1. N

    cpu spikes caused by pvesr / pvesm

    Hi everyone, since installing the latest updates (see below), my fans speed up every 15 minutes for some seconds. This did not happen before. Using atop, I found <pvesr> and <pvesm> to be the cause, as they briefly bump CPU usage from a 2% average to more than 60%. It's not a big deal for me...
  2. M

    Issue with Enabling loadavg Virtualization: Load Average at 0 0 0

    Hi all, So, I've got Pi-hole running in a container, and, as LXC containers share the kernel with the host, I am constantly getting the following warning in the Pi-hole web interface: Long-term load (15min avg) larger than number of processors: 1.4 > 1 This may slow down DNS resolution and can...
  3. T

    Proxmox High Load

    Moin moin, ich hab gerade folgendes Problem: Meins Server hat nach einer gewissen Laufzeit immer eine hohe Load Average und ein hoher IO Delay. Wie kann ich jetzt am besten herausfinden an welcher Platte das liegt? https://i.imgur.com/RcWnPUP.png
  4. A

    With the loss of nfs storage, the LoadAverage has grown on all nodes cluster, some nodes have rebooted. Why?

    With the loss of nfs storage, the loadavg has grown on all nodes cluster, some nodes have rebooted. Why? Why does a high loadavg rebooted the node?
  5. M

    Containers shows hosts load a

    Hello! I found lxc containers shows load average of host. I look this https://bugzilla.proxmox.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1870 and this have solved status. But I have another picture. I try on privileged containers and not, with nesting and not. Can it be fixed or something wrong ...
  6. J

    LXC: loadavg increased after cpulimit enabled

    Hello, We configured cpulimit=0.5 for all container, and after that server load avarage are increased to around 300 (nothing else changed). But the server itself fast and cpu usage is under 20%. I think, because the cpulimit, processes in container have to wait for cpu, and linux kernel...
  7. D

    LXC containers shows host's load average

    Hi, my LXC containers are showing the same load average of the host. I know this is due to some limitations of LXC and I had the same problem with CPU and memory too until some months ago. Now after some upgrades containers are showing the correct information about CPU and memory limits. Why...
  8. J

    LXC loadavg

    Hi, 18 days ago, loadavg code merged into LXC, as an opt-in features: https://github.com/lxc/lxcfs/pull/237 I would like to ask, when these feature will be available in LXC on Proxmox?
  9. H

    Separate loadavg for individual containers

    LXCfs finaly has the per-container loadavg! https://github.com/lxc/lxcfs/pull/237 https://github.com/lxc/lxcfs/commit/b04c86523b05f7b3229953d464e6a5feb385c64a I wonder how long it will take to get to the Proxmox...
  10. 6

    Load really high on Proxmox 4

    Hello, I notice a very high load constant on a server proxmox (OVH) : load average: 7,55 This is not normal because there is not a lot of CT... is there a solution to optimize proxmox for not having a load so high constantly? Serveur features : 128Gio RAM Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 v4 @...
  11. B

    ZFS is causing ARC_Prune storms.

    How can I upgrade ZFS in my Proxmox install? Does anyone have upgrade instructions somewhere? The wiki seems to not cover this. I need to install ZFS version 0.7 or newer. Proxmox v5 ships with ZFS version Someone has logged a defect with the exact problem I have, on the ZFS ON...
  12. J

    Problem Load on VPS ?

    Hello, I using proxmox version 4.4. On my dedicated server load is 1.76. and on all my VPS server is the same load. 1.76. How to fix this problem :) ?
  13. A

    Insane load avg, disk timeouts w/ZFS

    I've setup a new PVE system (community license only at this time). It's reasonably beefy (given that it's slightly trailing edge technology) using local ZFS storage. We are observing that during periods of heavy *write* activity, the system load average goes into orbit (I've got a screen capture...
  14. W

    100% cpu at node, pvecluster restart fixed this

    Hi! Have proxmox 3.4/6 at AMD-based node. One time per day have 100% load cpu and loadavg is up. Restart "pvecluster" service from webgui fixed this. Network & cpu at each KVM guest is up. this is node stats, after restart pvecluster loadavg parameter - down. wtf? thx! ps sorry my english )


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