raid 1

  1. T

    Extend ZFS pool on Proxmox Backup Server

    Hello everyone, So I have had my Proxmox Backup Server installed and running for about 6 months now, with a RAID1 ZFS pool of 2 HDDs of 1TB each, running like a charm. I am slowly but steadily running out of space (I have prune and GC configured), so I bought 2 2TB NAS HDDs. I already swapped...
  2. K


    Hi all! I want to understand on high level how to arrange mirroring RAID using ZFS in proxmox and how to do it step by step. So according to documentation: RAID1 Also called “mirroring”. Data is written identically to all disks. This mode requires at least 2 disks with the same size. The...
  3. B

    Advice on Setting Up Redundant RAID with SATA SSD for Proxmox Server

    Hello everyone, I'm currently running a Proxmox server that has been operating smoothly with a 1 TB NVMe SSD. I'm considering enhancing my server's data safety by adding a new 1 TB SATA SSD and setting it up in a redundant RAID configuration. Given the differences in performance between NVMe...
  4. E

    btrfs raid1 nvme for data

    Hi, I'm testing out btrfs on a new installation. I limited knowledge of btrfs and have done some reading. However, I seem to be missing a very simple concept. How to setup/mount the volumes. I created the raid1: mkfs.btrfs -m raid1 -d raid1 -L btr-vault /dev/nvme3n1 /dev/nvme2n1 Then the...
  5. L

    replace failed disk (raid 1)

    I'm struggling with a replaced disk. Last time I had already issues doing this: unfortunately this time again. One of the disks failed and I looked into the docs, the last forum post...
  6. C

    ZFS Raid1 Install compression.

    I have a question. I am going to install my proxmox server with two separate zfs raid. Raid 1 for the installation system with two SSDs in uefi mode and then I have two 2TB Nvme 4.0 to create another raid 1 for the VMs. My question is, is it worth activating compression in Raid 1 where proxmox...
  7. W

    100 times write amplification using ZFS

    Sorry for reposting as last one got "Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly." I'm running proxmox on 2 NVME 512GB sticks with zfs raid1 pool (ashift=12). I have written a small script that will measure number of writes per hour (in MB) using smartctl command (src: Github). I have a...
  8. L

    proxmox-boot-tool status shows one entry in raid1 system

    One of my disks (raid 1) had to be replaced. Following the docs, I could make the new disk work. A host system reboot also works BUT when I execute proxmox-boot-tool status, I get the following: proxmox-boot-tool status Re-executing '/usr/sbin/proxmox-boot-tool' in new private mount namespace...
  9. I

    ZFS With Raid 1

    Hello! I am new to the raid world. I have two identical 256 gb nvme ssds and want to set them up as a mirrored raid (Raid1). When I go to disks it shows both drives but when I go to create a ZFS storage pool I only see one of the drives (the one that doesn't have the boot partition). Can I not...
  10. B

    zfs raid-1 -> raidz-1 : 50% mehr Platzverbrauch

    Hallo, in diesem Thread wurde der Grund für den Mehrverbrauch erläutert: Ich habe jetzt das Problem, dass die Daten nicht auf die neuen Platten bekomme, wenn ich 50% mehr Platz...
  11. A

    Installation of promoxo v8 on Microserver Gen8

    Hello all, I'm trying to install proxmox on a Microserver Gen8 server. I've 2 harddisks and I made a RAID1 using the HP Proliant tool The problem whe installing proxmos is that my RAID is not detectd. Proxmox just ask on which hard drive it should be installed. Is there a way to configure my...
  12. N

    Need help installing Proxmox with automatic decryption and multiple drives

    I'm trying to install Proxmox on a server that is going to be running Home Assistant, a security camera NVR setup and other sensitive data, I need to have the drives be encrypted with automatic decryption of drives so the VMs can automatically resume after a power failure. # My desired setup...
  13. M

    Ceph Cluster Konfiguration zum Imitieren von RAID 1 auf einem Cluster Knoten

    Guten Tag zusammen, zur Zeit arbeite ich mich in die Konfiguration von einem Ceph Clusters als Speicherlösung ein. Ich habe es auch geschafft ein einfaches Ceph Cluster mit der Standardkonfiguration zu erstellen. 2 Knoten mit identischem Aufbau: - 2 HDD Festplatten - 2 SSD Festplatten...
  14. D

    Nichts zum Booten nach einam Neustart

    Moin, Ich habe einen "Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX300 S8". Heute nach dem wöchentlichen neustart wird mir keine boot partition angezeigt, oder was auch immer Proxmox Nutzt um zu Booten. Proxmox wurde auf zwei 512GB SSDs installiert die an einem Raid Controller dran sind, beide SSD´s wurden über denn...
  15. N

    Proxmox 7.4 on DELL BOSS-N1 RAID1

    Hello to the Proxmox community, We are currently in the hardware selection phase for a new 3-node cluster. It will be DELL PE 7615 but there are several options regarding the drives. Does anyone in the community have experience installing Proxmox 7.4 or 8 on a BOSS -N1 card with two NVMe M.2...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Proxmox VE 7.4-13 High I/O Delay Only With Windows 11 VMs

    Hello everyone! I'm experiencing high IO delays (18% - 30% and sometimes higher) when I start a Windows 11 Pro VM on Proxmox VE 7.4-13. I suspect it might be caused by running everything on a ZFS RAID 1 storage but then again I do not experience high IO delays when I run a Linux's only...
  17. magicfab

    Is grub-install / sgdisk needed after each RAID replacement + resilvering ?

    I have a small test system that was using cheap SSDs (just 2 disks mirror, ZRAID-1), and both disks failed in a short time period. I had access to it after the event I am describing below, someone else proceeded to replace disks, etc. as follows : When the first disk failed it was replaced and...
  18. J

    ssacli raid error - with hp DL360P

    Hello team! I have an HP server, we installed proxmox on 2 1tb disks that have a RAID1 created in the server bios. Eventually, we put in one more disk to have more virtual machines. But this disk was connected without doing Raid or anything and everything worked. But yesterday, they added 2 new...
  19. J

    ZFS RAID1 to storage important "standard" files?

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to this server, virtualization and backup stuff. I have a 2 TB hard drive with very important information for me. I am planning to buy two 8TB disks and put them in RAID1. My question is if I can use the Proxmox interface to put them in RAID1 with ZFS and then...
  20. K

    How to provide redundancy with an external drive and ZFS?

    I'm using Proxmox on a Intel Nuc using ZFS. It has a single disk (a fast NVME) and an external disk attached (a slow HDD which I could replace with a fastest NVME). I'm using Proxmox Backup Server virtualized on a VM which backups some local and remote VMs and CTs. Other than that, on the same...


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