bridged networking

  1. P

    NIC port speed ethtool cannot set

    Hello, I am trying to change the port speed of my server port to 100baseT/Full. The port is part of a supermicro motherboard. The port is being used as a Linux bridge. The ethtool output: root@pve:~# ethtool eno1 Settings for eno1: Supported ports: [ TP ] Supported link modes...
  2. K

    Proxmox link through bridged router port

    I have a Ubuntu Server 18.04 trying to connect to the internet via bridged port on my router. when I first installed the server using the normal setting for the VM, getting a Dynamic IP worked great, then when I use the configuration eno3 bridged to MBR01 as example no IP info entered and all...
  3. L

    Routing all Traffic to Bridge/VM

    Hey there, I'm new to Proxmox and bridging in Linux. The thing I try: (IP Config over here) WWW <----> Public IP <-----> NIC <-----> vmbr0 <-------> Proxyserver <--------> vmbr1 <-----> VM's and Proxmox...
  4. U

    pfSense in Proxmox with no external switch

    Hi, I have a box with 8 built-in NICs on the motherboard which I'd like to be used as a firewal and switch for my network. I have pfSense and Ubuntu Server installed inside of the Proxmox. I'm struggling to configure pfSense/Proxmox in such a way that pfSense (or/and Proxmox) will be used as a...
  5. S

    Long delay using 'showmount' | timeout using NFS

    Hello, I got a small cluster at home with two Proxmox 5.2 nodes. They are connected via 1GB/s LAN. On node 1 I installed nfs-kernel-server and tried to share a simple test folder. 1) When I use showmount on node 2 as root to display shares on node 1 the results are correct, but it take minutes...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Unable to obtain IP Route with Proxmox on OVH

    Hello! So to make some things clear firstly, `` is my Failover IP and associated subnet (``) that I'm trying to use with Proxmox on the OVH network, for which I have also already created Virtual MAC addresses for, with each being unique. This here is my...
  7. J

    Multiple IPs on one NIC with bridges

    I located my own Hardware in a Data Center. Then I tried to setup bridged network for multiple VMs. The environment specified multiple IP addresses. First available IP address for my server is: IP Range is: - Gateway is: Netmask...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] guest emails sent by host IP address

    Hello, I have a server on Hetzner datacenter and config one server using Proxmox 5. ( debian ) I define a vmbr network adapter on host machine, and create a windows guest, using a dedicated IP address ( Bridge mode ) All work fine. but today I notice that in header of emails sent by email server...
  9. I

    VM isolated

    I've installed a Ubuntu 16.04 server vm on a node in my cluster but for some reason it's isolated from everyone and I can't ping it even from the node it's located on. when I run tcpdump it shows that the ARP request for the host is looping and can't find it. Node IP: VM IP...
  10. J

    VE can't see outside of subnet when a VM is using bridged mode

    i haven't had the opportunity to really test out all of the symptoms, but it seems as though my VE server has lost connectivity to outside the subnet it's on. It used to be able to (because I was able run apt-get to install updates), but now it can't. The only significant networking change I...
  11. Y

    [SOLVED] Bridge Virtual Interfaces Cannot Up / Container Need Reboot after Host Networking Changed

    Before take down bridge interface from Host: root@localcloud:~# brctl show bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces vmbr0 8000.0cc47ae144d0 no eth0 veth100i1 vmbr1...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] KVM bridged on Hetzner, can't add second IP

    Hello, we have a proxmox 4.4 node hosted on Hetzner and configured with bridged networking. The machine works fine with this setup and hosts 4 KVMs with additional IPs (no subnet) with separate MACs. Each VM has a single IP and is working as expected (Centos cPanel VMs). We are trying to add...


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