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Why is this still not considered? DiscordDark forces me to trust a third entity and it has to be installed after every pve update. Alternative is DarkReader, but it has some flaws, i.e. it is not available everywhere.
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My secret hope is also, that a dark theme comes at the latest with PVE 8 (and optimally the other products, as well as the forum).

But not seeing it on the roadmaps: [1], nor seeing any activity on the ticket: [2], as well as no further response from the Proxmox-Staff/-Developers in the forum, especially this thread, lets slowly fade my hopes... :(

Maybe it is supposed to be a surprise for PVE 8? :D

However: It should also be clear, that implementing/adding other (enterprise-)features, that have an actual selling point, is logically much higher on the priority list.

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I came up with a solution that won't require you touch your files on your server ever when building a client that takes care of styling using nativefier ( (CONS: You still have to trust nativefier, but no potentially shady stuff on your server, although you cannot use proxmox in the browser, so you have to authenticate manually):

Save this image as proxmox.png:

save this content as proxmox.js:

(async function () {
  const r = await fetch(
  const s = document.createElement("style");
  s.innerHTML = await r.text();

run this command:

nativefier -i "proxmox.png" --inject "proxmox.js" --background-color '#23272a' --overwrite



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Any idea why there is still no official dark mode for Proxmox products in 2023? I don't want to be disrespectful, it's a fantastic product for which I am very thankful. But the only application that is more blinding to my eyes (which have severely suffered from decades of IT) is the detonation of a hydrogen bomb.


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