high availability

  1. J

    Live Migration PVE 6.0

    Hello Proxmox Community, I am interested in live migration. Recently I read posted accorss the fron the XCP-ng's website the phrase "Live migrate your VMs all around the world, without interruption" However I did not find any detailed sources which stipulate that live migration was actually...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Migration With HA Enabled Dont Respect Destination Node

    I have an LXContainer that I want to migrate to node3. If I have HA enabled for that Container, it will always migrate to node1, regardless of the selected destination. The container is on shared ceph storage.
  3. ?

    Always On VMs / Containers

    I'm new to Proxmox and I'm a little lost. I have the system setup, Client side resources (VMs / Containers) fail back n fourth and i can manually migrate. The problem I have is when a node is down, a resources sessions are terminated and that resource is shutdown, migrated to another node and...
  4. K

    multiple NFS storage setup for HA cluster & simulate a failed node

    hi all! I have 3 nodes in HA cluster using Proxmox 5.4 . The nodes use the public IP for cluster communication and the private network for the storage network. Each node has an NFS storage shared with the other nodes. The disk in all 3 nodes are in RAID 1 (mirroring) (the reason i cant use ceph...
  5. A

    Cannot delete HA resources since PVE 5 to 6 update

    Hello, I come accross a difficulty with the HA management since we have updated our 3-nodes PVE cluster from 5th to 6th version. We did of course follow the Upgrade from 5.x to 6.0 wiki page, so deactivated both pve-ha-lrm and pve-ha-crm services on all nodes before the update. The pve5to6...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] cluster network and storage network

    hi everyone! We are migrating our server to a different cloud provider. While reading a documentation, i read this: "Storage communication should never be on the same network as corosync!". Our server must have HA and data redundancy/ data high availability (using ceph). The problem is, our...
  7. K

    PVE nested virtualization

    Hi all. Im very new to proxmox but i need to simulate a cluster in my physical [proxmox] server. Reasons for doing this simulation/test are : test HA, test live migration, test ceph storage, 4 nodes HA amongst others. Here are my objectives (feel free to tell me anything i missed): a...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] Node configuration

    Hi all. I wanna ask a few questions: 1. if proxmox nodes in HA cluster must have the same specs (ram, cores). Ive read the documentation for HA but im not sure if it is implied that nodes must have the same specs. i will create a test cluster anyways this week, but would save me time if i have...
  9. R

    PVE 5.x - Is HA possible with RRP?

    Hi all! I tested rrp in our test environment with ceph. Two physical separate network switches, one for cluster network (the nodes and one for ceph network ( I had the same experiences like the others described; if cluster network on one node is broken or offline, the vm...
  10. Q

    pve-cluster (5.0-34) New Features

    I noticed that there's a new feature under the pvecm command to add a qdevice. I have been using Proxmox at home and for clients in a single node local storage configuration for almost a year now, and have been dying to mess with a proper shared storage/two node HA setup. My dream setup would be...
  11. B

    Failed reboot - VM stuck frozen (HA)

    Hello! I have a 7 node cluster and a software/lrm HA. I have just done maintenance on one of the nodes and have rebooted it. Due to some hardware failure it failed to boot. The VMs that were on that node are in a frozen (HA) state and I can not migrate or start them. Is there a way to convince...
  12. M

    3 node cluster setup recommendations

    Hi, I have read just about every post on this forum on this topic. Some have some useful information, but I can't get all the answers that I have questions for, hence this post. I need to setup a 3 node high available cluster to host 14 virtual machines, Linux and Windows based. This is to...
  13. J

    High Availability and Admission Control Policy

    Hi, I know from VMware vSphere three functionalities Admission Control Policy Takes care of redundancy (e.g. one host can fail and all VMs can still run and/or be restarted on the remaining resources) New VMs cannot be started or deployed if the resource is full High Availability I know...
  14. B

    Management and compute - co-hosting

    Hello. I realize that at least 3 nodes are needed for a VM HA cluster. My question is whether 3 compute nodes + at least 1 management/control node are required in an HA setup, or is it possible for management and compute to be co-hosted on the same node/s?
  15. C

    Possible to detect guest hangs in HA using Qemu Agent?

    Hi, In a 3 node CEPH/Proxmox 4 HA Cluster, I recently had a Windows 7 Guest VM hang (BSOD). As expected HA never kicked in because in proxmox' point of view the VM is up and running. I thought maybe the QEMU Guest Agent would help checking for hung VM's but when I checked the wiki page it only...
  16. A

    High Availability

    I have here a strange phenomen regarding the HA in my proxmox environment. I am using three server, called now PVE, PVE02 and PVE04 running proxmox 4.4. All three have been reinstalled by migrating all VMs to a remaining node, removing the node correctly after shutting it down, installing...
  17. LnxBil

    HA and backup via NFS

    I'd like to know how you're doing backups in a HA environment. We have a Proxmox VE Cluster running on a SAN with all components at least twice, so anything can fail. At least in theory. Our weak spot is our backup system. Currently we're backing up via NFS to a server (server grade hardware)...
  18. N

    HA and restore snapshot to another PVE from NFS automatically

    Hello fellas, thanks you in advance for reading this thread. I have 2 PVE with HA. Each server is running some VM. The problem/doubt I have is that, each machine has it's storage in local, and every week we do some backups in a NFS. Because we have HA set, if a PVE crashes, the machine tries...
  19. E

    Proxmox 4 cluster reboot randomly

    Hi there, We are having trouble with a 3 nodes cluster that is rebooting every node simultaneously every few days. We are using OVH servers, so only unicast is available, OVH vracks being more expensive and we dont need more than 3 nodes. We are using software RAID with SSD drives and our VMs...
  20. K

    HA cluster with ceph or what else?

    Hello, I'm willing to setup a Proxmox HA cluster based off three nodes, where one of them is virtualized onto a different host, since it's just for quorum purposes. I would like to have local redundant storage on both of the two mail nodes (and maybe even the third if needed for ceph), so I'm...


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