1. D

    Issue with Proxmox after system reconfiguration.

    Hello everyone, Today, I made some changes to my system. Previously, I had two 250GB SSDs directly connected to the motherboard as boot drives and configured them into a RAID1 with Btrfs. I also had two 1TB HDDs connected to the motherboard, serving as a ZFS RAID1 for non-essential data (not for...
  2. D

    Problem mit Proxmox nach Systemumkonfiguration

    Moin zusammen, ich habe heute einige Änderungen an meinem System vorgenommen. Bisher hatte ich zwei 250GB SSDs, die als Bootplatten direkt am Mainboard angeschlossen waren. Diese habe ich zu einem RAID1 mit Btrfs konfiguriert. Zusätzlich hatte ich noch zwei 1TB HDDs am Mainboard angeschlossen...
  3. Z

    Samsung 860 evo 250gb for proxmox OS only

    Hi, During the process of setting up a new proxmox server, I asked some questions around the forums and another situation arise that caused me some concern. The question was related with the use of SSDs for ZFS on proxmox. So I was thinking that I had a pair of samsung 860 pro 250gb to use...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Samsung SM883/PM883 SATA SSDs for ZFS RAID1?

    So far I've read the Samsung SM883 would be great in general. Would that be so? There are also PM883s and cost 50% compared to the SM883. Are they both do their job, without queuing a regular (VM) Windows 10 update for example? I've been using 2 PNY CS900 and they hit the limit pretty fast...
  5. J

    VE-Unable to boot ZFS (raid1) as root file system

    Hello, The server has been working properly for 2 years. At some point it stopped working and hung. When I tried to restart it, it went into a boot loop that I don't know how to get out of. I don't know how I can open a terminal session so that I can analyze the server. I attach photos of the...
  6. T

    [RESOLVED]Proxmox with btrfs raid1 rootfs

    I simulate disk fail on the raid1 btrfs which is also my root for proxmox ve 7.1-7. When one of the disk failed, the system will not boot. It stuck at initramfs, i am unable to mount the system as the initramfs does not have mount.btrfs The system will boot normally with both disk exits...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] ZFS Mirror mit M2 NVMe und SSD?

    Hallo Forum, leider findet man nicht wirklich viel zu dem o.g. Setup, was meine Frage sehr wahrscheinlich auch beantworten wird. Macht es sinn, aus einer 1TB M2 NVMe und einer 1 TB SSD ein RAID1 für die LXC und VM´s zu erstellen? Kurz zum Vorhaben; ich habe zwei identische Mini-PC´s mit 1x...
  8. G

    ZFS root fs and special device for separate hdd

    Hello, having this hardware setup for Proxmox VE: 32GB RAM 2 x 500GB SSD 2 x 6TB HDD I want PVE to be installed on a SSD RAID1 with ZFS. LXC system files shall be stored also on that SSD RAID1. LXC data shall be stored on a HDD RAID1 with ZFS. To make use of the benefits of special devices I...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Replace SSD Raid 1

    Hello all My proxmox VE version was 6.3-6 and running as member cluster, i set RAID 1 on my node and when i see status SSD on proxmox interface the health was DEGRADED and just detect 1 SSD on Disk Section, so i think one of my ssd was broken (the SN ssd not showed up on disks interface...
  10. T

    Which disk configuration should I use?

    Hello together, I have a dedicated server with 64gib of RAM and following disks: 500gib ssd 2x 2tib HDDs no raid controller i am planning one vm with a Nextcloud installation, one Apache vm and a Game Server vm on my proxmox installation. my question is, how I should configure my disk...
  11. A

    ProxMox VE to RAID1 with new installed disk

    Hi there guys! :cool: Please, need your advice... I have a little old ProxMox 5.4-13 system in a one drive in my server, i need add this disk /w ProxMox to RAID1, how can i do this? I found this man: but i think this is not good idea... 8-( can...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] Very poor IO Delay / FSYNCS/SECOND on RAID1 Sata disk

    Hello, We migrate old three server on proxmox 5.2 to three new server EG-32 on OVH (Serveur EG-32 - Xeon E3-1270v6 - 32GB - SoftRaid 2x4To) with proxmox 6.2. In december, we migrate all VM on new servers, since, we face on low FSYNCS/SECOND and high IO delay, we don't have any issue on old...
  13. H

    Verzeichnis von Proxmox an Container weitergeben

    Hallo an alle, ich bin neu mit dem Thema Proxmox beschäftigt und scheitere an einer vielleicht leichten Sache: Mein Proxmox-Server hat ein Hardware-Raid-System mit zwei Anschlüssen. An Anschluss 1 hängen drei SAS-HD mit Raid5 und an Anschluss 2 hängen 2 SATA-HD mit Raid1. Die Hardware stellt dem...
  14. G

    [Solved] Dell T40 with Raid1 is destroyed at Proxmox 6.2 install

    Hi to everyone!! I'm installing on a brand new Dell T40 with 2x1TB disks a Proxmox 6.2. Before install Proxmox for a USB stick i go to the Dell configuration Utility and create a Raid1 then reboot and put the USB and run proxmox. The first problem is the installer detect both disks and not...
  15. P

    Replace the drives in zfsraid1

    Hi guys I have a weird situtation tought you could help me I have a cluster of three nodes running proxmox + ceph. Ive installed the os (+ceph) on 2 x usb drive as zfs raid1, now I have high I/O wait on the CPU because the usbs are slow. I added 2 x SAS 15K and I’m thinking if its possible to...
  16. G

    Does Replication + Mirroring makes sense?

    Hi all! Thanks for this amazing project. I have been "studying" Proxmox for one or two months and I quite like it. I have been wondering about storage replication and disk mirroring for a setup. Does it make sense to have mirrored disks AND do storage replication on top of it. For...
  17. O

    [SOLVED] Proxmox installation don't see RAID1

    I have two HDD 2TB each. I configured RAID1 in my BIOS. I checked if RAID is ok. Ubuntu installation see my RAID. But Proxmox installation don't see my RAID, proxmox see 2 different HDD. I use this iso of Proxmox. Can Proxmox be installed in hardware RAID1? How to install Proxmox on...
  18. R

    Two consumer SSDs or one enterprise SSD?

    What would you choose for proxmox, and maybe a brief explanation of why: 1. Two consumer grade SSDs WD Blue 1TB in a zfs raid1 2. One enterprise grade SSD Samsung PM863a 960GB in ext4 I know it may be easy to say two enterprise grade SSDs or some other better config, sure but if you obsoletely...
  19. B

    Mirrored ZFS Array will not boot on Supermicro A2SDi motherboard

    I am attempting to install Proxmox (Ver. 5.1-3) on a system with two SSD units in a mirrored ZFS array. However, the system does not boot into Proxmox, and instead, dumps me into an EFI shell. Any assistance is appreciated. My motherboard is a Supermicro A2SDi-8C+-HLN4F (BIOS Rev. 1.0b)...
  20. O

    [SOLVED] Server won't boot: Failed to mount rpool/ROOT/pve-1/… on /root//… no such file or dir

    Hi, This morning I found my proxmox server down. When trying to restart, I had this message: Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device Command: mount -o zfsutil -t zfs rpool/ROOT/pve-1/be64[...]7d /root//be64[...]7d Message: filesystem 'rpool/ROOT/pve-1/be64[...]7d' cannot be mounted at...


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