1. T

    vzdump with snapshot on BTRFS

    While currently not supported I have patched the perl module for LXC. /usr/share/perl5/PVE/LXC.vm You may apply the patch via patch /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ This is the content of --- /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ 2023-06-24 15:08:37.000000000 +0200 +++...
  2. K

    Choose between EXT4, XFS, ZFS and BTRFS ? Why ?

    Hi there! I'm not sure which format to use between EXT4, XFS, ZFS and BTRFS for my Proxmox installation, wanting something that once installed will perform well and hold up. I've heard that EXT4 and XFS are pretty similar (what's the difference between the two?). ZFS and BTRFS have some...
  3. L

    ERROR: job failed with err -5 - Input/output error while backing up VMs

    I have 2 nodes PVE cluster, B is using a disk in A via NFS to backup VMs (X and Y). Each time during a backup job, X always fail and Y always success. The backup logs are as followed: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 102 105 102 105 --quiet 1 --storage ext-hdd --notes-template...
  4. T

    ZFS settings required to use Hardware RAID instead of ZFS erasure coding

    Hi, We would like to use HA pair of Proxmox servers and data replication in Proxmox therefore shared storage is required (ZFS, BTRFS?). We also want to use Hardware RAID instead of ZFS erasure coding or RAID in BTRFS. Does proxmox define what commands/setitngs are required in order to setup...
  5. A

    Use of BTRFS in the laboratory

    Hey guys ! I would like to hear from you, how is the progress of using BTRFS, it seemed very promising, I am carrying out tests with it, so I would like to hear from friends here, if anyone is also testing or has already tested a laboratory environment with BTRFS storage And what is your...
  6. D

    Issue with Proxmox after system reconfiguration.

    Hello everyone, Today, I made some changes to my system. Previously, I had two 250GB SSDs directly connected to the motherboard as boot drives and configured them into a RAID1 with Btrfs. I also had two 1TB HDDs connected to the motherboard, serving as a ZFS RAID1 for non-essential data (not for...
  7. D

    Problem mit Proxmox nach Systemumkonfiguration

    Moin zusammen, ich habe heute einige Änderungen an meinem System vorgenommen. Bisher hatte ich zwei 250GB SSDs, die als Bootplatten direkt am Mainboard angeschlossen waren. Diese habe ich zu einem RAID1 mit Btrfs konfiguriert. Zusätzlich hatte ich noch zwei 1TB HDDs am Mainboard angeschlossen...
  8. T

    How to add a drive to a Proxmox Btrfs Pool

    I just did this (and things appear to be working well) so I thought I would share. Feel free to provide critical feedback. Also full disclosure I did get hints on this from Proxmox support but they couldn't provide assistance as I don't have that kind of license (but the hints they gave were...
  9. T

    Staring a vm causes unrelated disk disappear

    I get weird situation Proxmox is installed on btrfs raid of 3 USB flash drives I have two additional btrfs raids on 2x18 TB and 2x15TB where I store data I have NVME where my images are When I start a vm from NVME for some reason my unrelated 15TB and 18TB btrfs raids disappear, lsblk does not...
  10. M

    Delete a BTRFS bcache disk

    Ok, I had BTRFS up and running just fine. Then I decided to add a cache SSD using make-bcache -C /dev/sdg but eventually worked out that this would not work as a caching disk needs to be added at the time of creating my BTRFS RAID10. But how do I safely remove /dev/sdg? I'm running Linux...
  11. t0mz

    Setting up backup location -> Error with @ in file path

    I am making my first steps with PVE on a btrfs filesystem. When trying to set up a backup location it appears that @ in a file path is not accepted. I get the following error: illegal path for directory storage: /media/raid/@data2/backup (500) While not a requirement, @ is often used to signify...
  12. t0mz

    Installing on top of Debian with Systemd-boot and BTRFS

    I am migrating my server from Arch to Debian/PVE. Given that there are quite a few Docker services to migrate, I will dualboot until I successfully moved all services. What makes matters a little non standard is that I use systemd-boot and btrfs, which is why I thought I'd double check here...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Crash MariaDB:10 (>10.4.28) on Docker in LXC on BTRFS

    Hi, we have encountered a strange situation: Running: 1. PVE 7.4.3 2. Partition /dev/sdb1formatted with BTRFS 3. Partition /dev/sdb1 mounted at /vol/data on host 4. Storage added: `pvesm add btrfs data --path /vol/data ; pvesm set data --format raw` 5. Unpriviledged LXC container created with...
  14. D

    Btrfs storage type error

    Hello, i can't seem to be able to create/move a container volume on the Btrfs storage type. I get the following error: btrfs error: open3: exec of btrfs -q subvolume create -- /mnt/nfs/nvme_btrfs/pve/images/104/vm-104-disk-0 failed: No such file or directory at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ line...
  15. F

    Filesystem Features XFS vs BTRFS vs ZFS

    For better decisions according filesystem choice I thought it would be a good thing to see the possibilities. filesystem XFS BTRFS ZFS Compression with VDO layer inline / offline inline Deduplication offline inline / offline inline Metadata extern yes no yes, special device...
  16. C

    BTRFS snapshots and btrbk as a backup solution

    Hello, I installed PVE 7.3 with a BTRFS file system on a small system (old Thinkpad T520 with an SSD for the system drive, and two HDDs -- the latter are directly formatted in BTRFS and exported to a Rockstor NAS VM). The performance so far has been very good. I noticed that the installer...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Using BTRFS for NAS storage -- why doesn't VM recognize it

    Hi, I'm familiar and very happy with BTRFS on my Linux desktop. I'm totally new to Proxmox, however. I have the newest 7.3 version installed on a Thinkpad T520 with an SSD and a HDD. I want to put VMs on the SSD, and use the HDD for NAS-style storage. I installed Fedora Server 37 successfully...
  18. F

    Shrinking filesystem causes corruption

    Hello, I have a VM with too much space allocated and am trying to shrink it's disk from 200G to 100G. Filesystem of VM is BTRFS and of Proxmox ZFS. Steps I've done: 1) Boot into gparted and resize the btrfs partition from almost 200G to 95G (used partition space does not exceed 100G) 2)...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] BTRFS Filesystem in LXC/LXD Container

    Hi, on a fresh install of Proxmox with BTRFS, I noticed that the containers install by default with a loop device formatted as ext4, instead of using a BTRFS subvolume, even when the disk is configured using the BTRFS storage backend. I'd like to use BTRFS directly, instead of using a loop...
  20. C

    EFI boot fails after block copy to new device

    Hello, I had a severe issue with OS disk (using BTRFS) and must replace it. This means I started block copy using dd from old disk to new SSD; I performed the following steps: 1. block copy with dd from old to new device 2. extend root partition 3. resize BTRFS of relevant partition Then I...


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