Beginner Networking Question: How to best Implement Tailscale?


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Jun 25, 2022
Hello all,

I am looking at using tailscale for my home server, specifications below:
Xeon X3450
16GB Ram (First thing to upgrade when I have money to spare)
Obviously running proxmox.
I am considering using tailscale to set up out of network access for some of my applications, including:
- Jellyfin server
- Pihole
- Samba Server
- A handful of videogame servers
- Offsite backup for other home-server friends
and whatever else I decide I want to try out in the future. I'm unfortunately not super knowledgeable about networking.

I want to be able to share some services and not others with people that I may or may not be able to convince to use their own tailscale VPN. For example, games, jellyfin, but not my file-server.

There are multiple ways to implement tailscale, and I would like to know which would be best for me, and more importantly why.
Tailscale can be installed on the host, on VMs, or on an LXC.
As such, I have the options of:
- Installing tailscale on the host
- Installing tailscale on one VM/LXC and letting it access other things over my LAN (IDK if this one works super well, I am in an appartment with others and don't have access to router settings, nor can I ensure others on my network don't get hacked)
- Installing Tailscale on multiple (possibly not all) VMs and LXCs, so that they show up as separate devices, easier to share individually.

What are the upsides and downsides of these methods, and why? I am interested in learning what I can to more effectively and securely host services for myself and others

I'm also interested in this setting.
I think installing apps on the host is not the best idea.
Tailescale runs fine in a LXC I think:
My personal choice would be a VM, so I can mount only the needed folder with smb.
As i read Tailescale runs a different network, so I hope it has only access to the vm and it mounted partition.
Sorry for the necrobumping but this is the most relevant thread I've found.

I think installing apps on the host is not the best idea.


I'm having a hard time finding convincing arguments about this. Why is it a problem to install Tailscale on the host?

So far the only "conflict" I have found, is that if you want to use the host as an exit node/subnet router you need to enable IP forwarding, which can have consequences on your network configuration (mostly the need to force router advertisement forwarding for IPv6 autoconfig if I am not mistaken).

So, apart from this, why not install Tailscale on the host? I've just done both, on the host and in an LXC with exit node and subnet routing to access the host webUI through port forwarding, but... Why bother?



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