1. J

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Unreachable

    Hello All, so I have a bit of a funny one, which I am sure there is an obvious answer I am missing. Last night I swapped out my 16 port Unifi switch for a Unifi 48 POE switch, everything connected to it works as it should... except for my proxmox (1) server. The Server and the VM's all appear...
  2. N

    Proxmox VE firewall not blocking SSH

    I have a very strict firewall policy that essentially boils down to, block ALL traffic from any and all servers and computers that are not essential to that host's operation or needs. This seemed fine for a while but I just realized that anything on VLAN 10 can access Proxmox via SSH, even...
  3. W

    Anmeldung bei Web-Oberfläche als auch über SSH nicht möglich

    Hallo Leute! Wollte mich heute über die Web-Oberfläche bei meinem Proxmox-Server als root User Anmelden und bekomme immer die Fehlermeldung "Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen. Bitte versuchen Sie es noch einmal." Passwort und Benutzer sind 100% korrekt! Wenn ich versuche mich mittels SSH zu verbinden...
  4. D

    Between Proxmox, OPNSense configuration

    There are 4 Ethernet port on my PC, port1 is the Proxmox VE console page, port2 idle. port3 and port4 for OPNSense. OPNsense uses port3 LAN, port4 WAN. The LAN is connected to the WiFi router, and all the WiFi devices able to access the internet. The problem is that only Proxmox VE cannot...
  5. E

    [SOLVED] Cannot access WEB GUI

    Hi, I did an update of my server and after the reboot, cannot access the web gui. I tried to restart the pveproxy service and the log shows “permission denied” and i did a chmod 777 /var/log/pveproxy/access.log command… Also i tried to do apt install proxmox-ve Nothing works... Some ideas...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] Can't Access Web UI over IPSec Connection

    Hello guys, as the title say's i cant't access the Web UI over an IPSec Connection. My Setup is as follows: Site-A: OPNSense VM at Home running on TrueNAS, ISP is Starlink so no static IP Site-B: OPNSense VM running on Proxmox on a Rootserver, static IP from Hoster When i try to connect to...
  7. C

    What is the correct VLAN mode on managed switch?

    Hello, my ISP (Vodafone cable) provides two internet access points: - standard (like any ISP offers) - static IP The router (here: AVM Fritz!Box 6490 cable) basically works like any other Fritz!Box with only one exception: 1 port is configured for using the static IP. I guess one could call...
  8. J

    Not able to access Proxmox VMs in PfSense (LAN-side) via Laptops on "WAN"-side

    Hi, I'm not so experienced in the networking part. I have a PC on which I installed Proxmox, which has only one entry point for a network cable (so only 1-NIC). The vmbr0 interface is used to be "port/slave" of the actual network interface. I have defined several VMs / LXCs in Proxmox, that...
  9. P

    Weird issue: Proxmox whole cluster failed at arount 2pm. Putty working but none of the 5 webpage worked

    Hi, At around 2pm, all proxmox web page started giving "timeout". I was able to go in with putty but not the web interface. I did a service pveproxy restart on each blades and the web page are accessible but now it does not accept any of our passwords. maybe not related but I also have this...
  10. S

    Unable to SSH via Internet

    Hello everyone, I have moved from Ovirt on CentOS 7 to Promox recently - which was a really easy process. So far everything runs better than before but unfortunately SSH is only working from one direction. My server has two NICs: 1x LAN & 1x WAN (via a Fritzbox LAN). I am able to reach...
  11. R

    Sicherheit von Resourcepools

    Hallo, ich habe vor Kurzem einen Test-Cluster aus drei Maschinen mit Proxmox VE 6 installiert. Das Interface gefällt mit sehr gut. Das Storage Backend ist ein eigener CEPH-Cluster. Wir möchten Proxmox nutzen, um verschiedenen Arbeitsgruppen die weitgehende Selbtverwaltung von eigenen VMs zu...
  12. X

    [SOLVED] No internet on Host but VMs and LXCs can be accessed

    Hi, This is the first time I've ever had a problem with my proxmox server that I could not solve myself. For some weird reason my Proxmox host loses internet access after a reboot. If I restart the networking service, the host often comes back online. But it would never survive a reboot. My...
  13. R

    Block access to manager router

    Hello everybody. I'm a bit noob with the topic of networks but what I wanted to do seemed very simple. As the title says I want to block access to the router and the proxmox console among others in an VM. I did not find any information about it on the internet but it occurred to me that the...
  14. J

    Data replication : which Nics to choose

    Hi there, Consider a 3 node setup with each node having 2x 10GB & 6x 1GB Nic. Is it more interesting to speedup replication between the nodes using 10GB interconnects and have the VM's communicate on 1GB (scenario 1) or is it more interesting to speed up VM <—> desktop access (scenario 2) My...
  15. I

    firewall for access ip-network

    hi, i need a little bit informations about configure proxmox firewall in web-gui. i would configure proxmox firewall for bind9 port only access for special ip-ranges exsample port 53 can reach out of internet only from range 111.222.333.0/24 any ideas? regards
  16. R

    (GER)No Internet Connection on VMs

    Hallo ich habe mir bei netcup nen root gemietet die vmx flag ist auch an alles klappt soweit auch allerdings bekomme ich weder mit linux vms windows vms oder containern einen internet zugriff ? Weiß jemand was ich anders machen kann
  17. floh

    [SOLVED] Network at host (Proxmox) isn't working

    Hello! I have installed my Proxmox host in a extra network where no internet access exist. There I configurated Proxmox and managed the network cards. At this time I have 1 network card with 2 Lunix Bridges These two Bridges are for my VLANs 1st vlan: management-network, so no internet access...
  18. K

    Storage access

    Hi All! I have a cluster. How can add acccess to all storage for @users group? This settings is not working: group:users:user@pve,user2@pve,test@pve:Common permissions for users: group:testers:user@pve,test@pve:: group:developers:user2@pve,test@pve:: acl:1:/pool/test:@testers:PVEAdmin...
  19. J

    [SOLVED] Can't access webGUI

    Hey guys, i have a fresh install of Proxmox 5.1. It started of not booting without the installation disk inserted. I fixed that with a grub delay (im on a RAID 0 zfs). Now i am attempting to go to https://ipofserver:8006/ but i keep getting connection timed out. I've tried from multiple browsers...
  20. 9

    Simple firewall configuration

    Hi to all. I just want to know how is possible use the firewall function to give access to just one ip to a VM. Can somebody give a hand? Thanks to all.


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