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    i have enabled this by add the -l Parameter. Shutdown all LXC's, edit /lib/systemd/system/lxcfs.service, restart lxcfs and startup the containers again. Seems to work but i have lots of messages in syslog:
    Apr 20 10:47:42 proxmox lxcfs[20932]: bindings.c: 5478: refresh_load: Open proc_path failed in refresh_load.

    I think i found the Problem.
    After looking at the bindings.c code i sea that every 5 seconds the values where reloaded in proc.
    I have multiple lxc containers with screen sessions. In screnn hardline i display some useful infos, also loadavg :) and i reread loadavg every 5 seconds :)
    I changed this to 7 seconds and the syslog message is gone.
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