Proxmox with ZFS or BTRFS?


I think the zfs is almost rock solid. And this is happening for many years. This is not true for btrfs(my opinion ). Try to search how many critical bugs/aka lost data do you find for zfs and btrfs. Also look how many updates you see for both of them. Search how many developers work for zfs/btrfs.
WHEN a critical bug is known by btrfs/zfs, try to find what time will have need to solve it.

In my oppinion you must do your OWN research how this 2 projects, has been evolve in last 5 years at least. Also look at new features in this period of time.

Many btrfs users, are very happy(performance, easy extend the capacity), but when you think that many users have lost all data they say that now is not the case. But as you think deeply, you can guess, that if was happening in the past is a chance to see the same problem in the present. And could be happening with your data.
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Have a dozen of zfs installations, and no one btrfs for years.

On 2012 it was a difficult choise, btrfs were very promising and native vs zfs's fragmentation and divergions between Sun, BSD and Linux. Now the btrfs is still broken, Sun/Oracle doesn't matter anything, and zfs is a consolidated universal solution.
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Many thanks, I really appreciate the views. Of course, I do and did my own research on btrfs/zfs. I was looking into the pros/cons for over a year now. When coming here, I had a slight favor for zfs, which is now a bit more substantiated. Also found this ansible playbook, which suggests it is at least possible to have ZFS -> Unprivileged LXC -> Docker nesting.


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