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    ldaps no sync Microsoft Active Directory

    PMG version 8.1.2 I'm trying to connect to the domain via ldaps on port 636, using the command (ldapsearch -D 'user@domain.local' -h ldaps:// -p 636 -W ) I see that the connection is happening, but through the GUI or through / etc/pmg/ldap.conf writes: add LDAP profile failed: Can't...
  2. J

    Struggling with LDAP filters for AD sync

    Ive never really done much with LDAP filters before, and I am struggling to create one for my setup. The groups is another issue but right now I am just trying to make one for users. Here is what I have tried already. I have tried memberOf=CN=pve_admins,OU=users,DC=ad,DC=test,DC=com...
  3. R

    Active Directory: Auto assign User to Proxmox Group

    Hi guys, I have set up Active Directory as a realm. I work with users and group filters. Both work perfectly. However, the users are not added to the corresponding selected group. Therefore the question to the group: what needs to be configured in the realm. Example: User1 is in group...
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    Active Directory Sync Error

    All, I am trying to simply follow the tutorial to connect my Proxmox server to an Active Directory that is being run in one of my VMs. When I follow the steps to connect to the AD, when I attempt to Sync after adding the AD to the Realms, I get a "TASK ERROR: Protocol not available". I...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Failed login with Active Directory authentication

    When a user tries to login with AD credentials, he only gets "Failed login" and in /var/log/daemon.log I see this: Mar 1 17:31:38 atl-vm03 pvedaemon[1695423]: authentication failure; rhost=::ffff: user=jdoe@ActiveDirectory msg=Connection reset by peer I found several other...
  6. S

    Are the backups "windows active directory aware" ?

    Hi guys, So the question is: are the incremental backups "windows active directory aware" - customer had asked us this question today because apparently there's an old issue with AD, that caused USN rollback errors when a virtual active directory server was restored from an image and we are...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] Evaluierung PMG

    Wir evaluieren gerade ProxMox Mail Gateway, um von MDaemon umzusteigen und scheitern noch an an der Übergabe des AD-Users via ldap. Lt. syslog wird am Ende immer noch ein @pmg an den AD-User angehängt. Eingabe: rp01 --> Systlog: user=rp01@pmg msg=no such user ('rp01@pmg') Eingabe...
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    Active Directory AD Realm starts with number

    Good Day People, I have read through a few forum answers about the domain starting with a number is not allowed. This presents a problem since our company name starts with a number as well as the AD domain. This is not something that can be changed. Is there any work around for this? Some say...
  9. G

    Mail Gateway und Active Directory

    Hallo, gibt es eine Möglichkeit, ein Active Directory zu implementieren oder geht hier nur LDAP?
  10. C

    Any plan to add AD as an auth source ?

    There is no option to add an AD in the Realms page. To allow pulling users and groups from Active Directory Juste like we have in PVE ? Thanks
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    [TUTORIAL] How to join a Proxmox cluster to an Active Directory Domain

    This tutorial will walk through the steps necessary to join your Proxmox server to Microsoft Active Directory on a Windows 2019 Server. You will be able to sync your users and groups into the Proxmox Permissions Panel in the GUI, and log into the web console with active directory credentials...
  12. Q

    Active Directory Sync - user & group filter format?

    Hello, i am trying to figure out which format the "User Filter" and "Group Filter" of the Sync Option in the Active Directory integration should be!? I tried to define as DN notation, the official LDAP notation, also only define the an "objectClass", but nothing will accepted. The following...
  13. C

    Authentication using LDAP / AD stopped working

    Hello Everyone Our proxmox hosts stopped authenticating using AD credentials, that we use regularly. Only difference from the environment was an update on the windows 2016 server with kb4601092 When trying to login using AD credentials, syslog prompts immediately: pvedaemon[3067869]...
  14. N

    Windows Server 2019 als AD; Backup; Frage zu best practices

    Ich habe testweise einen Windows Server 2019 AD in KVM unter PVE 7.0 installiert und als dritten AD - Server eingerichtet. Ein PBS 2.0 ist ebenfalls vorhanden und in PVe 7.0 verfügbar. Hat jemand Erfahrungen mit dem Backup eines Windows AD Servers und anschließendem Restore? Kann man dazu die...
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    Issues with Active Directory logins

    I was able to create a realm for my domain. " " and sync over the group of users i wanted to pull into PVE, Assigned groups / roles to my users. however when i go to login as the user i am using username (no @ or anything after) the AD password for the user, and selecting the...
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    Unable to Authenticate with AD User

    I have a Windows Domain that all of my boxes are joined too. I joined my two Proxmox hosts to the domain, and I'm able to su to Active Directory users and use them as normal on the local machine. However, when I go into proxmox, I get "Login Failed. Please try again" and in the syslog I get...
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    LDAP Sync with nested Groups

    Hello everyone, I am currently trying to implement LDAP Sync for our Proxmox cluster. Basically it's working fine, the only thing I don't get to sync are the user to group associations when a user is in a nested group. This is the relevant content of my domains.cfg: ad: example.local...
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    Proxmox Containers - AD Authentication and Mount Points

    Hey guys, I'm looking for feedback on a setup I've been working on. I have a Proxmox host running a domain joined samba server on bare metal. I have the acl_xattr:igonre system acls = yes flag set on each of my shares. This all works to my liking. I'm able to create users in AD and use Windows...
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    Active Directory Configuration with Prox

    Hi, I have tried to read all threads on the matter and I still cannot get it going. I have enabled secure authentication to our Active Directory, which means that I have to manually create the users in the groups and they will authenticate to the AD. However, I find mixed information. Is it or...
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    Windows Active Directory Authentication

    Hey everybody. I'm currently trying to add an Windows Active Directory authentication. I am able to successfully authenticate against domain controllers in test environments that I own, but I need to authenticate against a domain controller without being able to access it to change attributes...


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