1. T

    [SOLVED] DELL Poweredge Compatibility

    Hi, I would like to know something. Is Proxmox compatible with the DELL Power Edge R250 or R450? I'm going to buy a new machine and would like to deploy some VMs. Has anyone had experience with these two products?
  2. L

    Mellanox Connect-X 5 weird performance issues over MPLS

    I feel like I need to give a bit of background here. We have two locations, one in Atlanta and one in Dallas. We have an MPLS connection between the two sites and redundant internet connection to separate firewalls and separate switches in both locations. The main focus is the MPLS connection...
  3. H

    [TUTORIAL] Dell OpenManage Enterprise

    Has anyone succesfully created a VM on proxmox with OME appliance? I'am trying to create a VM with provided openmanage_enterprise_kvm_format_4.0.1 files but unable to get the VM to boot. If anyone was...
  4. F

    Ask - PERC H755 or H355

    Hi, Has anyone implemented PERC H755 as JBOD / Non-Raid? We implement 6 servers using H355 for Ceph and it's working without any problem Thanks
  5. J

    Kompatibilität Dell Server

    Hallo Forum, Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer unterstützten Hardware für einen PVE. Jetzt habe ich ein Angebot erhalten für einen PowerEdge R350 Server 210-BBRU. Wisst ihr, ob der von der Hardware her geeignet ist für Proxmox? Ich möchte bei diesem kein Hardware RAID verwenden, sondern aus 4...
  6. M

    UEFi installation issue with zfs on root on Dell R630

    Okay, let me preface this with I'm not new to Proxmox and I've run this on lots of Dell servers. I've also been working on this for a few days so I might have missed a step or two of the actual troubleshooting This issue is only for UEFI boot and not bios boot. The setup consists of an 11-node...
  7. C

    Unable to unmount zfs NVME Dell Server

    Hey guys, i run into an issue with Proxmox on a Dell Poweredge R6615. I have 2x4TB Nvme Drives and 2x6TB Nvme Drives. Hardware Raid is disabled. I boot Proxmox and choose the 2x4TB Nvme as Raid 1 ZFS. When i start the Installation i get the error Message Unable to umount zfs, it can't create the...
  8. G

    [TUTORIAL] MD3200SAS / Proxmox + OCFS2 (Not supported by the Proxmox Team)

    I have received an equipment that was decommissioned a few days ago and I wanted to test Proxmox. Equipment received: (4) R620 Dell Servers. (4) Broadcom / LSI SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 (1) MD3200 SAS (2 Controllers). The first thing I was to make the Proxmox detect the MD3200...
  9. P

    Issue accessing Proxmox server web interface after setting up pfSense

    Hello, I'm encountering an issue with accessing the web interface of my Proxmox server. Here's my setup: I have a Dell R710 server running the latest version of Proxmox, and I recently installed pfSense as a VM on it. Currently, pfSense is the only VM running, and it is connected to the...
  10. J

    I am looking for help with a Proxmox VE 7.4-3 + VRTX Chassis (no sharing)

    Hello, I love proxmox, I do not love how proxmox and Dell VRTX disk/shared PERCs play. I can hardly wait to replace this hardware. I'm trying to get our hypervisors to 7.4 (was at 6.4) but since doing a fresh install, I am unable to get the machines to boot. What I have configured in the...
  11. S

    Planning first installation on Dell R710 with 6x8TB drives

    I will be installing Proxmox 7.4 but this is a first with a raid setup. Looking to use Raid6 or Raid5 but my only experience is using mdadm to generate the array. Does anyone have a current best practices for 7.4 with raid6. TIA My current setup on this hardware has Ubuntu Server running off a...
  12. E

    Can Proxmox be used in a laptop with no virtualization support?

    Hello, I have a Dell Latitude 2100 and wanted to setup a bare metal server on it. But in BIOS I found that it has no option to enable virtualization. Assuming that it is because the laptop has no support for it, I wanted to ask: can I still install the hypervisor on it?
  13. helojunkie

    Dell Server Hardware Advice

    Hello Everyone - We currently have a 4-node cluster running on Del R820s, each with 4 x E5-4650 2.7Ghz CPU, 256GB RAM, 10GB NICs, and mirrored SSD drives for VM/CT and NFS for other storage. We run Cisco Nexus 10G switching as our backend corosync separately from our 10G frontend. These...
  14. S

    Dell R730 UEFI boot installation issues

    Hi all, Dell R730, trying to install proxmox 7.3-1. Ive tried from USB key and from IPMI (iDRAC) and keep getting the attached errors. I can boot to the installer without issue in BIOS legacy mode, but if we want zfs we need UEFI mode for full functionality. Ive had the onboard PERC raid...
  15. C

    [SOLVED] Boot drive disappeared

    I noticed my install of proxmox not working once I got the iDRAC 6 virtual console to work. I rebooted the server, and the boot drive is gone. I booted into GParted, and the boot device doesn't show up there either. For specs I am running my host from a samsung 256GB usb in the internal...
  16. B

    Problem mit dem installieren der von Proxmox

    Moin, ich habe einen Dell server auf dem ich Proxmox installiert habe. Ich hatte zuerst Proxmox auf 2x 128gb Usb Stick installiert. Jetzt habe ich mir 2x 500gb nvm ssds gekauft da mir die USB Stgicks zu langsam waren. Leider kann ich aber proxmox nicht darauf installieren sie werden zwar...
  17. R

    Proxmox freeze on Dell Optiplex 3000 with or without VM

    Hi Proxmox community, I experience these random freezes multiple times per day on new Dell Optiplex 3000 (12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12500T). I have tried different kernels and BIOS settings but it doesn't help. I also updated newest 09/02/2022 BIOS (1.5.2) and disabled power states, WLAN...
  18. Z

    Not able to boot in UEFI mode

    I have a Dell H310 Server with 8 1TB disks. I created one virtual disk with disk 1 and disk 2 with raid0 configuration. The other 6 disks are set to Non-RAID mode. Then I installed proxmox on the 6 disks with zfs raid10 configuration. The virtual disk will be used for backup storage. Now, in...
  19. J

    Proxmox and Dell PowerEdge OS

    I recently got a Dell PowerEdge 740xd which came with an enterprise lifecycle controller license and a boss card. I installed proxmox on a dell boss card. However, I am finding that I am not getting the full functionality of the lifecycle controller without installing an approved OS for the...
  20. T

    Best practice Dell R710 H700 SMR soho

    Hello, First post. I wanted to see if anyone could offer some suggestions/best practice for configuring a Dell R710 with PERC H700. From what I can tell it looks like a lot of people have come by these units over the last couple years for home experimentation. I've worked though a few...


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