high availability

  1. L

    [SOLVED] High Availability On Numerous Hardware Configuration

    I'm interested in configuring high availability but I couldn't find information about how it works with different hardware configurations. I have a really beefy main server, and my other servers that would be in the 3 HA node aren't as powerful. 128 Cores 4 TB of RAM 44 Cores 1 TB of RAM 88...
  2. F

    HA for Proxmox Cluster management portal

    I was wondering what would be the best course of action to setup HA for the Proxmox web portal? I am currently usin HAProxy but I noticed that when I go into a console of one of the VMs, it does not use the same server that I am on (connection is probably not sticky). I was thinking a better...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Cluster IP address in HA system.

    I have 2 networks in my server management and HA. I am creating a cluster which one should I use?
  4. E

    HA & last_man_standing + wait_for_all

    It's nowhere in the PVE official docs, but corosync does support last_man_standing and when used with HA it is suggested to also set wait_for_all. I found some previous threads, but not in relation to HA. Now I understand the official PVE endorsed way would be to just use a qdevice, but this...
  5. E

    What is wrong with High Availability?

    Test scenario, 3 nodes - pve{3,4,5} - default PVE install (LVM, so no ZFS), 1 container set as HA, started on pve3. Figured out replication not possible without ZFS, alright, never mind, pve3 went down, HA attempted to restart CT on pve4, no volume available, still understood. Now when pve3...
  6. W

    Configuration Help

    Hello, I am working on setting up a cluster with where the VMs are on local storage but use/sync to the shared storage for HA and Cluster options. The hardware I have is as follows: 3 proxmox clustered machines (will be more but 3 for now) - Each has local nvme storage Each has access to a SAN...
  7. B

    Unexpected fencing

    I have a 28 node PVE cluster running PVE 7.4-16. All nodes are Dell R640/R650 servers with 1.5 or 2TB of RAM and Intel Xeon Gold CPU's. They all have 2 x 1GB NIC's and 4 x 25 GB NIC's. We are connected to an external CEPH cluster. Node network config: 1 x 1GB NIC is used for...
  8. N

    Proxmox 8 Migration failed, Migration problem. VM disk data content in both servers are empty.

    Hello, can someone help me? I wanted to test the Migration from one server to another. So I have done manual replication, that in both servers are the same last version of vm disks. So I turned off the network ports, so it started to migrate to another pve node, but it was not live, because HA...
  9. P

    Moving virtual HDD only to another node?

    Hi everyone, I was adding another node to my cluster today (node 4), and during the process, node 1 decided to crash. This triggered the HA, and it began spinning the VM up on node 2. The HA migration failed, and the hard disk was never moved. On node 2, I see the VM and the config; and on node...
  10. T

    ZFS settings required to use Hardware RAID instead of ZFS erasure coding

    Hi, We would like to use HA pair of Proxmox servers and data replication in Proxmox therefore shared storage is required (ZFS, BTRFS?). We also want to use Hardware RAID instead of ZFS erasure coding or RAID in BTRFS. Does proxmox define what commands/setitngs are required in order to setup...
  11. M

    Configure HA Cluster

    Hello. I'm new to proxmox and I'm trying to configure a High Availability Cluster with two nodes. I have some VMs in one of the servers (node 1), and, in case it gets down, I wanted them to continue operating in node 2 without losing information. Currently, I am using an external vote to...
  12. M

    Scenario for TrueNas HA with Proxmox

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone tried using the below method to achieve HA on TrueNas with Proxmox. Create a virtual machine with 2 identical disks Each disk is on a different storage ( NFS mapped to dataset on Truenas ) Set both disks as bootable. Install operating system inside virtual machine...
  13. R

    Designing a Proxmox HA cluster with 4 nodes on 2 remote sites - Quorum and impact

    Hello, we're planning to migrate our VMware infrastructure to a PROXMOX cluster in the next few weeks, and would like to take advantage of the zero licensing costs to create an HA cluster with shared, redundant storage on two sites. We have 2 datacenters on 2 different sites with a latency of...
  14. B

    Test HA with central storage

    Hello forum members, I plan to test HA feature in my 3 hosts cluster environment. Read up to achieve HA, i need a central storage as VMs / containers repository. For a test, i wanted to use my small Qnap storage and share the LUNs via iSCSI. Hope some experts here can guide me and/or share...
  15. R

    Connect USB device to other node

    I have an installation with 4 nodes. It´s possible connect a USB device to a VM in other node. I suppose that this is specially important in an HA environment. Thanks
  16. gurubert

    Clean shutdown of whole cluster

    Hi, what is the recommended procedure to shutdown a complete PVE cluster including HA resources? The manual only talks about maintenance of single nodes, but sometimes it is necessary to shutdown everything. We have observed that a simple shutdown on all nodes is not sufficient as HA fencing...
  17. P

    Odd problem with auto-migrated VMs to wrong hosts, plus how best to disable HA for now?

    We have a Proxmox cluster comprising two identical large machines, with 120 cores and 370+ gig of memory, and with each machine having two ZFS disk pools, Tank1 of 50TB HDD, and Tank2 of 2TB of SSD, and a third less powerful machine with just one ZFS pool, a mirrored paid of 10TB disks...
  18. K

    What is the best way to handle High Availability between nodes with different storage setups?

    I have read through the documentation and I'm not sure I'm following it well because I'm not even sure if what I want to accomplish is possible with Proxmox or not so I thought I'd ask here. I have a Proxmox node setup and hosting several containers and VMs. This started as a hobby and chance...
  19. W

    Proxmox Partial HA Setup Query

    Hey how’s it going all, I’m doing a bit of experimenting and wondering if it’s possible to have several Proxmox nodes each with their own local storage, and the VMs on that storage mirrored/synced onto a shared store; then HA setup so if any Proxmox node goes down, the VM is read/run/hosted...
  20. J

    Restart and migration blocked by backup

    Hi, A vps crashed in the middle of the backup and the HA-service tried to restart and migrate the vps to no avail. Because of the backup the vps was locked and could not be restarted or migrated by the HA-service. Is there a possibility that the HA-service can abort the backup to unlock the...


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