nothing mentioned in them and google was unhelpful. Have they been replaced with new commands ? Thanks
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Manage Containers with CLI

    EDIT: Looked at doc and used pct,
  12. H

    Add extra "disks" to guest KVM via CLI

    Hi there, I'd like to add (via scripts etc.) extra storage to VMs (typically cloned templates). How do I do that? qm doesn't have a add network/disk/etc. I can see. pvesh looks like there are some extra steps involved, so before I re-invent the (GUI) wheel to do that, I'd first ask for...


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