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People with dyslexia can struggle to track across lines of text, having the alternating line colours makes it a lot easier to do and reduces visual stress (as does dark mode).
As a dyslexic person myself: yes that, exactly!
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Works fine here:
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Ensure that you have fully reloaded the web UI with clearing caches, e.g., using CTRL + SHIFT + R, or for macOS + Alt + R.

If that still doesn't help, please post your full pveversion -v output (or copy it from the web UI: Node -> Summary -> Package Versions button) and tell us what browser/version you use.
just fixed :)
I deleted the chrome cache.
That does not look like our official dark mode. The colors in the header look more like Discord Dark [1]. We do not officially support Discord Dark, and our dark mode does break the way Discord Dark styles graphs (see [2]). So if you are using Discord Dark (or installed that previously) make sure to fully remove it. Then switch to the dark color theme via our theme picker and fully reload the website as described by @t.lamprecht.

hi yes, i was using proxmox 7.4, that's what happened when i updated 8.0.5 :) then i realized.
Hi there,

Looking at your forum in dark mode, it's gorgeous with the orange outlines used cleverly in a primary/secondary context against the black/dark.

Whereas in the Proxmox software packages, this isn't the case - orange is hardly used. Could this be expanded in PVE 8.1?

I would say that you could even do with adding more orange into the light mode, but that's for later. :p



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