Incus 0.1 released - Will Proxmox adopt this?


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Nov 2, 2022
Bavaria, Germany
Hi there team Proxmox,

this isn't something that is related to installation or configuration, but I didn't find any better place to post this question.

The fork of LXD, the Incus Project, has announced its initial release 0.1 after the fork. Reports are here:

I wonder whether this is something that we might be seing in Proxmox VE any time soon? Is Proxmox looking into options for doing an overhaul of its container support?

To be clear: I don't feel this might be necessary right now, because I am super happy with Proxmox VE as it is now. It just works. I'm running half a dozen LXC containers with it, and even more VMs. But I was wondering which kind of technical improvements might be ahead of us in the (near) future.

I would be grateful I someone from the Proxmox team could share some thoughts or insights on this!

Thanks, Peter
It isn;t exactly about the code for LXD..., it' also about the image libraries that used to be available through Publc Canonical...
From a gentoo News item:

Title LXD to lose access for its image server
Author Joonas Niilola <>
Posted 2023-12-28
Revision 1

Earlier this year Canonical took their LXD project away from the
community-run LinuxContainers and brought it under their own
While doing so, they removed management access from non-Canonical
employees, along with other things. This caused LXD to be forked and so
Incus was born. Incus would pull updates from upstream LXD to stay

Recently LXD was re-licensed so Incus can't benefit from its code
anymore. Therefore Incus will become a truly independent project.

However it is LinuxContainers community that still hosts most LXD
images for free, for Incus and LXD. With them unable to benefit or use
LXD anymore, LinuxContainers have decided to stop building and hosting
LXD images. Realistically they can't support LXD given these

They will start limiting access immediately in 2024 for non-LTS users
which is LXD >=5.18, or "unstable" in Gentoo. LTS LXD, or "stable"
(5.0) in Gentoo will be allowed to pull images until May (an estimate),
or until Incus LTS will be released. Times are subject to change.

What can you do?

1: Switch to Incus.
2: Deploy your own image server.
3: Wait and see what Canonical does.

For unstable users the matter is rather critical, while stable users
have the luxury of waiting. Note that a downgrade from unstable to
stable is not possible due to database schemas.

Please follow or take a look at Gentoo bug #920527 with more
information about this situation, and updates e.g. for timetables.


So how about adding the Incus image library as an additional/optional source?
Just expressing my support for Incus as well. I want proxmox to be aligned with what's used by the community and it seems clear to me that Incus is the way to go.
Just expressing my support for Incus as well. I want proxmox to be aligned with what's used by the community and it seems clear to me that Incus is the way to go.

PVE has never used LXD (the project which has effectively been forked now as Incus), but LXC (yes, this is confusing naming ;)). LXC was and is a project under the umbrella, nothing has changed for us.
IMHO There are two aspects here.....
Incus code Libraries -- -LXd related, non relevant
Incus image repository -- Container images to be run..... replaces the repository formerly available from Ubuntu....


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