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    One VM has networking, the other does not

    I made 2 vm's, one for Home assistant and one for a minecraft server. The vm which runs home assistant gets an IP address from my unifi gear and it shows up in the unifi portal, but the other vm does not show up. They have the same network set up but one works and one does not. shown in the...
  2. K

    No network connection

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new to setting up servers and working with Linux, so I appreciate your patience as I navigate through this. I recently attempted to install Proxmox on an Intel NUC10 and have run into some issues. Currently, I'm unable to access the web interface or see the server...
  3. U

    Issue of Global connectivity of Windows using RDP

    I installed Proxmocx on one of my hardware and created 2 windows VM's using its web interface, now i want to make them available for global connectivity using RDP but i am not able to figureout IP/port with which i can connect that VM , any solution or tutorial for it ?
  4. N

    Wireguard VPN troubles routing to vmbr0

    Let's say I have a Wireguard server in LXC. I can successfully connect and route through to the internet. How can I add vmbr0 to the wireguard server so that I can access all my VMs through wireguard?
  5. M

    Access public IP of VM from other VM with main public ip

    Hello, i have Proxmox on OVH dedicated server, with two ipv4 addresses. First adress is main address of proxmox machine (vmbr0) i access with it to webinterface, and all of VM's using prerouting (for example port public 200->port 22 local address). Last time i bought additional ipv4 address and...
  6. P

    Server Unable to Reach Network Post PVE 7.4 Install

    Hi all, apologies for my ignorance on this topic, pretty new to Linux / Proxmox. Just recently got my hands on an old Nutanix server and wanted to mess around with some virtual machines. I installed PVE 7.4 as version 8 would not boot (assuming incompatible with the older hardware) After the...
  7. D

    No internet in Win7 x32

    Please help. I did it like here (Masquerading) i have only one public IP. Proxmox version 6.4-1. $ cat /etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto ens3 iface ens3 inet static address XXX.XXX.XXX.171/24 gateway...
  8. C

    Nginx Proxy Manager is able to connect to my domains on the internet, but I cannot reverse proxy into VMs on the same bridge that tracepath 1 hop away

    I'm quite unsure of what is happening. I've been struggling with this for the last two weeks. So I've installed proxmox on my home machines. My gaming PC has a GPU passthrough working well enough, and my Windows VM feels like a natural PC with all my USB ports forwarded and everything. I even...
  9. J

    Proxmox as an iSCSI target

    I use Proxmox on one home server, and I have several drives, a powerful CPU and a 2.5Gb network in it. On Proxmox I have several virtual machines and containers with different software (like databases, media servers, etc). On a daily basis I work on my workstation where I have vmware workstation...
  10. T

    VMs and physical Hosts can't access/ping each others (no firewall)

    Hi, I have installed a proxmox server (let’s call it PVE1). I have three NICs inside, which and all are used for virtual bridges : - vmbr0 - - the management network, that’s the one I access the admin page from ( - the gateway for vmbr0 is -...
  11. S

    Multiple VMs on the same bridge no DNS

    Hey guys -- this is a weird one, I'm going to do my best to describe it. Overview: I have a 10Gb SFP+ trunk to a server. When I have two vms set to the same vmbr using virtio, I lose DNS. I can ping, route, connect to services, just can't access udp/tcp 53 on any device internal or external...
  12. L

    Help with Port Forwarding

    Hello, can someone help me with port forwarding in Proxmox VE 8.0.3? I want to configure access using my public IP address so that I can still access the virtual environment when I'm outside my network. I have set up port forwarding in my router (see images), but when I try to access it from...
  13. L

    About IPset and limiting IP use not working for IPv6

    Hi, currently one of my vlan is having IPv6 /48. I am currently assigning VM a /64 subnet and set that subnet to the IPset field. But when I add another IP outside that /64 (but within the same /48) to the guest os. It's still able to use that and I could ssh into the VM. Is it possible to fix...
  14. P

    No network access in containers

    Hi, i have problem with my containers, i think i have tried everything. I'm trying to ping my router from container, ping google dns's and nothing working. I can ping only other container. This is my network setup. Proxmox: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp1s0 inet manual auto enp2s0...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Network Issues | New Install

    Hello, I did a fresh install 4 times and ensured all settings are the same. Even compared to my working proxmox node and it seems that proxmox can not ping nor can the panel be accessed from anywhere else. In the ip a result it shows link as online and i can confirm the networking...
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    Network Configuration

    Hello, I want the following configuration for my proxmox server: (All IP addresses mentioned are fictitious. All public addresses are marked with an asterisk "*"). Proxmox Ip:* Public IPs:* , .3 , .4 , .5 Internal IPs - 128 All VMs over an internal IP should...
  17. R

    [HELP] No network connectivity after install

    Hello, I am a new Proxmox user. I recently installed the latest available version of Proxmox VE on an HP Z440 that was being used as an ESXi server. It sports a Xeon E5_2640 v3#2.60GHZ CPU, 80GB RAM, 1n onboard GB NIC, and a 10GB NIC Add-On card with the Intel X540 controller. From the...
  18. D

    Temporary failure in name resolution Proxmox v7.4-3

    Whenever I try to perform basic network tasks like pinging a website (e.g., ping or updating packages with apt update, I get the error message: "Temporary failure in name resolution." This issue has been persisting for some time now, and it's causing problems with my system updates...
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    [SOLVED] Temporary failure in name resolution

    Whenever I try to perform basic network tasks like pinging a website (e.g., ping or updating packages with apt update, I get the error message: "Temporary failure in name resolution." This issue has been persisting for some time now, and it's causing problems with my system updates...
  20. B

    [SOLVED] Bridge with no internet connectivity

    Hopefully the brains trust can help, I'm sure there is an obvious solution here but I cant seem to find it. Fresh install of Proxmox 8.0.4 Hardware is an Intel NUC with 2 NICs VM is a fresh install of Rocky Linux 9.2 I have a Unifi setup and have created 2 individual networks one of which my...


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