migration failed

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    Proxmox 8 Migration failed, Migration problem. VM disk data content in both servers are empty.

    Hello, can someone help me? I wanted to test the Migration from one server to another. So I have done manual replication, that in both servers are the same last version of vm disks. So I turned off the network ports, so it started to migrate to another pve node, but it was not live, because HA...
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    migration failure

    I setup a cluster old system (pve1) + new systems (pve2, pve3) pve2 & pve3 also share a CEPH disk. pve2 & pve3 have been setup the same except for IP addresses, same VLAN's Same names.... VG & LV's are all the same pve. Containers were succesfully moved from either pve1 -> pve2 or pve1 ->...
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    [SOLVED] LXC Containers not Migrating Properly in Proxmox VE 7.0

    I am having an unusual problem where, when I migrate a container from node 1 to node 2, it breaks. I migrate the container, the container shows up in node 2's VM list just fine, but when I try to start the container, it doesn't boot. It comes up with this errer "TASK ERROR: unable to open file...
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    Migration - storage is not available on target-node

    Hello, we are using Proxmox with several different hard drives. Proxmox runs locally via ZFS on a storage, there are no problems here either. We have created additional NVMe hard drives as additional storage and are also recognized by Proxmox and are functional. However, there is now a problem...
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    Migrating VMs Not Working

    I have a 2 node cluster using Proxmox 7.1-12 on each node. The machine hardware and disk sizes are identical to each other. I am trying to migrate a Windows 11 Pro vm. When I do the migration I take the vm offline. I have tried a few times to do the migration. Each time it gets this far and...
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    [SOLVED] [ERROR] Live Migrate a Windows VM with TPM

    I'm getting the following error when trying to migrate a VM that has TPM. I'm reading that on Hyper-V you need to transfer a VM certificate to the other node. Maybe something similar applies to a Proxmox cluster? [REDACTED] starting migration of VM [REDACTED] to node '[REDACTED]' ([REDACTED])...
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    Migration fails (PVE 6.2-12): Query migrate failed

    Hello! First post, yay! We are in the works of setting up a cluster using this awesome software. We've set up a 3 node cluster. As backend for our VM disks we are currently running GlusterFS (A move to CEPH is underway). While live-migrating a VM we bump into the following error every now and...
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    [SOLVED] Restore CT from Proxmox 4.4-18 to proxmox 5.3-12

    Hello everyone, I'm doing a CT migration on proxmox, but I'm stuck. I am doing a server migration and a proxmox update to a new version. I have my old server under Proxmox 4.4-18 and my new server under proxmox 5.3-12. Below are the steps that I realized. - I stopped my CT 106 on my old server...
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    Storage Error with migrating VM's (Offline and Online)

    Hi all, Im fairly new to Proxmox and am trying to get a small working cluster of 2 nodes. I set up network, storage, etc but can't seem to get the migration of VM's to work. Each time I get an error saying: storage 'local-vm' is not available on node 'vhost2' (500) My setup is as follows...
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    Migration failed due to

    When trying to migrate a VM to another node I get the error, that migration fail because of a RSA mismatch. I can ssh from the original node to the destination node without any problems. Any idea, how to fix the problem? 2017-12-14 18:33:02 # /usr/bin/ssh -e none -o 'BatchMode=yes' -o...
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    proxmox 5.0 live migration fails

    This doesn't seem to be the already mentioned ssh problem (which is at 1:7.4p1-10 anyway): Jul 11 18:34:38 copying disk images Jul 11 18:34:38 starting VM 103 on remote node 'bowie' Jul 11 18:34:40 start remote tunnel Jul 11 18:34:40 starting online/live migration on...
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    VM migration failed problem

    Hi, I have a working environment with three nodes cluster and ceph storage, I can transfer VMs from 1st node to the second, but I have two VMs that make this problem: kvm: -netdev...
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    Proxmox Cluster Migration error

    Hi, We have done new setup with 3 hosts HA Cluster, We are doing migration from Host1 to Host2/Host3, its showing error Offline Migration Issue: When we do offline migration its migrating to other Host, but while starting VM in other Host its getting below error "TASK ERROR: volume...
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    Unable to migrate a VM

    I have a cluster of 3 nodes proxmox VE 4.4-12/e71b7a74 with CEPH storage set up (one pool). I've created a Linux CentOS7 VM in the CEPH storage pool I've added a disk in this VM, located in the same CEPH storage pool, to store data with the "No Backup" flag because I do not want to backup these...
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    [SOLVED] VM Migration Problem

    Hello, Its a weird problem, I am trying to migrate Windows Server "Offline" the migration takes only 2 seconds, and it shows the Task OK, but it didn't migrate the HDD (raw disk), Both Servers use Local Disk not shared storage. The Proxmox Server is up to date. I don't know how to explain it...


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