[Solved] Dell T40 with Raid1 is destroyed at Proxmox 6.2 install


Jul 23, 2020
Hi to everyone!!

I'm installing on a brand new Dell T40 with 2x1TB disks a Proxmox 6.2.

Before install Proxmox for a USB stick i go to the Dell configuration Utility and create a Raid1 then reboot and put the USB and run proxmox. The first problem is the installer detect both disks and not only one. Then i use those disks on a ZFS Raid1 configuration and install the system and reboot.
I see when reboot the "Raid help" and the legends "Non Raids Disks" agains. Seems like proxmox destroy the raid1 and use those disks separared.

I do this steps before in anothers hardware, not T40 but DELL anyway.

Any ideas?

Best regards.

You are most likely using software raid (Intel VROC), for best results, disable sofware RAID and create your ZFS RAID volumes from within Proxmox (see the wiki for using a ZFS root filesystem).
Hi codewe!

I will search this link.

I do this procedure 2 or 3 times and always de Software raid see only the Raid1 hardware raid. Seems like the hardware raid i do is broken or never finished.

Thanks for your time.
@gamba47 I think if you are going to use zfs raid volumes, you should disable hardware raid. Meaning you have to destroy the raid from Dell configuration utility and change hard disk controllers to non-raid mode.
Hi eoinkim!

I was reading about this and some players said it's a good choice use hardware raid and then do ZFS.

I will do what you do thanks for your tip!
You can not do both.
If on install you still see 2 separate disks than your hardwere raid is not working or not configured correctly.
If you see 2 disks and can use it in zfs raid than incorrect hardware configuration will be destroyed.
There is no good reason to use both. Infact a hardware raid may interfere with proper zfs operation. What some times posible is to combine both like, if you have 4! Disks of 4tb each. You can create 2 raid1 volumes in hardware raid 2 disks each. And than use those 2 volumes in zfs raid1 esentially mimicking raid10. I think. Buy why? It only complicates recovery.
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Thanks Jim!

I will install this weeks without hardware raid and using ZFS Raid1.

Best regards.


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