1. H

    How do I install a certificate on proxmox

    how do I install a certificate on proxmox in the internal network so that instead of I have I looked for information on the Internet, but did not find a simple instruction. I have basic administration skills, so I need help.
  2. B

    Cannot boot

    I tried to boot after a power outage and it wouldn't boot at first it said "/dev/nvme0n1p2 clean **files ** blocks" but when I did Rescue Boot from the install USB it said "15 logical volume(s) in volume group " pve" now active"" and it stopped. Please give me some advice.
  3. F

    installation error (beginner)

    I am attempting to use this on my older PC SPECs: current OS Ubuntu MoBo: B450 TOMAHAWK MAX latest firmware CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: Radeon RX 6500 XT EAGLE 4G RAM: 2) 8 GB CL 16-20-20-38 @3200MHz I see the following after: clicking install PROXMOX VE: "Welcome to the Proxmox VE 7.3...
  4. S

    Update Problems

    Hello all, I am fairly new to this Debian and Lenux thing. I am a first-semester IT-Student from Germany and am looking for some help here. I installed a Proxmox VE on an old PC of mine in 2020 and booted it up aigain today. The goal beeing to firsty learn about Lenux and Debian and, secondly...
  5. R

    Beginner Networking Question: How to best Implement Tailscale?

    Hello all, I am looking at using tailscale for my home server, specifications below: Xeon X3450 16GB Ram (First thing to upgrade when I have money to spare) Obviously running proxmox. I am considering using tailscale to set up out of network access for some of my applications, including: -...
  6. N

    Advice on moving from ESXi where to install

    Hi, I appreciate any help as I am trying to move from ESXi to Proxmox but i am confused on the install. [Background] I am learning in a home lab and picked up an old Dell server (R520). I am new to ESXi/Proxmox/servers etc I have 6x 4tb Drives in the server. ESXi is running on a USB thumb...
  7. E


    So, I have went through the installation process several times and watched several videos on how to set this up and no matter which video or guide I follow, I run into the same problem. After installation and I reboot it takes me to this screen: I can't even get logged in to set anything up...
  8. S

    Is there a ternary conditional operator in Python?

    Is a ternary conditional operator available in Python? Update: I've got my answer from Scaler
  9. D

    Weird performance issues of two disks in Mirror mode - beginner question

    Machine is a reused gaming PC R5 1600 16GB 2133 RAM Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 Proxmox installed on a 120GB SATA SSD Disks in questions are two WD Red Plus 4TB (yes CMR variants, wd40efzx) running in Mirror mode. Drives are assigned to a Ubuntu server VM whose...
  10. B

    Networking problems

    I just installed Proxmox 7.1 on a new super micro x10sdv motherboard. When I attempt to login into the Web GUI I can’t access the page. My connected devices tab in my Comcast Modem is showing the Correct IP & Mac Address for the LAN port in use and the lights for the port are on. Any help or a...
  11. B

    Remote server with Proxmox 6.4-13, 5 public IP-addresses

    I have finally gotten Proxmox installed on Debian 10 (Buster). I have 2 ISO's on the server, and I have 5 public IP addresses assigned from my dedicated server host, I have 64GB RAM with an Intel i-7 CPU server with a 4TB RAID 1 hard drive array. The first thing I did when...
  12. K

    Protect the KIDS! Simple vm to vm config

    Hey, I just want a internal (virtuell) connection between tow VMs. is it Possible to creat that without OVS (Open Virtuell switch) ? Have a nice day.
  13. M

    Please can someone review my Proxmox plans/storage layout.

    I've been reading a lot of posts about storage layout options. My general takeaway is that: 1. The answer always comes down to requirements. 2. There's a vast difference in requirements In my case, requirements are strictly home-nerd/software developer/very occasional gamer - so huge clusters...
  14. I

    Removed proxmox-ve and now gui is missing

    Firstly, please be kind to me, I am new to ProxMox and I am trying to learn. So I ran apt install ifupdown2 When I did, I noticed that it didn't install completely or at least I think it didn't. I have completely lost access to the GUI. I am on version 6.3-4 While reading the command I...
  15. S

    Split SSD

    Hi i’m new add proxmox. I have a nuci5 with a 500 gb ssd disk and will install proxmox on the ssd disk. But how can i set that i use 100 gb of that disk for the proxmox and the rest for vm storage?
  16. V

    I am beginner user and I need recommendation for HD installation

    Primary > 1 SSD Disk 1Tb (I want to use OS , Proxmox and VM , 1 or 2 snapshot) Secondary > 1 HD 2Tb (I want to use for Backup , ISO and snapshot) 1 VM : 700Gb Free Space for future VM expanding : 200Gb In the installation I want to use the max possible space for VM Advanced LVM...
  17. R

    Beginner Proxmox setup

    Hi there. I recently ordered the parts for my first homelab server and wanted to build it specifically as a virtualization server running on Proxmox. I only ordered a 1TB NVME and I am not sure what else I need. My plan is to run several VMs for different services (primarily for learning) and...
  18. V

    restarting delay

    Jun 18 20:41:12 test kernel: [ 5406.900183] vmbr1: port 2(tap101i1) entered blocking state Jun 18 20:41:12 test kernel: [ 5406.900185] vmbr1: port 2(tap101i1) entered forwarding state Jun 18 20:41:12 test pvedaemon[2392]: <root@pam> end task...
  19. S

    Network setup at Hetzner on dedicated server

    Hi, In the past few days i have tried installing Proxmox on my dedicated server running Debian 10. However i have had some major issues creating the bridged network. I have been using the script from this post...
  20. 2

    Firewall & Workstation - Ist PVE das passende?

    Einen schönen guten Abend Ich würde gerne mehrere Aufgaben mit einem Gerät bewältigen. Hauptsächlich hätte ich gerne eine "normale Desktop Workstation" sowie eine Firewall. Konkret dachte ich an folgende VMs: OPNsense als 24/7 Firewall mit 10 GBit/s auf der WAN-Seite. Die 10 GBits hätte ich...


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