migration error

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    Adding ESXi Storage Causes ESXi to Become Unresponsive

    Let me preface this with the fact that we just updated our Proxmox host this morning. Last week after adding the <soap> parameters to ESXi's /etc/vmware/hostd/config.xml file, we were able to migrate some VMs to Proxmox. After updating our Proxmox host, we had a bunch of 'Find By Inventory...
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    pve crashed after "VM migration with success message"

    hello, I'm migrating some VMs via "qm remote-migrate" from one pve to another. I shut down the VM and did the migration without the --online option. Everything went well according to the messages, but when I started the vm on the other pve, everything crashed. I can access the console directly...
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    Proxmox 8 Migration failed, Migration problem. VM disk data content in both servers are empty.

    Hello, can someone help me? I wanted to test the Migration from one server to another. So I have done manual replication, that in both servers are the same last version of vm disks. So I turned off the network ports, so it started to migrate to another pve node, but it was not live, because HA...
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    Live migration problem

    Hello im getting a littlebit confused over live migration do i need ceph or any kind of special settings to be able to migrate 1vm from node1-to node2 while the vmdisk is on local storage? currently im getting this error 2023-10-12 23:28:16 ERROR: migration aborted (duration 00:00:00): storage...
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    Having Issues after node & cluster rename ~ Can't connect to destination address using public key

    Hi. I followed the guide https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Renaming_a_PVE_node, and renamed my main node, and also my cluster name. When trying to move a vm back to the newly named node, I get the error 2023-09-04 21:09:39 # /usr/bin/ssh -e none -o 'BatchMode=yes' -o 'HostKeyAlias=ravenclaw'...
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    PBS Migrate to Another Server

    I have a PBS running ver 2.x and have a Datastore on NFS mount. I installed a new server 3.x on another machine and i want to move all the configuration and mount the same datastore on it. i created a remote on the new server but when i try to use the same datastore nfs mount i get a "EPERM...
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    migration error

    good, when I migrate my vms it takes time to start the operation
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    [SOLVED] Can't migrate VM with local CD/DVD

    Problem: I am in the process of setting up a proxmox cluster with two servers, now I have the problem that there is a vm that does not allow me to migrate it, all other vms worked without problems, does anyone know a solution? Error when migrating: Hardware Setup:
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    Migration between Intel and AMD CPU causes kernel Panics on VM

    Hi, I'm experiencing a big problem. We are currently in a big migration of our infrastructure. And i've been noticing that when i live migrate a VM from a Intel hypervisor to an AMD hypervisor, all the machines on the AMD Hypervisor starts to freak out with kernel panics due to reaction time...
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    [SOLVED] Some VMs on destination node crashes When a VM is migrated

    Hello! I have a trouble when migrates a VM to another node from my pve clúster. Some VMs on destination node crashes. This situation is solved with a hard reset on these VMs, but I think that maybe you can help me with a better option. My pve cluster is composed for 6 nodes with a 7.2-11...
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    Error in offline migration

    Hello, I have a Proxmox 7.2-7 cluster consisting of 2 nodes, pve1 and pve2. pve1 has a local storage called "Data". "Data" is a ZFS pool consisting of 3 SSD in RAIDZ. Data holds all of pve1's VMs. pve2 has a local storage called "Data2". "Data2" consists of 4 HDs in RAIDZ. If I try to offline...
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    Migrating VM via private IP instead of public IP

    Greetings All nodes in my cluster have a public IP (on vmbr0) and a private (10.10.x.x on vmbr4) IP ; the cluster have been created with these private IPs, as I can see by running `pvecm status`. However, when I try to use the GUI to migrate a VM from a node to another, it fails and the error...
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    Migration fails (PVE 6.2-12): Query migrate failed

    Hello! First post, yay! We are in the works of setting up a cluster using this awesome software. We've set up a 3 node cluster. As backend for our VM disks we are currently running GlusterFS (A move to CEPH is underway). While live-migrating a VM we bump into the following error every now and...
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    Error migration vm

    Hello, I have an issue with several vms. Can some one to suggest me how to fix this? 2019-08-01 08:46:21 starting migration of VM 111 to node 'PVEx2' ( 2019-08-01 08:46:21 copying disk images 2019-08-01 08:46:21 starting VM 111 on remote node 'PVEx2' 2019-08-01 08:46:22 can't activate...


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