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    [SOLVED] Management interface inaccessible from VPN after changing bridge port.

    I had Wireguard setup and everything run fine. But if I change proxmox bridge vmbr0 ports to another port or bond the interface is now inaccessible while using VPN (see chart). Cant ping bridge IP neither but everything else run fine. ip route get output from proxmox to vpn client:
  2. M

    LXC (VPN) unreachable over a different VLAN

    I'm not an experienced user, I managed to install, configure and maintain my server thanks to this forum and hundreds of hours of videos on YouTube. Thanks for that! But now there's a wall in front of my knowledge and none of the research I've done in the last few days has helped me... probably...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Issue while connecting through VPN

    Hi everyone, I'm new to proxmox, and fairly new to linux. That being said, here is my issue : I'm using a wireguard VPN to connect to my LAN at home, where there is my Proxmox server. Throught that VPN, I was able to access to my Proxmox address, but not interacting with VMs (mouse / keyboard...
  4. O

    Connect VMs to VPN

    Hi, I'm new to Proxmox and still trying to figure everything out. I'm currently looking for possibilities on connecting my VMs to VPN. I created LXC and configured l2tp VPN connection there using network manager. It works fine and I'm able to access devices on my external network when I'm inside...
  5. U

    [Proxmox VE 8.1.3] Unable to use TUN (/dev/net/tun) in Debian 12.2-1 container

    TL;DR: I am trying to install OpenVPN in a Debian 12.2-1 container (Template used: debian-12-standard_12.2-1_amd64.tar.zst). Neither in an unprivileged (preferable) nor in a privileged container I am able to use the TUN adapter, no matter what I try. Update 1 (see at the bottom of this too long...
  6. E

    How connect my PVE to PBS (in differents places)

    Hello guys, i need to connect a PBS to a PVE, because i want to make the Backup. The servers are in different locations. What is the best way to do this? Through VPNs? Do I need to open ports on my router? I'm a beginner in networks and servers. I have a lot of doubts
  7. S

    Proxmox run selected VM's trough a VPN

    So my situation/need is as follows: I have a proxmox server that is going to run 16 VMs. The first 8 VMs can run on my own network and have my public IP (with each their own portforwarding in my router for public access) The other 8 VMs need to use a different public IP, namely the IP at my...
  8. B

    [SOLVED] VPN Preventing NFS Mounts?

    Up until about a week ago, I've been able to mount my internal 2TB SSD to my Mint VM over NFS without issue, with IVPN installed. I've not made any changes to exports or fstab, and I've assigned a DHCP reservation to the VM via Pfsense. Only reason I think it might be my VPN, is after I've set...
  9. M

    Wireguard as network

    Hi all, I’m new to proxmox and wondering on how you would solve this: I’m running proxmox and hosting some vms for a friend. Only he should have access to them. He himself has a Wireguard or IPsec vpn Server at his side. I was wondering if there is a way to create a vpn adapter on the übe host...
  10. O

    Proxmox as host, or TrueNas as Host?

    Hi all, I'm considering combining my home tech into a one-machine Router/NAS/Server, with the ability for the storage to be expandable. Do you have any suggestions or input on how I best do this? Here are my thoughts so far: Parts List: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/W2LpbL In short: 8-core...
  11. W

    Poor network performance in LXC container

    Hello. Yesterday we migrated our Proxmox VPN server from QEMU virtualization to an LXC container, and when we connected to the VPN and measured the speed on speedtest.net, the download speed was 0.98 Mbps, less than 1 Mbps. Upload speeds were about 30 Mbps, which was typical. When running with...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] I want to connect external Proxmox server with my local cluster

    Hi, I want to connect my external proxmox server which is in other network with my local cluster currently with 3 nodes connected. I tried installing a VPN in the external server but when I try to join the cluster I got this error during the conection: permission denied - invalid PVE ticket...
  13. T

    Proxmox and OpenVPN and pfsens

    Hi everyone, I have a question about using Proxmox and OpenVPN together. Here's the scenario: I have an OpenVPN server in Germany and a Proxmox server in Hungary. The goal is to enable users to connect to the German OpenVPN server and have their requests forwarded to a virtual machine running...
  14. Q

    Problem: Speedtest extremely slow in lxc or host shell, but ok in VMs

    I created a VPN service using OpenVPN and I was trying to figure out where the bottleneck is because it's very slow compare to the internet speed I have on the server. But during the process I found things very confusing (the sevice is in LXC): 1. speedtest in the PVE host and LXCs have much...
  15. F

    First Steps setting-up Proxmox

    Hello guys, Last weekend I managed to install and setup my first home server with Proxmox. I have used an a old desktop PC, boosted a bit the memory and succsefully installed Proxmox VE. Everything seems to be working just fine and I am enjoying my setup. However, I may need help for few...
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    Proxmox interne Server ausschließlich via VPN nutzen

    Hallo Zusammen, habe mich in den letzten Tagen etwas mit Netzwerken beschäftigt. Allerdings scheine ich auf dem Schlauch zu stehen. Folgendes habe ich vor und scheitere noch bei der Umsetzung. Fritzbox (Wireguard eingerichtet) Proxmox: VMs wie z.b. Nextcloud usw. sollen ausschließlich via...
  17. O

    How to add Unraid share(smb) as a drive/mount to VM, VPN disconnects the share.

    Hi, I have two VMs. One for Windows and the other for Unraid. I use map network drive to reach unraid shared folder in Windows. However, whenever I connect to vpn in windows my network drive disappears. So, is there a way to add Unraid share in proxmox as a drive or mount to Windows VM, so that...
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    [SOLVED] Site-to-site-VPN (IPSec): Routingprobleme

    Hallo, ich habe es als Anfänger nach vielen Tagen endlich geschafft, auf einem Debian-11-basierten Container mit StrongSwan ein Site-to-site-VPN per IPSec zustande zu bringen. Auf Seite A habe ich routerseits (Ubiquiti DreamMachine Pro) ein Port-forward für 500 und 4500 auf die lokale IP des...
  19. A

    New to Proxmox VE-- Seeking a path to learn

    Hello Proxmox community! I recently found my way to using Proxmox via upgrade of my hardware for Home Assistant (originally on RPi3b+) and I was drawn to Proxmox because of the option to isolate HA and run other applications as LXC though I'm very new to home servers and networking. I have a...
  20. U

    Pve blocks Wireguard

    I'm running PVE (pimox) on a Raspeberry Pi OS 64bit. One VM is Home Assistant which runs Wireguard VPN add on. Wireguard works fine when i try to connect to local devices such as my router ( or raspberry eth0 ( but cannot ping vmbr or connect to Home...


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