Proxmox 8 Migration failed, Migration problem. VM disk data content in both servers are empty.


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Oct 20, 2023

can someone help me?
I wanted to test the Migration from one server to another.
So I have done manual replication, that in both servers are the same last version of vm disks.

So I turned off the network ports, so it started to migrate to another pve node, but it was not live, because HA was used, so it started the VM in pve node 2.
So then I started again the network ports in pve node 1, But unfortunately not all services started successfully, only The Gui worked, but for example the pvestatd.service and also another services was not running, so all services in GUI was in question marks, other pve services did not restore normal state. I started manually, but not all services started, so I have done a restart for pve1

Now when I start the vm, it starts normally, but unfortunately all the files and folders are gone.
I can not understand why the correct virtual disk is not connected?

How can I restore the virtual disks?
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I cannot understand how it could delete the content of vm disks in both server nodes?
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I am using TrueNAS in VM, and the content of the NAS disk is complete empty.
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How is it possible that in both servers with the same replicated vm disks are gone?
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Is it possible somehow to get as mountpoint the other disks? and use that mountpoint in the vm?

zfs get mountpoint

BigDataPool mountpoint /BigDataPool default
BigDataPool/vm-101-disk-0 mountpoint - -
BigDataPool/vm-101-disk-0@Last mountpoint - -
BigDataPool/vm-101-disk-0@Latest mountpoint - -
BigDataPool/vm-101-disk-0@__replicate_101-0_1697798404__ mountpoint - -
BigDataPool/vm-101-state-Last mountpoint - -
BigDataPool/vm-101-state-Last@__replicate_101-0_1697798404__ mountpoint - -
BigDataPool/vm-101-state-Latest mountpoint - -
BigDataPool/vm-101-state-Latest@__replicate_101-0_1697798404__ mountpoint - -
I am not sure, but could be that this was stuck and did not replicated correctly ?
BigDataPool/vm-101-disk-0@__replicate_101-0_1697798404__ mountpoint - -
Is it somehow possible to mount those BigDataPool/vm-101-disk-0@XXX pools? Those vm-disks in TrueNAS zfs pool with datasets?
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With kpartx -av I mounted vm-disks, and there was the same, empty files and folders.
I can not understand why during migration proxmox replicated very first version of vm-disks?
Proxmox is enterprise level Virtualistion Software.
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